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  1. I agree. The issue I think is that with a deflector you don't want heat transfer. The question I've got is will steel block 'enough'. We do like to split hairs on this site....grin.... Let us know!
  2. Nice! Do you see any difference in heat transfer from the steel to the ceramic?
  3. From my money is where my mouth is file....I did up a small batch today: Why are they green? Hmmm maybe it's Zombie green...nah, it's this stuff:
  4. First time I've seen one. Neat device....I say cook on it and enjoy it UNLESS somebody here comes back with a "NO IT'S A PRICELESS ARTIFACT FROM THE AGE OF AQUARIOUS" or something....grin... Thanks for the pics.
  5. From John's 'how do you hard boil eggs' thread we started to get into deviled eggs...Personally I love 'em. I ALSO like pickled eggs. My 'standard' flavors for each variety are: For 12 HBE (hard boiled eggs) in a quart jar Bring a cup of vinegar and a cup of water to a boil with: 1 tsp pickling spice 1 tbsp of salt One peeled garlic clove A chunk of hot chili pepper (I usually have some small firecracker chili's around here - dried) A clove or two...or three...how do you feel about cloves? Allow to cool a bit then pour over your dozen
  6. Hahahaha. Yeah, both are good points. Thanks guys. KJ II it is! Supposed to snow this week though....next week I hope!
  7. Sigh, I know I know thread resurrection but I'm going through this right now..... The price difference here now in Canada is 300 bucks and man that'd buy me a temperature controller or heat deflector and a pizza stone and a peel and other stuff but dammit if I don't want those three upgrades. I really think I'll defer the temp controller and get the KJII.
  8. Ash basket Pizza stone! A good digital thermometer (I like my Thermoworks Thermapen - it's a bit more but I also think it's a bit better) Good gloves That's about it. Gear for the KJ will come as you identify the need through playing with it. I'd say get your charcoal and start cooking...take 'gadget money' and put it into some food experimentation. Do things that you want to do even if the result really isn't for dinner.....try chicken wings....make a curry - oh wait....now you need some good cast iron.....grin., Congratulations on your purchase - w
  9. Yeah pretty nice and blessed to be after the quail too! Nicely done.
  10. Good luck! INTERESTING Thread. DIY Kamado......
  11. Very glad to hear that it eventually worked out. The lag is irritating but the end result is what's most important!
  12. Has anyone tried getting the Vision heat deflector cut into two pieces? I'm thinking a marble shop or custom countertop place could do it.
  13. Many of you here are COOKS....I'm just a cook. So this time I went for convenience over art - the two biggest concessions are store bought dough and pizza sauce. I've also tried a few pies on the kamado (three before this one) and I sure wasn't happy. I'm not making dough so I did some research and heard that the stuff from Trader Joe's was the winner so we tried a few. The herb dough was tasty I'll admit but both were VERY hard to work and didn't really get to where I wanted them size and thickness wise. I tried stretching by hand, rolling, pushing but that dough was just SO h
  14. Looking good Eric! Great smoke ring and you can see the juiciness in the meat. WELL DONE! Yep, Ahwatukee is next door for sure. Now that the rain is over it may be time to do another of these beasts - well mini beasts!
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