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  1. One last check-in: Cooking up some Pork Belly Burnt Ends tonight on the Vision. Got it all cleaned and setup, lit and got the Flame Boss on it before it even hit 150*. Usually this dials it right in to 250* for me, it took about 30 minutes to get up to temp, but we cruised by that 250* all the way to 275*. I've never gone that far over on a startup with the FB! My thought is that the analytics on my FB remember the last gaskets I had, factored for their performance (vs. the new gaskets), and because the newer are more efficient with trapping our heat then we shot right over our setting because of prior analytics. I'm now sitting here well after an hour the grill hit 275* (the highest temp), and the FB has put out 0% for that hour plus about 10 minutes, and the grill is STILL sitting at 271*! This gasket is so tight, that it's just holding the hold grill extremely steady and constant. Very Impressed.
  2. Good snag and great looking table! I'll admit, the table project was really enjoyable for me as well. The Flame Boss is awesome! Their new 300 wifi model is the best thing on the market, and before that, the 200 wifi was the best. I've tried a few other controllers and the FB was just on another level. I use my 200 all the time. You're right, it makes the reliable kamados even more dummy proof, so much that it feels like cheating lol. That last temp spike you saw was most likely the burnout of the last of the fuel in your fire bowl. You can see the fan was working hard just before that spike, and that's typical when you're on the last of your fuel. At least, that's what I've seen on my setup here. Just FYI, in case you were wondering. Good luck on your cooks, get after it!
  3. Well, gaskets came last night and I got the new one on with the daylight I had left. I only replaced the bottom gasket with the new rope version. The "rope" style is exponentially thicker than the "flat" style, or even Nomex. I'd say 1/2"+ after I followed the same instructions from RRP and TheNakedWhiz, where you lay the gasket and bunch it back on itself as you go around the lip. Here it is installed, still need to clean up the Permatex Ultra Copper silicone a little. Also, here's a good detail shot of the thickness. Bottom (left, sorry, I couldn't rotate the photo for some reason) gasket is the rope style. For the top (right), I left on the Rutland flat style, and the two work great together to make up the gap for me. I loosened my bands, made some quick adjustments, tightened it all back up, and did the dollar bill test. Results: 360 degrees of tightness where I could only pull the dollar bill out by yanking extremely hard. Most impressive seal I've ever gotten. Got the Vision fired up now to burn off some nasties and test it out, and it's just cruising extremely steady now. No smoke loss at all through the gaskets. Thoughts: If you're in the market to replace your gaskets and you've decided you're going to go for the rope style, start with one gasket on the bottom, and see how that does for you on the Visions. Depending on that outcome, add the flat style to the top if you need to close up like 1/8", or add another rope to the top if you're 1/4"-1/2". Also, the rope I got was 3/4" wide by 84" long. The 84" length was great to go all the way around the base with some bunching, so no cutting needed. If there was a version that was a full 1" wide, I'd probably go with that because the lip on our Visions has the area for it, and the added surface area of the gasket couldn't hurt the seal. Hope this can help someone in their BBQ journey, see you on the next one guys.
  4. I've had to replace the Nomex gasket now a couple times in just a few years, which is getting pricey, so I was looking for a more permanent option, which led me to the Rutland-style stuff. Point is, the flat Rutland gaskets are too thin to seal the Visions, and I'm just letting folks know. I'm testing if the rope versions will fair any better and will report back with results. I know a ton of folks on BGEs or KJs that have moved away from the Nomex for the same reasons as mine.
  5. I've been searching around some more, and apparently this is an issue with the Rutlands and the Vision Grills, because the gap between top and bottom is much more than a BGE, (like 3/4"+ vs. 1/4"). Some guys clear it up by putting gaskets on top and bottom, but like I said above, that's not working for me. On Amazon, I've found a few of the rope style, graphite impregnated gaskets, specifically ones made by Midwest Hearth. They offer the same sizes as Rutland, but the weave of the fibers is much tighter, I like the color better (black), and it seems more robust (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0190YY7CS/_encoding=UTF8?coliid=I2HRIC0ROBSURU&colid=J0KB18ZW0IRF). I'll probably pull the trigger on one of these and re-do the bottom gasket to see if I can clear up the gap. May or may not remove the top Rutland gasket as well, depending on how this new one performs.
  6. Heard great things about the Rutland gaskets for kamados, so I got one from RRP. With the gasket only on the bottom, the lid wasn't even close to sealing all the way around. So, I ordered another gasket to add to the top. I installed that, and the rear third of the grill near the springs still isn't sealing, no matter how I adjust the bands. Has anyone had a similar issue? I know mostly everyone uses the "flat" Rutlands, but would using the "rope" Rutland work? I'm thinking the thicker rope can help clear up the gap.
  7. Sorry if I'm way off here, but are they still doing the deal where if you buy the demo model Big Joe they throw in the Classic or Joe Jr.? Heard about that deal a couple years ago from a buddy who paid like $1k for the demo model and they threw in the smaller version too, from a roadshow. Any demo deals on Joe Jr's? $400 is pretty good already.
  8. You're a lucky man to have grown up in Memphis lol. I've been in Orlando for about a year now and I'm kind of underwhelmed by the BBQ here. We had some pretty good spots in South Florida that were pretty much "holes in the wall", but could they cook! There's some events in the area like BGE Fest, etc. that you can get great food at, but those are once a year events. I get to cooking on my Vision whenever I can and I'm so happy to have it. 4 Rivers is like the "best of the worst", it is definitely the best "chain" BBQ restaurant I've ever been to, but it doesn't hold a candle to what we can make on our Kamados. My brisket was served to me cold and the GF's ribs were pretty average. The Polite Pig is part of a family of restaurants here in Orlando, and while they have some good non-BBQ food, you're right that it's not quite what I'm looking for. I've been to Pig Floyd's and it's a fusion between BBQ and Asian food, so that kind of missed the mark for me, not to mention their brisket was pretty roast-beefy to me. There was a food truck we found called "Caro-bama BBQ" and that was easily the best BBQ I've had around here, but since they don't have a store front, they're hard to track down sometimes. The Car-Bama truck is simply the owner and a helper cooking on a big offset in a modified trailer, and those fellas can cook. I'll have to try Bubbalous and see what they offer. I know that there isn't going to be a restaurant like Franklin/Smitty's/Black's BBQ in every city, but like I said, I'm surprised no one in the area is really capitalizing on the BBQ market.
  9. Evening everyone, just wondering for anyone who has been through Orlando at all, what are some actually good BBQ joints to check out? I'm not looking for the corporate chains like Sonny's, or the local chain 4 Rivers, those are at best mediocre. I'm wondering about the real BBQ joints that could rival some good home cooking. While I'm too busy to cook myself, I need to quench my BBQ thirst. Thanks for the input.
  10. Yes, the paste definitely works, I've done it also. Just like the aluminum foil for the ease.
  11. After a few uses, I've found the best way to get the pot going is to get your grill up to temp and ready for your cook. Once it is, take out your grates, indirect piece, etc and put the pot right on top of the "hot spot" and nest the pot in the coals as much as you can. Then I take my Mapp torch and blast the pot for about 30 seconds, and this aids to get it hot quickly. I've noticed I begin to get smoke after only a few minutes, instead of more like 15 minutes. I'm thinking the grey smoke you're getting may be from either too much airflow all around, or too much airflow with the lid. I know my DO has a pretty poor seal between the lid and body, and I've tried a few different methods with aluminum foil to help seal the lid like you. The best result I've gotten yet was by rolling up the foil (like a snake) and making a thick gasket around the body's lip. I just received my CGS Adjustable Rig this week and dropped it in the Vision, and was surprised to see how much higher in the fire bowl the spider is, rather than the vision bracket that holds the stone. With the extra space, I'm thinking of going with the 2qt Dutch Oven from Lodge. It's much wider than the 1qt (like a pancake), and with the expanded surface area, I think it'll work better by having more contact with the coal bed. But, those were just some thoughts I had, no experience yet.
  12. That's rough! Christmas is coming up, maybe we can get a couple guys on the board here to help pay for shipping a few racks lol.
  13. Thanks, Pesto...and I was really surprised actually with the quality of the ribs. Skirts had been removed, they were trimmed really well and they had some good meat on them. If I remember correct, it was a pack of Smithfield's from Costco.
  14. Hopefully some of the real Pitmasters here chime in on this, but I know that I have plenty of lump left in my firebowl at the end of a ribs cook to do something like this. Worst case, you take the ribs off, remove your grids and then add some lump and open your vents wide open. If you wanted to leave the ribs on while you got the temps up, I guess it'd be like a high heat finisher. Like I said, I'll let a much better cook answer this part lol.
  15. I literally have an old post that starts just like that hahaha...and if that's my biggest problem, then life's pretty good! Bosco, I'm starting to figure it out I think! Only reason is all you guys and your help here. Mike, that's how I feel too lol. Sounds like a good cook coming up. I actually have a post-wedding party coming up first week of December that I was only going to do brisket for, but now how could I not make these ribs too! Now to get a set-up for a big brisket and ribs cook!
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