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  1. I have owned and used my K24 for a few years now and have made tons of L&S cooks for brisket, pork butt, ribs, etc. I use the OEM plate setter/diffuser with legs up for L&S as well as baking tasks. It works perfectly fine in my PB K24 especially in L&S cooks. There are times I'll use the both the lower and upper rack with the OEM plate setter in place. For L&S cooks in the 250* range I'll use either the high or low rack. For baking temps of 350* I typically use the upper rack. I also, have a couple 3rd party half moon diffusers that I use independently and sometimes in combination with the OEM diffuser. My high temp 600* pizza set-up uses both the OEM and the half moon diffusers where the pizza is up on a second rack high in the dome. FYI: Early on I used a water tray set-up for L&S but have found over time that it isn't necessary for kamado cooking.
  2. EZ smoke

    3D printers and printing

    The Creality Ender 3 is a great bargain and can actually be had for $150-$200. I have 3 printers and the Ender 3 is one of them. The other two are higher end printers in the Monoprice line of printers (rebranded from Wanhao). The Ender 3 is a decent printer but research and understand the specs. If I only had $200 the Ender 3 is the printer I would purchase, it provides a ton of bang for the buck. If my budget is $500 like yours I would be looking for a CR10 or clone. The Monoprice Mk. 1 Pro (Wanhao Duplicator 9) is my favorite printer that I own and it is an upgraded CR-10 clone. It is a feature packed printer with some significant upgrades over a standard CR10 and its' clones.
  3. EZ smoke

    My Pit Boss Accessories...

    It just enhances the dual zone cooking of using half-moon deflectors. You end up with 1/2 direct heat cooking (lit side) and 1/2 indirect cooking (unlit). With that being said, when I pull the divider and do a normal cook I think my airflow is better with the newer version of the lower firebowl grate. The ash appears to drop out easier.
  4. EZ smoke

    Help with First Brisket Cook

    Great video John.
  5. EZ smoke

    Vision firebox repair

    That's a cool repair but to be honest I was trying to check-out the woodworking equipment in the pics. Dude your PM powerfeed only has 2 bolts through the base mount.
  6. EZ smoke

    Help with First Brisket Cook

    I know brisket has a reputation for being difficult but I haven't had trouble with them at all on the kamado. I always do a full packer brisket on my Pit Boss and I purchase my meat from Costco. You should have no problem getting a normal sized brisket on the classic. I typically follow Malcolm Reed's "Texas Brisket" recipe, that is just a salt and pepper rub but sometimes add in some onion and/or garlic powder : Texas Brisket Although cook times will vary I think an hour and 15min per pound is a good approximation. A normal sized brisket will take 12ish hours on the kamado until it's probe tender. You'll need to rest it a couple hours after that. Doing a brisket following the recipe above is pretty simple and will let the meats flavor stand on it's own, which is what we like in our household.
  7. Sold out on red and orange... only black left.
  8. EZ smoke

    Lodge cook it all

    I think a large CI dutch oven and CI (2) sided griddle pretty much does the same thing for a lot cheaper. These continue to be one of the most used accessories I use on the fire/kamado: Outdoor Gourmet 14 in Preseasoned Round Griddle I use these for a ton of stuff but mostly for beakfasts, philly cheesesteak sandwich meat and pizzas.
  9. I have the Akorn Jr. and the only benefits I see between it and it's ceramic counterparts are: Price Weight but it is still not super light IIRC it is roughly half the weight of the ceramics. Lastly, it is not fragile so, if you are going to move it around (ie tailgating, camping, etc) there's less risk of it breaking. HTH
  10. $200 for a ceramic mini kamado might end up being too good for me to pass up. I'm resisting at this point but the web-site keeps getting clicked on. I don't use my Akorn Jr. very much as it is.
  11. This looks like end of season close-out at $199 shipped. Vision Grills Diamond-Cut Cadet Kamado Grill, in Black, Red or Orange Looks like cooking grate diameter is 1" less than the Akorn Jr. and maybe 1/2" smaller than the Joe Jr. Not sure about the other ceramic minis but it's probably in the ballpark as far as size. It looks like Vision does have some accessories for it on their web-site. I'm probably not going to jump because I have an Akorn Jr. already and like the lighter weight for mobility. The Cadet is about 75#'s according to what I read. Akorn Jr. is starting to move down in price as well... it looks like Amazon has those guys for just over $100.
  12. Yeah... it's not bad but still not cheap enough for me. I bought my original 2016 one for $549 online delivered and there was a coupon for another $25 off. Of course the 2016 version didn't come with the plate setter/deflector like the current versions do so, that was another $40-$50 added on top of the price What was the in-store price this year? Wasn't it $599?
  13. EZ smoke

    My Pit Boss Accessories...

    Cool. It's built well and will be a good addition. The vertical piece could be an inch taller but I think it will work fine.
  14. EZ smoke

    My Pit Boss Accessories...

    OK I think you should see them now. HTH
  15. EZ smoke

    My Pit Boss Accessories...

    Yeah, I see that now... I'll have time to post them later. Sorry.