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  1. No I’m not in Canada I’m in the U.S. I agree with you 100% hopefully they will get this taken care of quickly.
  2. I am having the same issue it’s been 2 months now and no word when my base and dome will be replaced. They said to keep cooking on it but I’m not sure the dome has cracks all around the it. The base isn’t as bad as the dome but still don’t want to take a chance. I know it’s the older classic but I’m getting irritated that they don’t have parts in stock.
  3. I picked this up about 2 weeks ago Makoto 210mm white #2. It has become my favorite knife already. Cuts like a dream.
  4. Thank you! You also have a very nice collection.
  5. I will have a handle made by you Ben love your work I just have to find the right gyuto first.
  6. Just picked up two new kitchen knives loving them so far. The butcher knife is my new Bbq knife. What kind of knives do you have in your kitchen?
  7. Your tables look amazing thank you for doing the drawing!
  8. This is the one I made for my kick ash basket it works perfectly.
  9. I picked up a couple bags figured at that price why not give it a try.
  10. I'm also interested in a soapstone for the Jr. I wish Kj would just make one. But please keep updating on what you find.
  11. You could always buy two shaft collars and then add thumb screws to it instead of Allen screws. https://www.fastenal.com/products/details/4142354?r=~|categoryl1:"603582 Power Transmission 9and Motors"|~ ~|categoryl2:"608501 Collars, Couplings 9and Components"|~ ~|categoryl3:"603515 Shaft Collars"|~ ~|sattr01:^"Set Screw Clamping Collar"$|~ ~|sattr02:^3/8"$|~
  12. Joe Jr.'s are awesome you will really like it. As far as accessories you get ash tool, grate tool, and ceramic plate for indirect cooking. Only thing you might want to buy is digital thermometer and kick ash basket. As far as fuel any lump charcoal will do I like rockwood and royal oak and Kj lump for the Jr. medium to smaller pieces work best for me with the Jr. I bought a cast iron grate from bge to use with my Jr now it's sitting in drawer. If Kj made a soapstone I would recommend that but they don't so just use a cast iron skillet or griddle for smash burgers. The learning curve is pretty simple small adjustment because the Jr can heat up quick. Brisket might be a stretch on the Jr but I have seen 3 racks of ribs rolled up being cooked on it. You have to get creative but it's an awesome grill. I have done pork butts on it and they have come out great. I mostly use mine for chicken and fast and hot cooking. I also have a classic, once you save up some more money you will want a bigger one I recommend the big joe. I have the classic and I wish I made more room. I hope this helps a little bit.
  13. Now it's just a waiting game. Which won't be long but I know you anxious to cook on it.
  14. Don't worry they will take care of you pretty quickly. Make sure to take pics of all the broken pieces because they will ask you to email them pictures.
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