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  1. I have the Signals/Billows combo and the adapter plates ordered from Thermoworks. This combo generally works but here is are some observations after 5 cooks with it: 1. The adapter plates don't seal all that well on my KJ Classic, perhaps because I did not want to use up the metal foil tape. 2. The first time I tried to use the billows, I spent almost an hour trying to get it to work - it wanted to do a firmware upgrade first and that was way too complicated for this IT guy - I did eventually figure it out. 3. The Signals doesn't hold a charge for very long. The Signals must be charged before hooking up the Billows and everything. Otherwise you are out of luck, despite the fact the rig needs to be plugged in. 4. The graphs on the phone app do not always display. 5. The phone app sometimes looses connection to the Signals. 6. You need to unplug the Billows if you are opening the lid for any length of time. Otherwise the fan will stoke your fire and cause a significant temperature spike. 7. I drilled extra holes in the temp sensor clip to try to hold it onto the dome thermometer but that only worked for one cook. Now I just gave up and clip to the grill grate. 8. This set up looks like a real nasty mess of wires in use. It works but looks like a kludge.
  2. I did it last night, works fine. Tighten down the fork screws using pliers :-)
  3. I managed to fix mine. You need to replace the gasket that runs under the band that holds the dome. John Setzler has a video that shows how to replace the gasket on the horizontal edge, use similar technique on vertical gasket under band. I used razor blade scraper, box cutter, wire wheel on electric drill and nail polish remover to clean gasket off both vertical and horizontal edges. Installed KJ gasket on vertical surface first then horizontal. Now when you reinstall the dome in the bands 1) make sure any index knobs on inside of band fit into proper notches in dome; make sure bottom of the band lines up with bottom of ceramic in the dome. The last thing was what caused the original problem I think, the band slid up and trying to fix it pushed the gasket down off the dome. Tighten bolts, do the 350 degree burn and tighten again. good luck.
  4. Following, I've had this problem ever since I replaced the dome on my Classic. In my case the dome seems smaller than the base too so the adjustment screw brackets are almost touching. Been fighting this underbite for months :-)
  5. For many cooks you'll have better luck crisping up the bacon if you par cook it halfway in the microwave first. That's what we do with bacon-wrapped filet mignons.
  6. Deez Nuts works pretty good for smoked almonds, might want to add a bit more salt though.
  7. Thanks John. Great video as always. Haven't done a brisket yet myself because I have so many other options. Your video did answer all of the questions I had though
  8. I bought a Kamado Joe a year ago. Not saying the other grills aren't great but your indecision is keeping you on the sidelines. Pull the trigger on the one you like best - your life will change and you'll never go back!
  9. Yeah the flies are bad!!!!!!!!!!!! Traps work but they stink - put them out in the yard to draw the flies AWAY! 20170822_190346.mp4
  10. I use John Setzler's method from the video. 450 degrees over a cast iron skillet of root veges. Spatchcock Chicken Video
  11. I cook mine over root vegetables in a cast iron pan and never flip. However, the Cooks Country magazine I receive last week discussed the same thing - tearing the skin when flipping. Their solution was to put two metal skewers through the chicken - you grab the skewers and use them to turn the chicken over. Good luck.
  12. Maybe I put more rub on than most. Prefer to coat with mustard then rub. I find the bark and rub in it adds a lot of flavor to my pulled pork, I actually seek our the bark pieces :-)
  13. Make a hash, we tried this and it turned out great for brunch. Par cook diced potatoes in the microwave. Saute Onions and peppers in a skillet. Add Potatoes and pulled pork. Cook until a bit crispy. Add cheese on tope and cook until melted. Delicious, you're welcome.
  14. Steak Fajitas. Grill up some onions and peppers, well seasoned of course. Warm steak slightly, add to tortillas with onions, peppers Add your favorite cheese, toppings/sauce then roll up for a mouth watering dish. Warm in microwave for a bit if you want it hotter. I do this with all kinds of leftover proteins.
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