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  1. Just finished this AAA 45 day dry aged New York strip steak
  2. Can anyone help I was given some kiln dried mahogany wood Chunks can they be used for smoking? IF so what is the flavor like if anyone has any experience or advice it would be a huge help Thanks
  3. In speaking with the butcher at Costco because of such high volumes of meat Costco sells they have very little age on there steaks often it is only 7-10 days from the time the animal was slaughtered this includes there prime steaks so in order for Costco to have any kind of quality it has to be tenderized as they just to have the time for the meat to tenderize properly.
  4. 30 day umai dry striplion first attempt with the umai bags I am very impressed the smell was incredible can't wait to cook some of these up. Looking forward to starting the next one any suggestions on how long to go next time
  5. Dry aged steak and lobster last night turned out perfect
  6. Surf and turf dinner 8 OZ dry aged new York strip with garlic and mushrooms sautéed in truffle oil 8oz Rock lobster with candied garlic and lemon butter Broccoli and sweet potato
  7. Does any one have any thoughts on the new blaze kamado it seems very interesting has been difficult to find d alot of reviews But it sure looks solid
  8. They are amazing I have had mine about 6 months I will be buying a second one soon
  9. So here is the final product and one other experiment I have been working on I took some canadian Prime striplion and wrapped them in crown royal vanilla soaked cloth for 5 days in the fridge with a fan on them Two incredible steaks with amazing flavor the dry aged was butter soft and tender and the whiskey flavour in the striploin was amazing I want to dry age a rib roast wrapped in whiskey
  10. Well the fridge thermostat quit so I had no choice pull the beef at least I was Aberdeen to get 14 days on them the results are not to bad at all They have all been tried and frozen will be fixing the fridge and trying again I am hooked now Thanks for a the advice
  11. Meat has been aging nicely how ever I have had problems with the thermostat I am almost to the 14 day mark do you guys this it is worth the risk to. Let it go or just cut it up. Now The fridge has been keeping could but it keeps dropping below the 32 degree mark. Lookingfor some advice
  12. I found with the bottles I keeps a more consistent temp have turned the fridge down again so it is a little colder now Itried to keep everything as sterile as possible the fridge was wiped down with a water and bleach solution prior to putting the meat in I just rotated it today to ensure even air flow I use rubber gloves to minimize any bacteria It Appears it is holding between 32 and 38 degrees now Thank you all for the advice
  13. Do you rotate the meat at any point in time or to you just leave it alone
  14. With the bad bacteria will it be harmful the first day I did not have it set properly it was to cold then got up to about 45 but ever since then it seems to be holding steady around that 34 to 40
  15. OK thanks it seems to be staying right around that 38 to 40 degrees I can turn it colder
  16. I am noticing g the fridge might be to cold I have turned is as warm as it will go it still seems to be about 32 to 30 degrees
  17. Here goes my first dry ageing hoping this works out well I am trying a Canadian Prime striploin from Costco I have added a carbon filter Himalayan salt Fan Water bowl Box of baking soda Temp is about 36 degrees
  18. Thank you all for the advice it is all welcome Iam hoping this fridge is not to cold
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