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  1. I've been doing overnight cooks without temp controllers since I jumped into the kamado world a few years ago. I do monitor the grate and food temps with a remote thermometer but rarely if ever need to get up out of bed and adjust anything. For me, it was easy to see that once I learned vent settings my kamado could hold temps for hours on end. It's really what makes these things so great for low and slow cooks, IMO there is no need to over-complicate their rudimentary and simple design.
  2. I replaced the crappy stainless steel upper vent on the "new" Visions with a cast iron one. I found a seller on Amazon that sells a cast iron vent that's almost a perfect match with the one on the Pit Boss for ~$25. It was a direct swap and is much nicer to use than the tin can Vision used for the top vent. It's been a few weeks now with the Vision and I like it... especially for $100. Without a doubt it is a less substantial unit when compared with the larger PB K24. The two biggest deficits on the Vision are the flimsy, single point hinge and the tin cup of a top vent. I'm not sure what they sell for new but it would have to be priced considerably lower than the PB K24 at Costco to be considered.
  3. Now that you mention it I think you are right. Sorry if I added any confusion.
  4. What's the price in store? They have been moving up in price pretty much every year. I think the first year they were $599 in store and last year they were up to $749 IIRC. Are they essentially the same as last years model? I haven't seen any locally yet. I'm still rocking my 2016 and have been really happy with it.
  5. Around me there hasn't been clearance prices the past 2 years.
  6. This is this best "dual zone" cooking rig available. It was super nice having both on SB Sunday. Smoked the wings at 250* for an hour on the PitBoss and then moved them over to the Vision at 450* to crisp them up. Best wings I've ever had...lot's of compliments. I'll post the recipe at some point but it's a simple dry rub with some sweet and some heat.
  7. There is lots of experience here that can help you along the journey. The best advice I can give you is spend some time with your Kamado. Learn how to start a fire, there are various threads on this subject... I personally set-up a volcano and use alcohol soaked cotton balls to light. Learn how to bring it up to temp without overshooting. Figure out how vent adjustments impact your temps. There will be some who recommend temp control gadgets for "set it and forget it" but my experience is that once you learn how to set your kamado up for various temps the gadgets are unnecessary. These things will just hum along at consistent temps as long as you have things set-up correctly. With that being said, be consistent with your set-up to get consistent results... the biggest problems I've had with mine is when I haven't been consistent with a firebox fill or I haven't knocked the ash out of the firebox, etc. HTH
  8. Picked up a used Vision Kamado off of CL that Costco sold ~5 years ago or so. IIRC ...I think they were listed as Phase 2 or Classic B. I believe that it's just like this one: Vision VGKSS_CC2 I have the Pit Boss K24 which is the larger size of the Auplex kamado line and the Vision I purchased is just the standard sized Auplex. It's in really good shape. Only flaw is the firebox is cracked just like almost every other one out there being used. Came with a bag of lump, hickory smoking chunks and a cover. I have a diffuser that will fit... PB incorrectly sent me the K22 diffuser for my K24 a year or two ago so, it's just been collecting dust. Basically, everything on the Vision is a little bit smaller and lighter duty than the PB sitting next to it. Oh and I got it for $100!
  9. I'm not sure what I was worried about... loaded/unloaded it easily by myself. Just removed the firebox and internals from the inside, lifted the "egg" top and bottom out of the stand. I think the lid and bottom assembled together are probably around 100# not much more. I"ll post a gloat in the Vision section of the forum with pics.
  10. I 'm picking up a used 18" kamado tomorrow morning and won't have any help. I'm guessing 200# for the assembled unit. My plan is to remove the lid, side tables and internals (including firebox) and load them separately. I know that I can lift and handle the firebox and I assume the lid is probably manageable as well. I'm guessing the remaining stand and base will weigh around 100#... does that sound correct? I think I can slap it on an appliance dolly and get it into my trailer fairly easily if that is all it weighs. I mean I've moved 500-600# woodworking machinery by myself so, I assume I can move a kamado especially if it is broken down. Any thoughts or experience doing this??? BTW I already have a PitBoss K24. It's been a couple years since I assembled it and I haven't need to move it since then. With that being the case, I'm unsure if my plan for moving this used one is actually doable.
  11. I use these for my pizzas in my PitBoss K24... Academy CI 14" Round Griddle Buy two and get free shipping. These are a one of the best accessories I have for my kamado. They get used for all sorts of things, not just pizzas.
  12. I have owned and used my K24 for a few years now and have made tons of L&S cooks for brisket, pork butt, ribs, etc. I use the OEM plate setter/diffuser with legs up for L&S as well as baking tasks. It works perfectly fine in my PB K24 especially in L&S cooks. There are times I'll use the both the lower and upper rack with the OEM plate setter in place. For L&S cooks in the 250* range I'll use either the high or low rack. For baking temps of 350* I typically use the upper rack. I also, have a couple 3rd party half moon diffusers that I use independently and sometimes in combination with the OEM diffuser. My high temp 600* pizza set-up uses both the OEM and the half moon diffusers where the pizza is up on a second rack high in the dome. FYI: Early on I used a water tray set-up for L&S but have found over time that it isn't necessary for kamado cooking.
  13. The Creality Ender 3 is a great bargain and can actually be had for $150-$200. I have 3 printers and the Ender 3 is one of them. The other two are higher end printers in the Monoprice line of printers (rebranded from Wanhao). The Ender 3 is a decent printer but research and understand the specs. If I only had $200 the Ender 3 is the printer I would purchase, it provides a ton of bang for the buck. If my budget is $500 like yours I would be looking for a CR10 or clone. The Monoprice Mk. 1 Pro (Wanhao Duplicator 9) is my favorite printer that I own and it is an upgraded CR-10 clone. It is a feature packed printer with some significant upgrades over a standard CR10 and its' clones.
  14. It just enhances the dual zone cooking of using half-moon deflectors. You end up with 1/2 direct heat cooking (lit side) and 1/2 indirect cooking (unlit). With that being said, when I pull the divider and do a normal cook I think my airflow is better with the newer version of the lower firebowl grate. The ash appears to drop out easier.
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