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  1. O boy! This looks stellar! Going to have to try this meal out over the weekend! Looks amazing!
  2. I think that most folks will tell you fat cap up. This allows that fat to melt down into the meat. You will most certainly will need to add the stone. I am no expert but going with out stone might be a little hard. Dang it now i'm gone have to try with out stone! You will want to try and get a stable grill temp of 250 or so. The top daisy wheel will be open just a sliver bottom maybe half or less. Fill the bowl up to the top allowing room for the stone. Use fire starter cube cotton ball alcohol or what method you use. The goal is to have one spot lit. Let the fire grow add stone, let it go for a few min, close lid, watch temp and as it rises start to close down vents. Ideally in about an hour you should be riding around 250 270. Hope this helps.
  3. Your in for a treat! Looks like you got the right setup!
  4. Little late to the party. I don't wrap my stone or season. Burn gunk off on hi temp cook. Condensation I have had 6 inch grease water icy glob form on the ground after a long cook in very cold weather. When smoking you can use a drip pan. Vents for low slow are just barely open on top and bottom. You got to play around a few times to get an idea of what setting will give you a temp that you want. Chips and pellets you can wrap in foil or mix in with lump. Search this site for smoker pot. Fill the bowl up as high as you can. Still being able to get lava stone in. For long cooks. When you shut down the coals will go out and you might have enough lump for another couple of quick cooks. When messing around with vents it takes time to make change. Keep practicing and keep coming here to learn more!
  5. American Beef Ribs

    Welp! I didn't know that tidbit. So cool that you have a hook up in the land down under. I to enjoy using the McCormick products.
  6. Glad to have you back! Some of my favorite cooks are when the elements are not the best! Got a loin in the freezer going to have to try stuffing it!
  7. American Beef Ribs

    I think that you can find those packets at the store. State side. I have seen a few brands and types of rubs. Those ribs look stellar!
  8. Looks way better than my first cooks! Totally agree that the folks on this site are great! Full of knowledge!
  9. Ruixin Pro Has Humbled Me

    Thank you for the vid. They pry get away with making a knock off by tweaking the design ever so little or use different materials. I'm in the aquarium hobby too. I have been looking for a pipe for my filter hose that goes back into the tank. You can get one from X store online for a pretty penny. But you can also get them online at a fraction of the cost. From China.
  10. Ruixin Pro Has Humbled Me

    Random question??? Can you use other stones with this? I have a small collection of stones all different lengths and widths. I have a hard time getting the correct degree when free hand sharpening. I answered my own question after getting a better look at the pics. So i guess a better question is are there systems that allow use of random stones? Also could this be mounted on a board or something instead of using the suction cups?
  11. Pretty Big Buck in the back yard

    Your property looks great! I think you have posted other pics of nature. For sure a hunter would love to see him for sure.
  12. cold smoking

    I got a vision grill. For smoke I did the soup can with a handheld wood burner. I packed full of chips plugged the wood burner in. Once i got smoke I unplugged. Set my vents to low and slow. Just slivers. I plugged back in once or twice. Repacked chips once. I had every pizza stone i have layered in the grill. My grate temp probe reading never went over 44 degrees. I did cheese. That is how I did mine. Hope that helps out. I am going to try again with some adjustments. I felt like i had to babysit the grill. Having to unplug burner and refill chips.
  13. Nice job on the light. I got a solar led motion flood light. Mounted it to a 2x4 with some concrete in a 5 gal bucket. It gives me a nice light up of the whole grilling area. Ill be heading to my parents to look for the peg grate lifter! My old man had milk crates of those things growing up.
  14. 17 and Counting

    Congrats! I am interested in the app. Did you make or purchase the raviolis?
  15. Curious find

    I don"t think it would replace KAB. It almost looks like you can move the coals or the grate. If you wanted to do a reverse sear drop it real close to the coals or vice versa. Give it a try it looks like a neat gizmo!