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  1. Try and be persistent but also patient with KJ customer service. From what others have reported recently they aren't in any hurry to take care of their customers but they do typically follow through with what was promised. If you can't wait or get them to follow through then go back to the drawing board and start over with your purchasing decision. Like John said, there are dealers locally that can help with other brand kamados. That will include premium brands as well as the budget brands and with it being this time of year you might find a decent end of the season deal. In any ca
  2. That theme looks better to me. It needs some tweaks but I think you are on the right path. Thanks!
  3. It's called the "Kettle Joe" so maybe that is why kettle grills come to mind. I think that it's a hybrid between a kettle and a kamado ... we'll see how it performs when compared with the two different styled grills. Call it whatever you want... a lightweight kamado grill or a heavyweight kettle grill neither is right or wrong. Again, I'll be curious to see how it performs in various grilling operations when compared to other style grills.
  4. Agreed on the first point as far as the terminology being subjective. "Expendable income" is only one variable for consumers... depending on the person it might be a significant variable but a lot more than "expendable income" goes into my purchasing decisions. Somethings "worth" or "value" is subjective but it is also a variable in the decision making process. I know what you are trying to say but my point is that it will be compared (compete) against other similar products regardless of who they market it to. IMO it is no different than the competition that is create
  5. LOL "cheap stuff". Marketing to a higher client base is fine but the product needs to have features that make it worth more than the lower priced options. I do know what you are saying but you aren't being truthful with yourself if you think this isn't going to be compared to a kettle, Akorn or low end ceramics.
  6. LOL IMHO no way this competes with budget/import ceramic grills for $500 price point. Heck, even if it cost roughly what an Akorn cost ($250-$350) I would probably choose an Akorn over it. I love innovation but I think this misses the mark at $500 MSRP.
  7. I'll just reiterate what was already stated, these temperature controllers are a luxury item that may help your peace of mind especially with overnight cooks but they are far from a necessity for successful kamado cooking. The "set it and forget it" convenience and the fact that temps are controlled electronically do make them appealing. With that being said, I have been cooking on my kamados for several years now and haven't found the need to run out and spend money on a temperature controller. Outside of when I first got started on an Akorn, when I used the TipTopTemp I haven't wanted/needed
  8. I bake based on grate temp. and make sure that I have whatever I am baking high up in the dome away from the fire with at least one deflector and sometimes two. The grate therm is set to read temps at the same level as the bottom of the food. In a lot of cases, the dome temp will be as much as 50* less than the grate temp especially in the range of baking temps.
  9. 550* dome temp, 6 minute cook, last nights round...
  10. This one was for the wife and me... there were two other vegie-less pepperoni & Canadian bacon pizzas that were consumed by my three teenager kids as well. I see a lot of hand-wringing over making pizzas on this forum and I don't understand the reasoning. I make a simple dough and cook the dang things... you don't need any fancy science course to figure this out or a "whiz-bang" pizza accessory to successfully make a good pie on your kamado. Like I stated in the original post, get you kamado up to temp, get the pizza high up in the dome with a deflector installed for indirect h
  11. We cook pizza at least 1x a week on our kamado and have for years. It's not rocket science but man these are good! Dome temp 500-550* and get the dang thing up in the dome with a deflector or two placed strategically.
  12. I just swapped my bands from cracked (PitBoss) kamado over to the "new" warranty replacement and the process was very easy. Probably took around an hour total. If you can find a helper it will make things easier. For me, installing and sealing up the bottom vent was probably the most time consuming part of the process.
  13. FireBlack 220 Gasket for Vision Grill Super high Temp Black self Stick lid Seal
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