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  1. Many of you here are COOKS....I'm just a cook. So this time I went for convenience over art - the two biggest concessions are store bought dough and pizza sauce. I've also tried a few pies on the kamado (three before this one) and I sure wasn't happy. I'm not making dough so I did some research and heard that the stuff from Trader Joe's was the winner so we tried a few. The herb dough was tasty I'll admit but both were VERY hard to work and didn't really get to where I wanted them size and thickness wise. I tried stretching by hand, rolling, pushing but that dough was just SO hard to work. Courage and the urge for Pizza showed up again yesterday so in my lazy way off to the grocery store. - Classico pizza sauce (I've made my own but y'know this was GOOD) - Store bought dough - Fry's - Boar's head pepperoni. Again, I've done some 'work' sourcing pepperoni and entertained but am not motivated or equipped to make my own. This stuff, like the sauce is GOOD. If there is a criticism of it, it's thin. Though it was border to border pepperoni over the sauce the light slice left us wanting a bit more. Next time it'll be a double layer - Mushrooms - Onions - Black olives - Fresh Basil - Some of the basil got a bit wilted over the cook. Next time I'll add Basil either at the end or half way through cooking. The Temp I had was about 450 on the KJIII and the cookng on the crust was about perfect. Solid without being crunchy, soft without being doughey. (Doughey? You get what I mean). SWMBO and I both agree that it was the finest effort to date and we'll be on it again soon. Some thoughts and lessons for next time: - Continue with the bought dough but while stretching to fit the peel, add some parmesan or asiago to the crust and work it in a bit. This is a rip on Hungry Howies Asiago crust pizza, which, BTW, is excellent if you're in a hurry. - The pepperoni is also excellent but it's thin nature demands doubling up or at least overlapping some of those slices. - SWMBO likes golden brown so at that temp a little egg wash on the exposed crust would have done that for us. - Fresh basil is SO good but add it later to reduce wilting.
  2. Looking good Eric! Great smoke ring and you can see the juiciness in the meat. WELL DONE! Yep, Ahwatukee is next door for sure. Now that the rain is over it may be time to do another of these beasts - well mini beasts!
  3. Sorry guys, I was away. My Rub was roughly: 1 Cup Brown Sugar 1/2 Cup Paprika (I use sweet, not hot) 2 TBS Black Pepper 1-1/2 tsp Chili Powder 1-1/2 TBS Garlic Powder 1-1/2 TBS Onion Powder 1/2 tsp Cayenne 2 TBS Kosher Salt I set the Kamado to about 225 and added three chunks of Cherry. It sat there for about 7 hours until I got an IT of about 140 and pulled it to rest. Sliced up and ate it. First meal was plated with potatoes and asparagus. Second was indeed sandwiches. I got some passable beef dip mix from the local grocery and some really good rolls and it was a day two hit. There's just the two of us and I'm dying to try a brisket but that's just so much meat! The chuck roast is a pretty darn good alternative.
  4. Excellent post K. Good luck Keeper. I too have had the troubles and gone to lapping the rings and using alignment rods to ensure proper initial set up but in the end, the Burris rings work SO well.
  5. I've only been at this a month but yesterday I did a brisket preview by smoking a chuck roast on my KJ III. Took about 7 hours and I learned a ton, had a lot of fun and made a meal that SWMBO (She Who Must Be Obeyed) thought was great - that's definitely my bellwether. Some pictures for your consideration:
  6. Got a brand new one...plugged it in and found out that I can't use it with my Thermoworks Signals. I've got the fan, an adaptor cord, and a ceramic adaptor plate. 50.00 for the bunch?
  7. And there you go. Anyone want to buy a tested only pit viper?
  8. Hey Golfie...that's a good one. I've read a lot of poor reviews of the clamp on lights that attach to the handle. Nicely done. Thanks beer....good selection there too.
  9. Hi guys. I finally got the pit viper to set up with my signals and I set it up to do that today but.....it looks like signals will only recognize their billows fan? Am I missing something here? I thought that I read here somewhere that the signals with a pit viper fan is the hot set up? Not so hot if I can't figure out how to get signals to recognize the fan. Any insights?
  10. Well I got the headlight out and it works great. Thanks guys. I also spent a bit of time and ran some patio lights ... I think it'll do the trick.
  11. Congratulations and welcome here, the place is great, you'll love it!
  12. I started using Allett a few years ago. They're made of parachute cloth and VERY thin. Keep a lot of cards and a bit of cash in one without much bulk at all. They do wear out though, got to replace every 3-5 years.
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