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  1. Looks GREAT! I gotta do one of these one day....
  2. "k0rbendallas" Love the name...multipass...great movie. Welcome - interested to hear about the Finnish spin on the Kamado!
  3. I answered as well and like the others I don't find grate cleaning to be a huge deal. Interesting idea, just not for me.
  4. They look GREAT to me! Don't over emphasize time or temperature. Cook till they're done, not x minutes at y temp....
  5. And THAT is what's most important. I cook for fun and if the fun means I get to play with some gadgets along the way that makes me even happier and that is 'worth' it too. Glad you're happy doggie. I am too...although I am Jonesing for something on the kamado!
  6. Okay I laughed....But damn...you do NOT want a chewy ribeye....I feel your pain. Looks like it was marinated in the bag? Steak in a bag....hmmm I can see the draw but nope. Pick your own. I agree a personally selected prime ribeye should be nothing short of glorious. On the plus side the cook looks brilliant and the doneness fantastic. Nicely done! Thanks for the warning!
  7. Never forget that this whole Kamado thing is at least as much about fun as it is about a better method of cooking. I suspect you may be in "buy once, cry once" territory. Get the KJIII and revel in the slo-roller - regardless if it cooks better or not.
  8. Agreed. Love the presentation and the delivery. We'll argue about your choice of lamb as the protein...)($#*W*! Aussies....BEEF man.....BEEF. Love, Alberta The Beef capital of Canada.
  9. Howdy Tim. Welcome here and glad you are reading the book. John's Great and is very generous with his knowledge. Enjoy! Spend a bit of time with the 3-2-1 rib method. I love it. Don't hold to the times religiously, sometimes a little less or a little more is needed but that understanding can only be gained through experience. Smoke 'em for a few hours, wrap in foil for another couple of hours and sauce for a while. I find that I sauce mine and put them back on the grill only for about 15 minutes or so until the sauce is the way I like it then I take them off!
  10. I got a 15" dia. 5/8" thick Unicook off of Amazon. Made a half dozen pizzas with it so far and so far...so good. Love it. I'd say pizza shops - good ones - cook on ceramic, and then serve on steel...they don't cook on steel. GL!
  11. Well I took a crack at it tonight...a little garlic, onions, thyme, rosemary and the zest of a lime (we don't have lemon thyme here so I made due with pantry stuff) CAME OUT FANTASTIC, thanks again for the inspiration Pesto.
  12. Looks like I'm ordering gasket material.................... Thanks B.
  13. Byee...keep us posted. Mine is loose to but I think it's an irritant not an operational concern. It does irritate me enough though to buy 20 bucks worth of gasket....
  14. Ribeye is the BEST of steaks and you've treated that one well. Nicely done!
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