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  1. Good looking pie and I like that you went out the box with using some wheat flour for this cook! Garvin
  2. Anyone know what make and model this is I'm thinking AMX? Not a Cuda right!? Garvin
  3. Nice cook! Garvin
  4. @prowe on your KJBJ! Garvin
  5. and on your purchase of a Primo XL and for your first cook a good ole pork butt, a very forgiven piece of meat and you will have valuable time to learn temp management! Garvin
  6. Just about anything can be cook with a Kamado cooker! Garvin
  7. Split whole chicken with diffuser in place run Akorn about 350 to 400 degrees, crispy skin but still juicy meat! Garvin
  8. Welcome to the Guru and good luck with the purchase of the Primo XL! Garvin
  9. Welcome to the Guru! Garvin
  10. Welcome to the Guru! Garvin
  11. @nstigator and @dodgeboy8888 what is the biggest bird or meat you can roti in the Blaze Kamado? Garvin
  12. Not as funny as his younger brother but he was good, best thing of his is on the Dave Chappelle Show playing pick up basketball with Prince-RIP! Garvin
  13. @Jdc you may want to reach out to Bosco he is also from the Great White North and friend recently loan him a Pellet Grill to use and from his posts he seems to like it a lot! Garvin
  14. Welcome to the Guru! Garvin