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  1. Very nice! I went with MAPP torch because the loof was so expensive. I may have to get the one from HD to add to my arsenal of fire starters. Thanks!
  2. I did the same as Doug. I got the hose as well but have never used it yet.
  3. ditto on above post. MAPP torch works great. I've lost count of how many I have lit up and stilil plenty of MAPP left.
  4. Fat is such a difficult variable...too much and I feel like you lose out on some flavor..to little and its just eck..
  5. Might have to give this a try. Looks awesome!
  6. Fair enough, you control the site. I'm merely someone who enjoys the information and community it provides. Have a great day!
  7. very nice! I may have to do the same... Wish there was a metal shop nearby I could use haha. I would go crazy on it.
  8. There was apparently some variances in the big joes, as much as an inch (another member on different forum made the measurements). The joetisserie is off by like 1/8" on mine..
  9. Had to reread some of the post to get myself oriented again. As to the basis to making "complaints" or publicly bashing on a forum site. I do see a purpose. For many reasons, but the most important IMO is that this is the best, and only real power us consumers have. Think back to the days before the internet, there was very little a dissatisfied customer could do. NOW. in the era of the internet and social media, customers can ban together to force change. This was my purpose. Not only to ask if others have had the same experience and "force" resolution but also to let others know what I experienced. Social media is powerful tool for the "little guy." Look at the United incident...
  10. No there really is no way we missed it. I have Arlo camera(s) up front. I know when my neighbors leave our culdasac let alone a giant fedex truck. Also I order a lot of stuff. The fedex driver for our location is pretty good about coming to the door knocking, and ringing the doorbell at which point my dogs goes crazy. So yes, "so possible way" we missed it.
  11. Good morning everyone, Specifically John Setzler, I apologize for not being back on after making my complaint, rant, sharing experience, w/e you want to call it. My wife and I have a deal to make weekends family time since she works in the evenings and I work in the morning. I also had graduation this past Friday so needless to say this was of low priority in the list of things. The issue has been resolved AFTER shopperschoice (BBQGuys) saw my post on their FB page. They emailed me a shipping label. SO the public bashing, rant, complaint paid off. I've skimmed through all of the post and realized what a stir of emotions this post created. My apologies, not my intentions whatsoever. No I am not "active" in that I don't make posts often. Not much to post about, but I read through the forums pretty much everyday, weekends excluded. I'll respond to the some of the post directly, but I'll just say this.. John I LOVE your videos, and have watch EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. Thank you for your efforts, please don't stop. AND I do love my Kamado Joe. I've expressed this in every complaint I made to Kamado Joe. I'm simply disappointed..
  12. Admin please move if posted in the wrong place. Hello everyone. I just wanted to take a moment to share my horrible experience. More than anything I'm curious if anyone else has had the same disastrous experience. I have heard nothing but good about Kamado Joe and BBQguys customer service but my experience has not been the same. I ordered a big joetisserie early last month. Like another customer, I had issues getting the joetiserrie to fit. Its simply to big. Apparently there was some variances in the Big Joes. In any case I contacted Kamado Joe and BBQGuys for a resolution. My thought was that either Kamado Joe would send me another one in hopes it would fit, or BBQGuys would accept a return. I really to this day hoped that Kamado Joe would fix the issue. They however recommended I go through the return with BBQGuys. It has been a month now, and I have been told Fedex would come pick up the box. When I called yesterday they claimed that Fedex had made an attempt. Well I can tell you that is a freaking lie. I have motion activated camera, not to mention either my wife or I have been home. NO attempt has been made to pick up the box. What makes things worse is that both companies ignore my emails. I have to call just to get a response, and when I do, its full of empty promises. Frankly, more than anything, I am disappointed. These are supposed to be two great companies, but my personal experiences say otherwise.. Will be posting this on other forum sites too.
  13. I have never thought to myself "I should have gone classic" The only down side to the Big MAYBE the time it takes to get it started. BUT I'm not even sure if there is a difference in that regard. If its a choice between classic vs big, I would go big for the extra room and the fact that it will compliment the Akorn, not replace it.
  14. I use the JR for when I cook for my wife and I and for camping. Everything else goes on the big joe. The JR is way more convinient to start up and cook on. I will admit though. it gets crowded if you are trying to do two good size steaks. No room for veggies or other sides. IF i had the money, I would get a classic as well. Oh another time i fire up the JR is when I have a lot on the Big already, like a bunch of meat, and want some veggies on the side.
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