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  1. Rain huh? I forget what rain is like. It hasnt rained a drop here in 4 1/2 months. BTW, that's a cool looking red kamado you have.
  2. Tioga

    El Pastor Tacos

    That looks like a great interpretation of Al Pastor. Nicely done sir. I'm gonna copy your style on my kamado soon.
  3. Tioga

    Need help identify some pork cuts

    Looks like partial racks of spareribs to me.
  4. I use the weber grate and make a drip pan with HD foil. That catches most of the drippings and is cheaper and easier to dispose of.
  5. Tioga

    Starting the fire

    I usually use the oil soaked paper towel method but lately I tried the Dorito chip trick. They work amazingly well
  6. Thanks for the review. I got six years on my Akorn that lives at the edge of my covered patio. I just bought a new one and gave my old one to a buddy. It still serves him well.
  7. These split chickens make a nice dinner for my Girl and me. It smells so good smokin on my Jr.
  8. Tioga

    Fire ban

    Are gas grills allowed when the ban is in effect?
  9. Tioga

    Pork loin

    You're right about restaurant food. Ya just gotta do it yourself if ya want great bbq. Looks delicious.
  10. Tioga

    Sweet & Spicy Chicken Wangs!!!

    Those wangs are drool worthy.
  11. Cast iron griddle breakfast
  12. Really nice cast iron grill marks.
  13. Tioga

    Smoked corn pancakes

    what did you put on those corn cakes? butter n salt? preserves, cream cheese? lots of possibilities come to mind.