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  1. I hope that you still love youre
  2. Today i buy a Kamado.... after many years of waiting and watching them at the bbq shop. Hopefully i will receive it for the week end and begin to cook great Ribs. This forum is so nice and have a lot of receipe ect... So maybe my BroilKing gaz bbq will have a break to put my new Saffire at work.
  3. Looking for a Kamado in early spring or maybe even this winter if i get a deal a vision grill M. (Sell only at Rona now). It's seem to be one of the best value on the market. BGE and KJ cost much more money and i wont' even talk about the beautiful KK . Akorn seem to be good value too but i prefer the traditional ceramic design. I already contact Vision Grill to see are fast they are to answer question.. and they are fast and very honest.. they don't hesitate to say that the grill is made in china ect.. Now in Canada (est part) big store offer Pitboss/Louisiana (same brand) and Vision grill. The questions are : Is Vision grill have the same quality than the little more expensive Pitboss/louisiana ? Is the Kamado will do well with winter condition..like going at 500 F at -30 C outside ? Do i need the buy a lot of accesories for being able to smoke ribs or i can do that out of the box ? And for people who have a vision grill for at less two years.. are well they are still going ? For information, now i have a Broil King Le Baron.. it's a ok propane... BBQ. It will be my first Charcoal BBQ. Thank you !!
  4. lotm

    All pro Kamado

    Thank you for the advise . Yes i understant that is a lot more safety to go with the Big name.. but if everybody think that way..only BGE will still in buisness today. KJ is a relatively new compagny(2009 i think ) in the egg market and have great succes with great packtage,innovation and good price. Maybe All-Pro is the next succes story who know. I don't want to close my eye if a new compagny come with a quality product.. but i don't want to assume all the risk without some feedback. (At least someone who see it at the store and take the time to analyse the product quality). If i find something on ALL-PRO brand i will post it on this forum. As you say.. there a lot of junk too.... So i will keep research informations.. because the big decision is for next spring. Vision Grill M is more in my budget target for now.(But KJ or other brand still in my list )
  5. I'm looking to buy my first Kamado, i do some research on the big brand like BGE and KJ.. vision grill then i found the All Pro Kamado. It's a real good looking Kamado to my eye.. but i cannot say anything about it's quality. Cannot find any Review on this one (exept one saying that 15 ' is too small.....). http://www.staples.com/All-Pro-KAMADO-19-Charcoal-Grill-with-Cart-Autumn-Red/product_WYF078277826103 Here are the main brand page : http://www.allprogrills.com/ I contact ALL PRO for having more information.. waiting for there answer. If you know something about this brand i will be more than happy to have the information.
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