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  1. Well I took a crack at it tonight...a little garlic, onions, thyme, rosemary and the zest of a lime (we don't have lemon thyme here so I made due with pantry stuff) CAME OUT FANTASTIC, thanks again for the inspiration Pesto.
  2. Looks like I'm ordering gasket material.................... Thanks B.
  3. Byee...keep us posted. Mine is loose to but I think it's an irritant not an operational concern. It does irritate me enough though to buy 20 bucks worth of gasket....
  4. Ribeye is the BEST of steaks and you've treated that one well. Nicely done!
  5. Well I thought these could be a tough sell too but they were a hit! I do think the cherrywood has something to do with it. It adds a sweet touch and sweetie loves sweet.... Good luck!!
  6. Another double take in the grocery store and I saw some beef back ribs....well THIS I gotta try.... I fired up Joe to about 225 and laid down some cherry chunks. Put my 12" cast iron pan (thanks for the recommendation Ian) on the accessory rack under the grill racks and put in some water to catch the drippings...more on this later. Took out the ribs, hit them with SPOG and fired them on the grill for 3 hours. Then they got wrapped in aluminum foil with a wee bit of butter and some beef stock and back on the grill for about an hour and a half. They got REAL good cherr
  7. You seem like mighty fine people....which is why I"m perplexed that I can't find my invitation................... Nice job and very nicely put together story!
  8. Marvelous! Sometimes ribs with just rub are the way to go! I got to get back to that but we've found a sauce we just love and keep going back to it. Fantastic job and a HUGE congrats on an out of the park second cook!
  9. Nope. I'd say that you are due a replacement or at the very least a discount on your purchase price.
  10. Pooched a Pizza here the other day too....ran out of heat. By the time the top was cooked well enough the crust was overly crunchy. Darn thing disappeared though....guess it wasn't that bad!
  11. GREAT story and a Fantastic Voyage! Hey, food looks pretty darn good too...might have to steal one or two of these....
  12. New hinge arrived today. One week from the original report. Chalk one up for KJ Customer Service!
  13. Well I'd love to say that I cut it and seasoned it myself but the truth is we saw one vac packed in the grocery today so we picked it up. Fired up the Joe and got to a nice 375 ish....fired the bird on the grate, direct heat with the grates in their highest position. About 40 minutes later all the temps were well past the gummint's 'safe' point so we tucked in. My dudes, this was fantastic, a GREAT upgrade on a regular bird.
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