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  1. I've been coming down to the area for about 11 years. I knew the QC Olive Mill well already but just got introduced to the Pork Shop this week. It's GLORIOUS!! Thanks for the warm welcomes!
  2. San Tan Valley Az in the winter - Alberta in the summer! I joined 3 years ago but only got my KJ about a week ago! It's a long and largely boring story but I ended up with the KJ III and so far I love it. getting familiar and working up to my grail, the brisket!
  3. John, it's posts like this that motivated me to join. Thanks for all your mythbusting posts and focusing on the important thing - good food!
  4. Huh....I'm JUST getting started today with my new KJ! I've been watching this thread because, well, you know....optimize! I have formed a bit of a conclusion though, there are some not so good, some very good but very few 'bad' or 'EUREKA'!! So interesting though, thanks for your work Reef!
  5. Nicely done CKreef. Good solution and what a way to make new friends!
  6. Thanks Larrsz. Good article. Nice to see some love for the SloRoller, it's still got a lot of nay sayers out there. Interesting in the Ikamand too, clearly more people are enjoying the geekery of the electronic additions.
  7. It's so tough though...that's half price of the KJ III!!
  8. So what I've been reading is that every fan/temperature management unit is fine. I'm not seeing any distinct advantages of one over the other save for a few comments on the fans themselves and as Todd pointed out above, his issue has been resolved. I'm stuck...and the good news is that it doesn't look like I'll make a bad decision but I'd like to make the best! I'm at the Fireboard/pit viper combo or the Ikamand... am I off base on the functionality of the units tested so far?
  9. So...it LOOKS great but how did it taste!??
  10. Grin, and THAT'S their principle! Make no mistake, I'm no supporter of those regimes. But yes, there may be some hope for the US with the proposed tariffs being delayed but our government is well and truly screwed.
  11. Banned them from Canada too....it'll be interesting. News story I hear is that there's a shortage, especially of pork, in China yet they choose not to buy from us. Gotta admire a government that holds to their principles though.
  12. Exactly what I do Glen...I'll go 10 minutes if I want the yolk slightly jammy...but yeah 13 is a really good number. I too find that cold eggs into boiling water yields the easiest peeling eggs....and I have done some experimentation. Gotta say though, never considered buying HBE's ...a bit of research indicates they may even be freezable. That could also be interesting.
  13. GREAT job by you John and VERY motivating...thanks!
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