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  1. I do overnight cooks all the time on my stock K24. With years of experience I rarely have to get up to adjust things. I do have a wireless dual probe thermometer to monitor temps. I set alarms around the target grate temps to ensure the thing doesn't fly too far off course. Again, with a little experience you'll learn what vent settings will dial in your target temps for steady overnight cooks. It's stressful the first few nights but you'll learn that these things just hum along once you know what you are doing.
  2. I was hoping someone with a Big Joe would be willing to send me the dimensions for their Big Joe Multi-Piece Firebox. I would like the height of the assembled unit as well as the diameter at the top and for the bottom base. Thanks in advance.
  3. Well, I've tweaked it over the years but it is a simple "bread machine" dough. It takes an hour and a half on the "Dough" setting in the bread machine. This recipe makes (3) 13-14" pizzas for a thinner crust. You can substitute in bread sticks, cheesy garlic twists, monkey bread, etc. for one of the pizzas as well. In any case, making (3) pizzas from this recipe gives us a crust that what we like but the recipe was initially for (2) pizzas of that size. So, this is what we use and again it has been tweaked over the years to get us where we like it. You can certainly play with the ingredients to get it where you like it. I know I still experiment from time to time adding things in and/or altering things. (2) cup all purpose flour (2) cup bread flour (1) tbsp sugar (2) tbsp room temp butter (1) tsp salt (2) tsp dry yeast 1-1/3 water (110* F) That's it! Throw that stuff in the bread machine and you'll have dough in 90 minutes. Stupid easy and dang good.
  4. Dude that's some good looking food. WTH are you doing though? No need to pack it up for the winter... I fire mine up year round! Rain, snow, ice, sleet IDGARA my kamados are used 2-3x a week.
  5. I have the Classic B that is about 10yo from Costco. I bought it used for $100 IIRC about 2 years ago. I have owned a few different kamados over the years but now have the Vision and a 2016 Pit Boss K24 on the patio from Costco. Vision is a standard Auplex import kamado with a few bells and whistles depending on the model. The standard size is 18" which is nice because all of the other brand accessories fit. For me that is one of the biggest benefits of the Vision I own because I can pick up a knock-off divide and conquer system or a Joetisserie and it should fit and work on the Vision. I haven't had any issues with mine but I do have a cracked firebox (actually bought it that way) like just about all of them end up with, my side shelves have been swapped out because of age and the top cap vent was replaced because I didn't like the OEM version. I do have a knock-off divide and conquer set-up which adds quite a bit of functionality to the unit. All in all I really like my Vision but the PitBoss gets most of the work because of it's extra grilling space. HTH
  6. True. With that being said, with what is offered here most folks couldn't make because they don't have the equipment to make a custom carved side shelf with a CNC router. These would be 100% customized to meet the buyers requests... that type of custom work takes design time. Folks could make a set of plain plywood shelves with a jig saw/band saw, etc for a few bucks. Heck, in my shop, I could knock out generic side shelves (w/o customization) at a very fast rate. I would either cut them on the CNC or by hand using CNC cut templates. Without the customization, I could sell them for under $50/set and still make a decent profit. Again, that wasn't what was offered here. HTH
  7. I have no problem with that opinion and based on the response other folks must agree. It's not a situation where I need to design, make and sell them. A set of standard shelves cost anywhere $50-$150 depending on the manufacturer. It is what it is...
  8. Try and be persistent but also patient with KJ customer service. From what others have reported recently they aren't in any hurry to take care of their customers but they do typically follow through with what was promised. If you can't wait or get them to follow through then go back to the drawing board and start over with your purchasing decision. Like John said, there are dealers locally that can help with other brand kamados. That will include premium brands as well as the budget brands and with it being this time of year you might find a decent end of the season deal. In any case, don't give up the journey, it is worth it and you'll be happily cooking over fire soon enough!
  9. That theme looks better to me. It needs some tweaks but I think you are on the right path. Thanks!
  10. It's called the "Kettle Joe" so maybe that is why kettle grills come to mind. I think that it's a hybrid between a kettle and a kamado ... we'll see how it performs when compared with the two different styled grills. Call it whatever you want... a lightweight kamado grill or a heavyweight kettle grill neither is right or wrong. Again, I'll be curious to see how it performs in various grilling operations when compared to other style grills.
  11. Agreed on the first point as far as the terminology being subjective. "Expendable income" is only one variable for consumers... depending on the person it might be a significant variable but a lot more than "expendable income" goes into my purchasing decisions. Somethings "worth" or "value" is subjective but it is also a variable in the decision making process. I know what you are trying to say but my point is that it will be compared (compete) against other similar products regardless of who they market it to. IMO it is no different than the competition that is created within their own product-line with multiple products... for example this will compete at some level with the Classic... just like you have people debate on whether to get a Classic or Big Joe... etc. etc.
  12. LOL "cheap stuff". Marketing to a higher client base is fine but the product needs to have features that make it worth more than the lower priced options. I do know what you are saying but you aren't being truthful with yourself if you think this isn't going to be compared to a kettle, Akorn or low end ceramics.
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