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  1. No apology necessary for the "hijack"... The KJ classic is going to burn through lump faster than an Akorn because it takes longer for the ceramic in the KJ to heat soaked but once it's up to temp it will maintain temps easier. I do think the that KJ classic smaller firebox can be problematic for super long L&S cooks. Totally subjective but I don't think that the Cowboy lump is the longest lasting lump I've used either. It's my gut feeling that RO burned longer than the Cowboy or El Diablo that I've been using lately.
  2. Sorry that you didn't have any luck. I just ripped open another bag and all the stuff I've seen so far has been very good.
  3. Pit Boss K24 Ceramic Heat Deflector CRACKED!!!

    Just an update that Pit Boss/Danson customer service has taken care of things for me.
  4. Just another bump as it's still $10.50/20# bag. I'm into my 4th bag and this stuff hasn't disappointed. I have experienced large pieces of lump with almost zero rock and/or construction waste. Again, the smoke profile is a little bit more than RO but I've done lot's of baking, grilling, smoking and everything I've done has turned out fine. I've stocked up with a couple hundred pounds to make it through the winter.
  5. Pit Boss K24 Ceramic Heat Deflector CRACKED!!!

    I have a "spider" like set-up with (2) half moon stones as well for the K24. To be honest, the OEM deflector works well and I actually use it more than the "spider" set-up. If they won't replace it then I'll probably end up with another one because I prefer it in a lot of cases over the "spider". Fingers crossed that they'll send me a replacement!
  6. Cooked a couple pizzas last night on the K24 at 550*. This morning I went out to do my normal next day clean-up and when I went to pull the stock deflector out one of the legs just fell off. Must have developed a crack during last nights cook. Contacted Danson's we'll see what they say... it's less than a year old!!!
  7. Been using this Cowboy lump for the past month or so and IMHO it's been as good as El Diablo and right in line with RO. Based on reviews it appears they had issues in the past but the stuff I've got is really pretty decent. It's now $10.50 for a 20# bag but still represents about $0.50/lb... I'm actually ordering another 4 bags to get free shipping. I love not having to go out and find deals on this or other lump locally. I also like not having to put it inside a car or truck. With that being said I'm sure the FedEx guy doesn't appreciate it. This new order of (4) 20# bags plus the lump I already have on hand should get me thru next spring. I'm always curious what other people go through because I burn through about a 20# bag a month.
  8. Picked up a PartyQ for the K24

    It;s a nice set-up and if your looking in a set it and forget it I can see the benefit. After owning my K24 for about 9 months I don't see a need to add in a temp control device. I can dial things in using the OEM vents and get very steady results for all temp levels. I do set a 2 probe remote thermometer with alarms set on the grill temp but even for overnight L&S smokes I rarely need to get up to adjust anything. The biggest thing I've found to help keep temps consistent is to get the firebox clean of ash pre-cook and then start with a full load of lump at the beginning of the cook. HTH
  9. I know Cowboy Lump gets mixed reviews but for $0.50/lb shipped to my door I'm probably going to give it a shot. Cowboy® 20 lb Hardwood Lump Charcoal $9.78 Order 4 bags and they'll ship for free. I've used a lot of RO but haven't been able to find any decent deals around me in the past 6 months. I've been using El Diablo lately and AFAIC it is decent stuff. Local walmart stores have had 40# bags for $15 but it has started to be hard to find.
  10. Original gasket life...

    I work my PB K24 pretty hard... it gets multiple cooks per week. It's a do it all oven for us in the summer, as I hate warming up the AC house with our conventional electric oven. Lots of L&S smokes, grill work, baking and high heat pizza cooks. We've had the PB for about 8 months and the OEM gasket is starting to fray and disintegrate. Is that pretty much what other folks are getting out of the gasket as far a a lifespan? Just kind of surprised we didn't get a little more time out of ours before it needed replacement. Maybe I'll contact the manufacturer and see if they'll warranty the gasket.
  11. El Diablo 40# bag $15 Walmart

    My local Walmart is still carrying this stuff and I've been fine using it for he past few months. It does spark some and it appears to leave food with a slightly stronger smoke flavor compared to RO. I'm not disappointed in it and I will probably continue to buy it and use it. I've even baked spuds and other stuff without it overpowering the taste with smokiness. I think it's a pretty nice bargain if your Walmart carries it. BTW the bags I've purchased have had some huge pieces of lump.
  12. Not as good a deal as the 24" @ Costco for $399/$499 but I know the 24" can be hard to find in some locations. Pit Boss 71220 Kamado BBQ Ceramic Grill Cooker, 22" $471
  13. Pitt Boss ???

    Like any used Kamado I would weigh the "new with warranty" vs. "used without warranty" very seriously. There is usually several used ceramic Kamados around me but I have never felt they were cheap enough to give up a warranty. In fact, there was a used K24 recently for $350 IIRC that I passed on. Pit Boss warranty along with Costco's return policy makes the price for a Pit Boss K24 @ $599 a steal. The peace of mind knowing I have two safety nets is worth at least a few hundred dollars. BTW IMHO the PB K24 is an awesome kamado.