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  1. deck

    16" aluminum cake pan

    Those are fantastic to make a Chicago style deep dish pizza in!
  2. deck

    Can you trust the grill thermometer?

    Best thing to do is pick a thermometer and stick to it. Lots of folks here use the grill. As for lump fill er up! Ceramics are good at putting its self out after being closed up. I have found that if i am doing a small cook chicken boobs or thin pork chops i put in less lump. Its something you have to experiment with. Anything that is low and slow load it up to the top. You will be surprised how much is left after a 10-12 cook. Best of luck!
  3. deck

    Porch Package

    If you get it hot enough and a steak big enough, it would be sweet to see Texas seared on!
  4. deck

    Orange MarmaLEGS and Veggies

    That looks pretty solid! Nice looking meal!
  5. Is the label supposed to be beef knuckles? I have seen them at the GFS which is I assume like where you found it. If it is fatty I would say smoke it low and slow! Try searching for beef knuckles on the interwebs.
  6. deck

    Home Depot has the Pro-S on sale $559.20

    You won't be disappointed.
  7. deck

    Epiphany Pocket Bellows

    Those work great for camping too! Buddy has one and it comes out for every fire!
  8. deck

    The Big Cook

    Congrats! My girl is worried that I will want to make food for our wedding! You give me inspiration!
  9. deck


    Holy Meat! That looks fab!
  10. deck

    Leaving lid open

    I would make sure that the coals are out. If you open the vents that would add air flow. I never have thought about mold. I put the cover on the next day and leave it till next use. Never had a prob.
  11. Sorry to hear that he went back for thirds! Going to be a noisy evening. He he he. Everything looked great!Got me wanting to do some wings! Is the corn recipe in the food lab book?
  12. deck

    Herb and Vegetable Garden 2018

    I feel your pain on valve box! I work at a golf course over the summer. I fix about 1-2 leaks a week. Garden tip. If you can bag your grass when you mow they make great mulch to help keep the ground moist. Nothing better than fresh grilled veggies!
  13. deck

    Consensus on Gasket?

    When you get to replacing the gasket. If you go the route of taking the lid off. This is more work but easier in my opinion. Make sure to get the lid realigned and press down hard on the lid when tightening the bolts. I made the mistake of not pushing down and had problems with a gap. Took me a few to figure out how to fix. Best of luck.
  14. Congrats on the up grade, I got a vision and you won't be disappointed.
  15. deck

    Sunday Baby Backs

    Nice looking rack! I like how you went away from the traditional bbq.