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  1. If using a deflector, make sure that it is on the first grate. If it is in the lower part, the bowl. You can crack your bowl. Just my 2 cents.
  2. There is a post somewhere out there. Its pretty straight forward. Use a batter, Andy's, Lefty's, Hooters or your favorite. Apply breading, spray lightly with cooking oil. Let dry a bit and add them to the grill. This gets a more of a battered type wing. Those up above look fantastic. Have fun experimenting!
  3. I've been snagging up the 30lb bags. I have enjoyed using them. Only down side is I have found some melted plastic. I've found extra goodies in just about every brand of lump I have used. The 30lb is somewhat of a pain to pour in the bowl. I'm weak :{
  4. deck


    I want to work with you!! Sounds like you got a plan and going to be a fun event!
  5. That looks stellar! After a quick google. It is what I presumed. The google pics showed some very intense marble, Was it really fatty or did it turn out like a brisket? Now I only have to find it sate side!
  7. I did some wings after seeing the post using Leftys. Mine also had the flour taste! I suspected that mine was because I used a non seasoned breading . I also sprayed with pam coated and let them sit for awhile added more pam and coated again. I thought I may have used to much breading. My other thought was maybe then needed to be tossed in a liquid wing sauce. Interested in reading what others have to say.
  8. I thought your shrooms where piece of meat at first. Particularly an organ. With the past few posts with meats from the Hispanic market. But man if that doesn't look like a tasty meal, I don't know what is!
  9. Turkey for me! With side of cowboy beans! Might smoke a fatty is the early a.m for breakfast.
  10. Can't wait to see your Buc-ees haul after filling the tank cheap!
  11. Thanks for the reply! I did take one and cut it into jerky strips. Did them on the electric smoker turned out okish. I could defiantly see that there was little to no fat, just silver skin. I am going to try the reverse sear idea and then the dutch oven method. Its a meat that I have not prepared so was trying to get some idea of what to do. As far as being "roasts" I have no idea what part of the deer they came from. I doubt that I would be so lucky to get a back strap I know those are the prized cuts.
  12. Hi all! I have a few questions about Deer meat! Did the search and found some great looking recipes. Sadly I don't have a bone shoulder or ground. Not really sure that I can make snausages. I was gifted frozen "roasts" and "stew meat". I did take some of the stew meat added a tube of spicy sausage gave it a couple pulses on the food processor made some patties. Turned out nice kind of like brats without the casing. I am looking for some guidelines on venison. What is the IT need to be to be safe? Can I use one of these roasts and low slo? Is there enough fat to do this? Or should this be a higher temp cook? What can I do with the roasts? (Ive gathered that I could use it like a pot roast) Thanks.
  13. I tried these this weekend, fantastic!!!! Now I have been volunteered to make more for Thursday! I made some rather large rolls sliced them top to bottom like little bread slices added leftover turkey and cheese and bacon. Cooked them in the ci skillet for some toasted sandwiches!!
  14. I did one this weekend and it turned out nice.First time breaking the bird down as you have done. Looking forward to seeing how yours turns out. The brine sounds really tasty. I used two probes one in the breast and one in the thigh sadly thigh reached temp way before the breast. Is there a way to combat this problem? Looking forward to the rest of your post.
  15. Those are fantastic to make a Chicago style deep dish pizza in!
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