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  1. I love the portability of the Akorn jr so I wouldnt trade it for any other small kamado or any other portable charcoal grill either.
  2. I marinate chicken pieces and whole chickens. Both the salt and the other flavors penetrate deeply into the meat.
  3. Weber Q1200. What a great cooking machine.
  4. Cheers , Merry Christmas and Happy New Year John. Thank you much for this forum and your videos that I have enjoyed on a daily basis for years.
  5. Because GA and the eastern states have to import tri-tips from CA where they are plentiful. I bought an untrimmed TT today at my local supermarket for $3.49/lb.
  6. Ive used tri tip for fajitas and carne asada many times. Skirt steak is great too but tri tip works very well and is less expensive than skirt in my area.
  7. Great looking chops and your masonry work is especially nice. Great work.
  8. Best of the West Lump Mesquite charcoal. A 40# bag costs me just $17 at Smart n Final. It's good stuff and very reasonably priced.
  9. I just used a hacksaw on a Lodge 10.5" round griddle and then filed the cut smooth. It only took 5 minutes to do.
  10. First I smoked some cut up and seasoned ribs on my Akorn, then I brushed them liberally with Teriyaki sauce and cooked them at 250* in a smoky Akorn. Accompanied with homemade fried rice.
  11. Masonry for me and I like to combine that with my BBQ hobby here on my little acre in the Sierra foothills.
  12. Great idea! I just started a thread for showing your BBQ area. Please post your pics.
  13. This is my built-in Akorn and Weber Baby Q1200 Let's see yours please.
  14. I agree with RIP. If you cook the oil off of your grate just clean it, heat it and oil it again. It will be fine. Cooking oil spray makes it easy too.
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