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  1. Any chance that it is from cooked off grease? Ive had this happen but after high temp cooks.
  2. Very nice browning! Good luck on the brisket. Should be great!
  3. kitchen aid mixer

    Thanks BBQ Bob. Mewantkj and Benm3 got me all confused about dough! I have used recipes from here for my dough. I do think they were posted by Philpom . Just water flour yeast. I keep telling my self that I want to up my game in the dough. I have not fully understood the "starter and over night ferment". One of these days ill figure it out.
  4. kitchen aid mixer

    I pulled the trigger. Well the gf did, my Christmas gift. Benm3 I saw a few mentions about dough and grinding being a problem with the artisan. I also read how that kitchen aide had made some improvements for the better on the artisan. Lucky for me my buddy has a grinder. With dough I maybe make it once every few months. Its the gyro meat recipe from here that makes me nervous. Thanks for the input!
  5. Anyone think that this might be the best price for one? Or should I hold off for a better deal? https://www.everythingkitchens.com/kitchen-aid-artisan-stand-mixer-silver-metallic-5-quart-ksm150pssm.html?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cse&utm_term=KSM150PSSM&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIydrk-4Xf1wIVR2IBCh30dQ4KEAEYASAFEgI3SPD_BwE
  6. Happy Thanksgiving

    I couldn't agree more. The food we cook is great, but its for the people we cook for that makes it worth it. Nothing is better than having your friends and loved ones rave about our cooks!
  7. top vent conundrum

    Lots of folks use the acorns on here. I don't think it will disappoint you. Keep your eyes open on craigslist and other second hand things. Auctions garage sale estate. Lots of stores have major mark downs on floor models and even sales. I would suggest that if you find something second hand maybe take some pics get price from seller. Then post on here and get some input. Most folks here would be happy to help.
  8. Corned Beef

    I pick up corn beef after st pats at the store, throw them in the freezer. Ive smoked them and they are tasty. Someone has a posted about taking them smoke to certain IT and then finish with steam. The pics showed skewers holding the meat over aluminium pan and wrapped up with foil.
  9. Corned Beef

    TKOBBQ I agree! I like to wrap up the long strands in a cooked cabbage leaf.
  10. Auto temp control

    There is a diy mod that you can make. Using air duct.Think there is a link to the blog in a thread on here somewhere.
  11. My new gadget cook

    I really like that! Look way better than a chunk of pineapple and a skewer!
  12. For the gaskets you can use dowel rods and space a few in between. Let the coals die add dowels and cover till next time. I got a vision with the daisy wheel top vent. I have used a hair drier to warm it up to allow spinning. Start the fuel with a one spot light to slowly get things to temp. Adding ceramic deflectors to top rack and move them down. I recall a thread that the gasket was stuck. Hair drier or fire starter cube in the ash drawer or down the top vent to get things warmed up. Don't force. TKOBBQ beat me to the dowels!
  13. Magic mushroom wings

    Ha ha. I thought about hallucinogen mushrooms. With marijuana becoming legal it's made its way into kitchens not just in brownies. There is a tv show that is all about using marijuana in cooking. I felt that it was very interesting and informative. Wings look great. Def going to look into making a mushroom rub.
  14. Vents

    Hello all Vision folks. So I have had mine for almost 2 years and besides a few burnt gaskets everything has gone well. I have successfully cooked pizza, beef, pork, chicken, sides, veggies, a special brownie. Some trial and error on a few thing but in general all has turned out well. I have the Vision that has the ash drawer with 2 full vents. I don't have the smoker knob dial. The top vent is just daisy wheel. No smoke nob. I read the forums as research and recipes. I have seen that some of the seasoned posters mention having the ability to set the vents for x temp. Example: If i want to get temps up to or near 500. I have both bottoms vents open half way and top on 3 setting. For low slow 1 bottom vent opened maybe half way and top just a sliver. So I was wondering what dial configurations others use? I would like to hear some input, and maybe try out some other methods.Thanks