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  1. andyscalzo, it was Royal Oak lump, it fact I bought a few more bags just this past week, here in Red Wing I have always been able to get it.
  2. Here is my finished product, it cooked faster than I expected, I don't think my thermometer was giving me an accurate temperature. I pulled the turkey after 1 and 1/2 hours, tented it and let it sit (about 20 minutes) while I got the grill temperature under control. It seemed like the built in dome temp was actually more accurate. I put the tented turkey back on the grill and the temp on the turkey seemed to come up a little slower after that, I removed the foil off the breast for the last 20 minutes (kept the legs covered) Total cook time was around 3 hours. Actually it came out pretty good in spite of any issues I had, still juicy and tasty. I started with about a 14 pound (frozen and then thawed) Butterball turkey, which I did not brine. I did dust with kosher salt and baking powder and left it uncovered overnight. First time out I did not use any wood for smoke, I rubbed the turkey with a butter infused olive oil (even under the skin) and sprinkled with Litehouse poultry herb blend (onions, thyme, marjoram, garlic and rosemary) My drip pan contained some carrots, celery, onions, turkey neck, bay leaves, herb blend and chicken broth) put on right before the cook. I did not use the drippings for gravy (maybe next time) Plenty of leftovers as we only had three of us eating today (we also had ham) but are having a houseful tomorrow so we have plenty for our company. Happy Thanksgiving!
  3. I saw plenty of Royal Oak Lump at Menards today, I probably should have bought a few bags and stocked up for my winter grilling.
  4. I'm planning on smoking a turkey on the Akorn grill for Thanksgiving, anyone willing to share some tips/advice for this cook? Fresh or Frozen turkey, recipe ideas, etc. Thanks in advance!
  5. Menards is where I bought mine at $266 and 11% rebate, it also was the last one they had (floor model) but it was already assembled then!
  6. After I purchased the Akorn grill ($269 at Menards - 11% rebate coming) I then ordered a diffuser and grill cover from Amazon. Forgot to mention, I got the last one my Menards store had, a display model which was already put together and saved me a little work!
  7. I did my first London Broil recently using the "reverse sear" method and it turned out pretty good. I tenderized it, seasoned it and let the meat marinade in Italian dressing over 12 hours which gave it a really good flavor.
  8. Hi everyone, I am fairly new to Kamado style cooking, only had my Char Griller Big Red Akorn for 1 1/2 months. I have cooked burgers, London Broil and chicken so far, but no slow cooks yet. I'm looking forward to that and doing a turkey on Thanksgiving. I'm glad on found this forum to get tips on using this type of grill, I have always been a Weber griller prior to this.
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