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  1. Yea I honestly just added the gasket because I had it and wasn't planing on using it for a few days so it kept me busy for a few min. Honestly don't think it matters at all unless it's unusually windy, which my 6 ft fence usually takes care of anyway. I love the party q. Literally set it and forget it.
  2. I use this guy with the lava rock the grill came with. Raises first grate to felt gasket. Works great with just enough room around it. Was less then 50 bucks. It's a 16" bayou classic cast iron skillet. Got it on Amazon. It will also rest on the firebox but I didn't want to put cast iron right on the ceramics
  3. Thanks everyone. The white really caught my eye and looks very crisp.
  4. For what ever reason I can't seem to get the last picture to delete so I'll just say that I picked this 16 inch skillet up to use as a heat deflector. Cooked a shoulder last weekend and the outsides cooked a lot faster then the middle using the 14 inch lava stone. So this definitely solved my problem. When it sets ontop the lava stone it brings the first grate level with the gasket.
  5. Wanted a steak sat night so I flew to the store and grabbed a couple cheap ribeyes sunday I decided to smoke a bird to get prepped for the thanksgiving festivities in a few weeks. It all turned out amazing. Steaks were cooked at 650ish on the gas and the turkey was smoked at 225 with lump, cherry and hickory.
  6. At 10+ hrs the good batteries the guru came with went dead so I made this little contraption. I don't like buying batteries so I had this guy ready to go but who's going to just let free batteries go to waist in a drawer. I do have to admit that the industrial energizer battery's lasted 18 hrs plus in the guru so kudos to them. Anyway if you haven't seen this on YouTube before I'd be happy to share the secret with everyone.
  7. 8 hrs in. Time for the Texas crutch. Was going to go for a straight no wrap smoke but she's been stalled at 159 for about 2 hrs.
  8. 2 hrs in starting to smell gooood
  9. Last minute decision to do a butt today. Not massive but a quick 7 pounder for my mom. Still getting used to the grill and the different setups. The guru makes it very simple though. Here's a on the grill before pic. Also here is how I set my lava stone. It came with my gas insert so untill I have a problem with it I'll continue to use it. If it breaks I'll upgrade with a cast iron unit I suppose. ill check back for some updated pics as the day goes on. Good grilling everyone
  10. I have the cusiniart bread machine. It works very well.
  11. I had mine delievered. Came on a semi. Make sure you have a good dolly. They are very heavy. A furniture dolly would work best
  12. i have to say there is absolutely nothing i would change about this grill. Cooks great. looks great. The gas feature works great. It was an expensive little upgrade but it replaced my dated weber so it was well worth it.
  13. I actually put some nomex gasket around he edges of it and it sealed perfectly. I'll probably rivit it in place after a while though.
  14. Yup. Just slide the ash drawer out and slide the gas drawer in. Attach the diffuser and your good to go. After seeing how easy it is to make a fire with the kamado I see myself using charcoal more often then before. But it will be nice to be able to throw it in when I just feel like laying around the house and not getting myself smokey. Also one of the cool things about the gas drawer is the hose to the tank has a quick disconnect so you just snap the hose and go
  15. Decided to pick up a guru partyq while I was in the spending mood. I've always liked the idea of having a temp controller just to make things a little easier when working out in the shed. It preformed flawlessly all day. I actually started my fire at 9:30am this morning just to see how long I could go on a load of lump. In all I used around 6 pounds of charcoal in this cook and had probably half left over. The smoker ran for 8 hrs and held a pretty consistent temp of 225. I did notice after adding a little hickory that there was a slight air leak around the firebox but I had no issues with temp flair ups. Not today or Friday evening. Its the first time I have ever used a grill that I didnt have to baby sit the entire time. I could not be happier with this thing. All I could keep saying is man I dont have to watch this thing. Its awesome. Ill post back as I get more experiance with this beast. Its so nice to be able to walk out on my deck and throw a load of charcoal in and let it rip with out having to sit and watch all day. I can bring the maverick in and watch tv or go to sleep haha. Any questions feel free to ask.
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