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  1. I've never seen anyone put their wood on the heat deflector. Very interesting.
  2. Really good advice. I did a trial run a weekend ago so that I could dial in the method and not be sick of turkey by the time Thanksgiving rolls around.
  3. I'll offer an alternative to the OXO grinder, which is I am sure a great grinder but very pricey. I bought this Cuisinart burr grinder about a month ago and it sees daily use and has not disappointed me in the slightest: https://www.amazon.com/Cuisinart-DBM-8-Supreme-Grind-Automatic/dp/B00018RRRK/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1477766233&sr=8-2&keywords=oxo+coffee+grinder
  4. Diezl

    Quick question

    My Big Joe stand was exactly the same way.
  5. Man I totally feel your pain. Last night was the first long cook I've done with my new Big Joe and it too is a pork butt. Family in town today, so we're all anxious to dive into it and see what the final result is like. I had an absolute hell of a time keeping my temperature where I wanted it. I was trying to dial in for about 275*F but it rose up to about 300* once before I pulled it back down with a combination of closing off the vents and burping out the heat a few times. It stayed around 273 - 277* for a solid three or four hours, then right before sunrise when the outside temperature snapped down into the high 30's, my grill temp started to go down as well and dipped below 250* for a moment. I was able to adjust the vents sufficiently to bring it back up and rounded off the last 3 hours with an ambient grill temperature around 260* and an internal meat temperature of about 203* which should be perfect for rendering all of the collagen. It's been in a cooler wrapped in a double layer of heavy foil, bundled inside of a heavy moving blanket, since around 10am. We checked the temp of the butt a few minutes ago with a probe and it's still north of 140* internal so I'm very happy with the result. Going to dig into it soon!
  6. Sadly, no. I just got the Big Joe set into its cradle last night and hope to fire it up for the first time tomorrow. Can't wait!
  7. Hahahah! No, not too soon at all. The better team won that game for sure. This year's Vols haven't quite figured out the recipe yet. Hoping they get there!
  8. Thanks! I checked to see where Tin Cup is a moment ago and will keep that in mind the next time I am on that side of town. It's not too far from my old office complex.
  9. Nashville area, actually. Charlotte Pike Costco had a roadshow last weekend. Thanks for the welcome!
  10. Hey folks. New guy from Tennessee signing in. For the past 20 years I've always used a gas grill of one type or another, but late last year found myself getting the itch to buy something to start doing my own low n' slow meat smoking. Fast forward almost a full year and I finally bought a Kamado Joe "Big Joe" this past weekend and am awaiting delivery of it. I missed our local Costco Roadshow by a day, of course. Anyway, hoping to learn a lot from you all and maybe add some value here and there myself.
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