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  1. Sorry just saw this. The OctoForks are out right now. www.octoforks.com Accessories we're working on right now
  2. Hatch Chile Sausage Pocket Sammies for dinner. Knockin out the fat...George Foreman ain't got nothin Used OctoForks "OctoSkewers" (coming soon) to spin and served with pocket sammies with sauteed bells, onions and siracha mustard. Yum! I was only cooking using 5 but you could do "quad" and multiple plus extended setups etc...and spin a boatload of skewers.
  3. Spinning up dual rotisserie baskets with pork steaks tonight. Using an upcoming accessory which is spit rods you can plug into the OctoForks. What's really nice is they can be balanced by moving closer or further away from the center spit rod. Will fit additional baskets. Also cooking up some sweet corn (can't wait for our Indiana corn!) and some crispy skin baked potatoes!
  4. I have a couple of baskets in my patent application. I'd love to have them made someday. There both really sweet and one is perfect for coffee beans.
  5. Here's a full rotisserie meal. Definitely room for lots more. Just a little experimenting night. I knew the roasted potatoes would fall out of the basket without a slight modification. lol Used some foil tape to seal up the ends. Real good cook! The potatoes came off first and the chicken/ pork shoulder CSR's finished about the same time so I just pulled them last. Everything was sooo good especially the roasted taters. They tumbled away in the basket and were well oiled and seasoned prior to going in. Thanks for looking! Definitely lots more room for more food. I used 2 pairs of OctoForks for this cook.
  6. The marinade made for some real good taste and color on these thighs. Definitely want to do this again.
  7. Talking Rotisserie Baskets. I've never been a fan of the spit rod going through the middle of the basket. Sometimes it's fine but others a p.i.t.a Cooked up some chicken chow mein tonight but spun the chicken in a basket vertical using the OctoForks. Plenty of room to spin multiple baskets! Rain rain go away but comfort food is good!
  8. There's a guy by the name of Cody who has a blog "backyardmovies.net" He's spun up a couple St Louis but trimmed them to fit his Vision.
  9. These are some of the accessories that will be coming soon.
  10. This makes for the juiciest chicken breast! It's hard to beat CB on the spit over some fire! Sloppy Joes...Never let good smoke go to waste! Only used 1/2 pair of the #OctoForks for chicken.
  11. These ribs were about as simple as you can get and some of the best I've ever had or done. Started with full spares and trimmed down to St Louis. These were as easy as 1-2-3 Towards the end brushed on a nice glaze made from what was in the cupboards. Catusp, brown sugar, AC vinegar, orange marmalade and some of the rub I used on the ribs. (Sucklebusters Wild Thang)1) Coated with olive oil and rub2) Put them on the OctoForks3) spun them to probe tender over medium flame. (300* or so)Ribs don't have to be complicated that's for sure! These peppers were a first. Cut off the top and stuffed with cream cheese, replaced the top and wrapped in bacon.
  12. Wow that turned incredible. I really like the use of the skewers in between the bolts...super idea I knew people were going to come up with outside the box thinking cooks! Yes I should think about a kickstarter. It was really outside my comfort zone before but now not as much. With some help and ideas from others this just might become a reality.
  13. Yes halves do good in the classic. Cody in Hawaii did trimmed full St Louis in his though...the looked great! I can imagine the Big Joe will be even better.
  14. Ribs really do benefit from self basting...especially like this. Now these are full racks but half racks do as well but they'll develop a glaze that is mind blowing. They'll look like they've been glazed even when you don't. This vid is from a komodo owner.
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