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  1. I have a like-new Kamado Joe Classic with electric starter, divide and conquer flexible cooking system, 1/2 cast iron griddle, cover and custom-build wooden table. I purchased the grill new in late 2016, it has always been on a covered deck with the kamado joe cover kept on it while not in use. Great grill, just don't use it like I used to. $750.00 for grill, $400.00 for table or $1,000.00 for both. I am located in Mooresville, NC, pickup only. Call or text 704 533 2187
  2. I will thaw some drumettes today. I am eager to watch the new video. Let's give cholesterol medication something to do.
  3. With all that's been said, I hope Santa puts a Joetisserie under my Christmas bush this year. Andy: Your individual posts and reviews are helpful on this matter. Thanks for sharing your opinion. I am relatively new to the Kamado scene, but I jumped in head first. John: Thanks for the comments. I live about an hour from Valdese, I'll swing by some time and try one of these prime ribs you speak of off the Joetisserie if Santa is not good to me this year.
  4. Thank you all for the replies. I read the reviews/posts on here, but I didnot see a lot of comparisons of food roasted/smoked vs. spun. I imagine the food is great on the Joetisserie, but thanks to Mr. Setzler, I'm making great food without it. I just wanted to know if it is a step beyond what I am already doing, and it sounds like the answer is an enthusiastic "yes!".
  5. I am considering purchasing a Joetisserie. A family member who owns a Primo reached out to the manufacturer and asked if they will make something similar in the future for the Primo XL. Their response suggested that a similar unit will not be made in the near future since the airflow naturally circulates in the cooker. It is my understanding the Joetisserie (or any rotisserie) allows meat to self-baste, does this noticeably change the flavor? Does the unit produce a flavor that is different from typical roasting or smoking? If so, is the difference significant? I roasted a turkey this weekend following John Setzler's video instructions and it was exceptional. I want to know if a Joetisserie will take me to the next level. Thanks in advance, folks.
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