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  1. Here's how it turned out. Before and after searing .
  2. Got the meat on the grill. Should have sprung for the Big Joe.
  3. Gonna cook up some tri tips on the Kamado Joe tonight. Using Paymaster's rub. Here are shots of the meat with and without rub. Bought at Costco
  4. Well didn't get any responses in time to help. Cut a piece off and served it. Left rest on for another hour. Never got to temperature, so I had to pull that too. Tasted pretty good, but wasn't quite as tender as it could've been.
  5. Well I'm now 9 hours into the cook, and it's not done. 7 lb. butt. Temps have been 230-260. What should I do? Should I foil it. I think I'm through the stall, as it stayed at 161-163 for a while. Should I increase temp? suggestions please
  6. Pork it's on the grill. Fat cap up. Water pan with Apple cider vinegar and H2O under.
  7. Trying my first Boston Butt today. Here it is rubbed down. Waiting for the white smoke to go away and settle into good smoke
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