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  1. EZ smoke

    Kamado Guru will stay ONLINE

    I'm going to add it to the calendar to pay a little something every 6 months. I can't afford a ton but if we can crowd-fund this thing with a steady stream of small donations I hope that we can help John keep it alive.
  2. It's really not too hard to maintain temps on the PB after things are pretty well sealed up once you get a hang of the vent settings. On mine, the top vent open to "1" will get 300*+ temps. On L&S cooks of 225* (grill temp) the bottom vent will be open about 1/2" and the top vent will be adjusted so the "lever" is centered between 0 & 1 on the scale or even slightly less. I start a volcano of lump in the middle with alcohol soaked cotton balls, once the lump is burning I close the lid with the vents wide open and once the temp get up to 175* I shut the vents to what was described above. The temp will usually settle in the 225* range within 15-20 minutes HTH
  3. EZ smoke

    Kamado Guru will stay ONLINE

    Thanks for hanging in there... sent a couple bucks to help things along.
  4. I'm currently a kamado user without any 3rd Party temp controller. I can certainly see the benefits especially early on when confidence is lower in vent settings. I actually used a Tip Top Temp on my Akorn for the short time I owned it. I liked it but IME the Akorn is much more volatile with temp swings than a ceramic. After upgrading to the Pit Boss K24 from Costco I have never seen the need for a external temp control device. I assume that the K24 I own is similar to all the heavy ceramic Kamados and that they all are very stable. I can dial my Kamado in and have it hum along at almost any temp without any issues or fidgeting. I have zero concerns setting the temp and running it over-night for L&S cooks. It is what it is, I'm 2 years into the journey with lots of kamado cooks under my belt, so experience has led me to believe that the need for a temp control device is unnecessary.
  5. That was the response I was expecting. Sad day! I haven't been around long, just a couple years, but the general vibe around here has been to share information with each other to help folks along their way. That includes John's great information and awesome videos that he has posted on this site. It's unfortunate the spirit of sharing doesn't translate into passing along this information on the forum to someone else willing to take on the burden to finance and run a new forum. Maybe John has other plans for it but if it just evaporates that is truly short-sited and unfortunate. In any case, I'll continue to be active on the .com until John puts her out to pasture. I am going to try and save some of the great recipes and informational posts along the way.
  6. Will not use or join FB. Sad day!!! Hope that the alternative forum pans out in the new year.
  7. EZ smoke

    Who needs an oven?

    I hate heating up the house and working against the AC during 100* weather. People don't believe me when I tell them I cook full meals on my kamado and gasser outdoors. When I tell them I bake desserts in the kamado they freak out. It's rare for our oven to be turned on more than a couple times a month in the summer months.
  8. EZ smoke

    PB 24 + TipTopTemp + PartyQ = temp control!

    I guess I felt more that way with the Akorn where temp swings were more prevalent. In contrast my PB just hums along on L&S cooks. I have the wireless therm set with alarms but rarely if ever have to get up and change anything on an overnight cook. For me it's pretty much bring it up to temp followed by set and forget it. I can understand how a temp control set-up could help bring ones mind at ease and stop the "chasing temp syndrome" all of us have gone through. I know I had a bad case of that when I started "Kamadoing" but as I got more experience I gained confidence to just set the dang thing and let it run. The less you futz with the thing the better it runs. Just my $.02.
  9. EZ smoke

    PB 24 + TipTopTemp + PartyQ = temp control!

    I'm not going to fault anybody for buying the "temp control" doodads (heck I owned a TTT for the Akorn) but the PitBoss runs so stable it's ridiculous. I have been using mine for a couple years and have learned what the thing does and what the vent settings need to be for any given temp. I did seal up the vents when I first got mine but haven't tweaked a thing since. Mine just runs naked and is extremely stable. Again, I think it's awesome you got things dialed in on yours with the PartyQ and wish you happy cooking.
  10. EZ smoke

    Pit Boss vs Akorn

    I've owned both as well ...there are some other differences in the (2) but the truth is they're more similar than different. I know the "upgrade" to the PB is something I have never regretted. The benefits of the PB outweigh the negatives for me but the truth is I could be happy with either the Akorn or the PB. Heck you can do what I did and after upgrading to the PB go out and buy a Akorn Jr. to reminisce with. LOL
  11. EZ smoke

    Western Brand Lump Charcoal

    Yep, $9.88 is the price for me local... I'm going on Monday to buy 6-10 more bags.
  12. EZ smoke

    Western Brand Lump Charcoal

    Mine hasn't sparked any more or less than some of the other cheaper brands. I need to go buy 6 more bags...
  13. Just doing the flat won't take as long... I think 8-10 hours is probably about all it should take. I shoot for smoking brisket at 235-265F grate temp.
  14. My closest store never stocked them... the one 20 miles away had them in stock early in the season. As soon as I hear they have dropped I'll be going to check it out to see if they have any remaining. They also still have them online (for full price $750 delivered) but in years past the online clearance price was $500-$550 IIRC.
  15. ...anybody seen the PB being marked down yet? I'm considering buying another one if they get down to ~$300-$400 like years past.