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  1. deck

    Big Meat Recall

    Am I incorrect? If a brisket or other large cuts that we smoke for hours and hours to temps of 200 plus had E coli. Wouldn't that kill off the nasties? With the ground beef is that because it had E coli and not cooked to the safe temp? Or is it because E coli tainted meat? Sorry to hear about the Mrs. getting ill.
  2. You are one very kind father! Sounds like a great gift. Knives to last a lifetime! Congrats to her with honors. If you could some how figure out how to make a mobile light weight cart that she could use to transport to grilling area.I was thinking like mounting it to like a red wagon or shopping cart? I am guessing she will be thrilled with whatever choice you go with.
  3. That looks great!!! Glad to see another member from the central Illinois!
  4. Hi, I too have the Pro s. What I have done is as follows. Spatchcock (sp?) take out the backbone. Not required. Rub under skin with rub hit the skin with some oil and rub. Get the grill ready. Fill bowl all the way up to where the lump is just under the stone. Add the wood chunks in with the lump. Bury them. Turkey absorbs smoke well so add 2-3 chunks depending on how much smoke profile you want. Start up the grill. I try and hit 350 375. Once you get a good fire add stone. You could also put stone on the bottom grate if you wanted. Close the lid and wait till you reach target temp. I tend to let it settle for 30 mins or so after reaching the target temp. The smoke should be light. Not like when you just started the fire. With the turkey I use two temp probes one in the breast and one in the thigh. Hope this helps! Have a great cook.
  5. Hi, Vision friends. I have a the pro s series been using it for a few years now lots of great cooks. My lid cracked around the top band lip. Vision replaced with no problems. I ended up getting a new shell. My problem is that my alignment is not right. I've tried loosening and maneuvering it around. Once I get it to how I would like and tightened back up it moves!! I almost feel like that the top and or bottom don't match. Also my shock is messed up. I might have to cut the plate to move it over more. In the process of messing with it I took the band from the old grill and put it on the new one. I took off the washers in the back by the spring. The old grill only had like 2 washers on the top band where the spring plate connects to the band. The new one had like 6 or something. I can't not recall. Is there a correct number of washers and are they supposed to be on the top band or the bottom? In some other posts it is mentioned to remove springs align and tighten, then reattach springs. Has anyone removed springs? If so how hard was it to get them off and back on?
  6. Great write up as always! Looks very tasty and sounds fancy. Going to have to try this one.
  7. I got a Vision too. Not sure if we have the same top vents. I had to put some left over felt gasket around mine. I ended up adding almost 2 layers. Took my sweet time getting the top back on using a small flat pry bar snug as bug. I also used some felt around the ash drawer. Again not sure if we got the same. Vision has some pretty good customer service. Hope you get things going right.
  8. Nice looking cook! Great write up SeaBrisket! I totally agree with getting dialed in and then not messing with anything. I have noticed that wind makes a big difference in swing temps.
  9. If using a deflector, make sure that it is on the first grate. If it is in the lower part, the bowl. You can crack your bowl. Just my 2 cents.
  10. There is a post somewhere out there. Its pretty straight forward. Use a batter, Andy's, Lefty's, Hooters or your favorite. Apply breading, spray lightly with cooking oil. Let dry a bit and add them to the grill. This gets a more of a battered type wing. Those up above look fantastic. Have fun experimenting!
  11. I've been snagging up the 30lb bags. I have enjoyed using them. Only down side is I have found some melted plastic. I've found extra goodies in just about every brand of lump I have used. The 30lb is somewhat of a pain to pour in the bowl. I'm weak :{
  12. deck


    I want to work with you!! Sounds like you got a plan and going to be a fun event!
  13. That looks stellar! After a quick google. It is what I presumed. The google pics showed some very intense marble, Was it really fatty or did it turn out like a brisket? Now I only have to find it sate side!
  15. I did some wings after seeing the post using Leftys. Mine also had the flour taste! I suspected that mine was because I used a non seasoned breading . I also sprayed with pam coated and let them sit for awhile added more pam and coated again. I thought I may have used to much breading. My other thought was maybe then needed to be tossed in a liquid wing sauce. Interested in reading what others have to say.
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