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  1. EZ smoke

    How much would you pay for a used K24?

    If I needed it I would go up to $300-350. I don't need it but would have still bought it at $200-250. HTH
  2. EZ smoke

    Western Brand Lump Charcoal

    I purchased 3 bags just to try out... if it burns decent I'll go get a 1/2 dozen more to fill the shed. I'm cheap when it comes to lump and to this point I've really never felt one brand is way superior to another. $.33/lb is about as good as it gets.
  3. EZ smoke

    Disappointed , is this normal?

    I have a 2016 K24 from Costco and don't really have any of the issues you are describing. I did have a decent sized chip in the lid but Danson replaced it. They also recently replaced a heat deflector for me that cracked and broke during a cook. The changes from mine to the 2017 were fairly significant but I honestly prefer the 2016 over the 2017 other then the spark screen and the heavier hardware used in the 2017. I'll take the real wood side tables and handle over plastic any day but I'm a woodworker and have the capabilities to replace them when necessary. BTW I have not seen a 2018 in person. In any case, I think m-fine is pointing you in the best direction by returning the K22 from Walmart and purchasing the K24 from Costco.
  4. EZ smoke

    How long does your Pitt Boss take to cool

    I can usually put the cover on after 3-4 hours of cool down. With that being said mine is sealed up pretty well so, once I close down the vents the fire is snuffed out reasonably fast.
  5. EZ smoke

    Which to get?

    Although the K24 isn't a 24" kamado it still represents a larger kamado in the whole scheme of things as it has a 21" lower and 20" upper grate. I know cooking for a family of 5 I wouldn't want anything smaller. Almost a year and a half ago, I paid $475+ tax for mine and another $45 for the deflector that was a decent deal but not the cheapest ever. Last year, I kept an eye out at my local Costco's and the K24 never got to the $399 discontinued price in my area. In any case, the end of the season always has some bargains at various stores for ceramic Kamados in the $300-$400 range.
  6. EZ smoke

    Which to get?

    When I purchased, I went with the Pit Boss K24 from Costco. I consider all the import ceramic Kamados to be very similar in quality so, one of the biggest factors for me was Costco's return policy. Back when I purchased it didn't come with the deflector but I still felt like it represented a decent bargain at around $500. I would purchase it again without any hesitation. If I ever have a problem down the road and PB won't/can't resolve things then I know I can wheel it in to Costco for a refund.
  7. When I was getting started I referenced Malcolm Reed's website, "Hot to BBQ Right". Dude has videos and procedures that totally makes things simple and easy to follow for the newbies. I still use his Texas Brisket Recipe... Texas Brisket Poke around his web-site and you'll find great recipes for ribs, pork butt, brisket, etc. etc. He uses various smokers/ grills but don't sweat that, just get your PB to the temps he recommends and follow his recommendations. As time goes on you'll find you can vary things some and still come out with great food. Also, he's looking to sell his rubs but don't be afraid to try other rubs whether they're store bought or your own concoctions. As to your other questions: Load the firebox up all the way regardless of the cook temp/time. If there is left over lump from the previous cook just load on top of it after knocking the ash out the bottom grate. I use the deflector for everything except grilling steaks, burgers, etc. I have the deflector in for baking, low and slow smokes and for high heat pizzas. HTH
  8. EZ smoke

    Cast Iron Pan Cinnamon Rolls

    These were a hit with the fam. Some notes: As was mentioned earlier in this thread, our dough was also "wetter" than what was in the video and we used 4.5 cups of flour (50% bread flour & 50% all purpose flour). In the video you'll see that John splits the dough into (2) and rolls it into to tubes. We just kept things that way and filled (2) 10" cast iron pans to cook the separate batches. IIRC each pan held something like 9-10 rolls. We cooked at about 425* grate temp in the PB K24. Like the video we had the plate setter and bottom grate with a pizza stone resting on it. Cook time was 24 minutes uninterrupted. We also, did not use any amaretto in the frosting and doubled the vanilla extract. The icing was very good. Try these... I think you'll like them! Thanks for the recipe!!!
  9. EZ smoke

    Cast Iron Pan Cinnamon Rolls

    Mine are about to go onto the kamado. Nice morning project with the daughter.
  10. EZ smoke

    2018 Costco Pit Boss

    Still rolling with my 2016 model and love it. Even at the full retail Costco price of $749 you won't go wrong. Patience is key for the end of season clearance pricing and nothing is guaranteed. Last year I checked the (2) Costco's near me and they sold their inventory in-season and NEVER got to the mark-down. With that being said the in-store price was $599.
  11. I can easily run and maintain low temps on my K24, the only time I have any issues with temperature (hi or lo) control is when I don't have a "clean" firebox. Knocking the ash through the grate and dragging it out of the vent slot is the most critical thing I do to control temps. For L&S I use the volcano shape to build lump prior to lighting and light a couple alcohol soaked cotton balls in the center. I am careful to not allow the temps to run wild and begin shutting down vents around 50* lower than my target L&S temps and then dial it in as it approaches the target. My K24 has the added felt to the top vent and lower door to tighten things up.
  12. EZ smoke

    Pumpkin Cheesecake with Candied Pecans

    Just off of the kamado... Ran at around 375* for about 70 minutes. Went with a graham cracker crust instead of Oreo. Also, no pecans as the kids aren't fans of them. In the fridge now... should be ready for dessert.
  13. EZ smoke

    Pumpkin Cheesecake with Candied Pecans

    I have one going on the kamado now...
  14. EZ smoke

    Improving a Cheap Lodge Cast Iron Pan

    My experience is that "resurfacing" these Lodge pans is pretty much unnecessary. Once seasoned properly the OEM rough surface releases food just fine and that rougher surface wears down fairly quickly with regular use/cleaning. We use CI the majority of the time both on the stove top and on the grill. I actually use the 14" CI Academy Sports griddles for all my kamado pizzas and for my philly steak sandwiches. I use the Lodge 10.5" low profile round griddle on the kamado for bread stick and dessert pizzas.
  15. I'll refinish mine when the time comes and replace when necessary. To reuse the existing wood just sand/strip the old finish off and refinish with spar/ marine finish. BTW you may loose some of the laser PB carving on the side tables if you sand. I'm thinking about making replacement tables for kamados with custom carvings. I wonder if there's a market?