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  1. I like it... still haven't seen any at my local Costco in the states. I'm still rocking my 2016 K24 Pit Boss but love looking at the newer models. Some of the changes over the years have been improvements and others have been probably changes to keep the price down.
  2. I'm not sure if it is a coincidence or not but within minutes of posting the OP, Dansons sent me an email. They now have stated that deflectors only have a 1 year warranty and they wouldn't honor my warranty request even if they had sold it to me. Again, just an FYI.
  3. Just a heads up that Dansons is playing games with their "warranty" and is saying that their warranty only applies to items purchased directly from them. It's just a warning for potential buyers that you may have issues getting things handled down the road with Dansons to honor their warranties. I know that I have read things in the past where Dansons CSR told folks to take their kamados back to Costco/etc. if they had issues rather than working directly with the customer to resolve the warranty claim. I recently attempted to get some warranty support on a cracked/broken deflector and after providing my proof of purchase w/ pictures, this is the back and forth between myself and Dansons CSR : Dansons CSR: "This was ordered through store name so you would need to contact them for a replacement or refund on it." I replied with: "Why? Doesn't PitBoss/Dansons have a warranty?" Dansons CSR: "We do if it purchased directly through us." In other words, they are saying that retailers warranty their items which is pretty much BS. I've actually had good luck with Dansons in the past getting support for my 2016 PitBoss K24 so, I was really surprised that they are giving me the run-around this time. I'm actually very concerned at this point on whether their Lifetime Warranty is worth anything at all. The saving grace is that Costco will bail them out by returning the item if necessary. Other retailers are simply not going to allow returns on items outside of their normal return policy despite what Dansons might say. It might be that they were having an off day but the CSR was unwilling to budge from their stance. In any case, this is just my experience and should serve as a PSA for potential buyers.
  4. Looks great but do understand that the ceramic grills are WAY more stable than the Akorn. I had the TTT on the Akorn back when I owned it and it was a great accessory to help stabilize temps. In the few years I've owned ceramic kamados I haven't found the need to use any kind of heat/air control device to regulate temperatures. Once you get an idea of vent settings the thermal mass of these units really allow them to settle in on a temp and just sit there all day/night.
  5. I am the owner of the referenced post by the OP. I have both the Vision and a Pit Boss K24 and just for the record I have not cooked pizza on the Vision. My pizza set-up for the Pit Boss does a great job so, I just haven't got around to playing with a pizza set-up on the Vision. The Aura D&C Type System I posted does have a purpose and is pretty versatile for many cooks but for pizza I don't think it would be ideal. The separation is probably adequate between the diffusers and the top rack but I don't think the top rack is high enough in the dome to provide the cook I prefer. On my PitBoss and on my previously owned Akorn I preferred that the pizza was as high as possible in the dome to provide a better cook on the toppings. On my PitBoss K24 I use a combination accessory package to get the cook I desire. It goes, OEM diffuser (legs up), lower rack with 15" half moon deflectors sitting on it and then an elevated three leg grate with a cast iron griddle as my cooking surface. Here is a post that shows my pizza set-up, the picture is at the bottom of the first post:
  6. Dooooooood... the absolute best dual zone cooking rig you can buy is 2 kamados. My Vision Classic B along side the PitBoss K24: Oh and a Weber gasser is sitting just outside of this pic.
  7. Kicked in a few bucks...thanks John!!! Kamadoguru.com has been so helpful for so many of us over the years. Even if you have all the kamado stuff worked out, the recipe portion of the site provides so much good stuff. In any case, if all of us kick in a couple bucks a year it helps John keep this thing rolling.
  8. I'm not sure that I've ever had mine up to 900* F. I know I've had it around 750* F according to the dome temp anyways. I don't remember ever pegging the 800* stock therm. I cook my pizzas around 600* with the stock dome temp and I don't fuss with really dialing it in. A few minutes and a mid cook 180* rotation of the pizza provides a decent final result. I try not to use my digital therm for anything over the probes rated temps of 500* so, the dome temp is used. IIRC my dome temp runs 50* lower than the grate temp in most cases. It's like anything troubleshoot on your own and find out what works for you. Thinking that there is some magical formula to reach 900* or even thinking 900* is some special temp to be able to cook pizzas is probably a journey I wouldn't waste too much time on. $.02
  9. That's a nice set-up and yes it has quite a bit more versatility when you look at the space and adjust-ability of the grates. IIRC that set-up can't be touched for anything close to the Aura deal I posted above but again it might be the best solution for many folks. I simply posted the Aura to give a budget approach to D&C. I have additional "stand-off" grates that were cheap (sub $20) and would work to elevate or add an additional rack if necessary. If I added one of those grate I could certainly do 3 or maybe 4 butts at a time. With that being said I typically only do 2 at a time and if I needed to do 4 I would jump over to the Pit Boss K24. You can check out my accessory post in the PitBoss sub-forum for more info and some pics. For as much as I am a junkie for these things I really try not to break the bank in all the doodads that can be purchased. I currently have (3) different sized kamados pretty well equipped and IIRC I have right around $1000 into everything. The best dual zone cooking rig I have, is doing high heat on one kamado and low heat on the other. LOL
  10. You could get a drip pan in between the deflectors and the lower cooking grate. As for the space between the 2 cooking grates, I think it's a couple inches. I don't think you could get 2 butts on each rack like you are describing. Last night I cooked a full grate of wings and 5 baker spuds in it... the baker spuds had to be on the top cooking grate. HTH I'm sure the KAB would work fine but I haven't bought in to that club yet. LOL
  11. I'm assuming based on appearances that it goes, Primo, BGE, Vision Diamond, KJ. It is really something that the Vision essentially melts into a pancake. I also, think it's funny that he wonders if he can get it warrantied...LOL Honestly, I'm not sure that "test" is indicative of real life use but it does give you a "WOW" factor. If the kamados all have similar operating temperature in the real world, then some extreme temp test in a kiln isn't really a deciding factor for a purchase. IIRC he doesn't indicate what temp the kiln was and so, I'm assuming it is an extreme temp that is well outside of what a real world kamado would experience. If anything it makes the Primo and BGE owners feel like they made a great buying decision:-) With that being said, it wouldn't factor into my buying decision unless I knew for sure how that test applied to real world use.
  12. It looks like it came out of the same manufacturer (Auplex) as PG/LG, Vision, etc. The ceramics, and upper vents look like PB/LG. The band, lower vent and stand look like Vision. (Edit: After seeing the hinge in one of their videos it is also similar to what is on the Vision.) Look at my pic below and you'll see a Vision Classic B on the left and the PB K24 on the right. HTH
  13. Woodworking and metal working guys move 1000# machines around on mobile bases all the time. I can't imagine that KJ cheaped out on casters for their kamados so, I'm sure that they are up to the task. Given that, you only really have to worry about any uneven ground and the fact that kamados in general are top heavy. A large, heavy-duty, caster would help with uneven ground like the tiles you describe so, that might be something you look at prior to loading the base up with the ceramic egg. Like has been stated I highly doubt the actual weight of the egg is anything close to 500#'s. I lifted both my Pit Boss K24 and my Vision Classic B into the base by myself so, I'me sure (2) able bodied adults could handle the BJIII.
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