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  1. Can anyone add some info on this? I’d love to buy a roast now for Christmas. Could I dry age it for a week and still be ok? I’m not too sure of the dry aging going past the sell by date, what effect it would have.
  2. Yeah can’t blame you for not chancing anything on a $200 piece of meat.
  3. So if the sell by date is 12/12 what do you do with it until Christmas? Local stores have their standing rib roasts on sale this week and I’d love to pick one up now. I just wasn’t sure if it would spoil by then or I’d have to freeze it?
  4. Yeah I'm in this boat too. I bet mines been used less than 10 times and one side just quit working. I need another one and it sure won't be a Maverick.
  5. Man I wish this would have come up before Christmas. I just got my Classic in October so every family member that asked, I told them to get me something KJ for Christmas. I got most of these accessories then. My wife will be in Arlington in February too for work, would have been perfect.
  6. I just ordered one for my classic from firecraft.com $59.95 with free shipping and had it within a couple of days.
  7. It's several years old, 5+. I got it when I had an old offset, used it one time then got rid of the grill because it was taking up too much room. It sat in the box for several years until I got a KJ in Oct.. it hasn't worked since then.
  8. I've got a 732 that I've used less than 10 times. I've also been looking for a new one because I'm having issues with the BBQ side. Maybe someone here knows a secret? I can switch out each probe in the food side and get an accurate reading. I cannot get anything to work on the other side though. It makes the dual probes useless, any ideas?
  9. I apologize if this isn't the right spot for this as I'm new, but just trying to help out. Ace has an online 50% off sale for one item up to $30, or $15 off anything over, free shipping to store. The code is FRI6015. I was able to get a bag of Kamado Joe Lump for $13 with free pick up at your local Ace.
  10. New guy here, just found these on a Black Friday sale for $215 with free shipping. Is there typically any better sales through the weekend or cyber Monday? I know I read something about an Ace Hardware sale at some point. I definitely want to pick one up before Christmas, I love seeing all these turkeys spinning. Thanks for any help.
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