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  1. Will both baskets allow for the deflectors in the low position, as in the D&C system?
  2. Sorry to revive an old thread... but I am in the market for a basket with a divider. Are there any non KJ baskets with a divider that are “worth it”? I say non KJ because those seem to have some issues from reading this thread. thx
  3. Awesome recipe JS! i made this today and brined it for a solid 12 hours. It is my new go to smoked salmon recipe. Costco has has the Copper River salmon at $12.99/lb lately and this could have been a first time mistake with expensive salmon. My my wife loved it and being we are both on lo-sodium diets I changed your recipe up a little. I used half the salt ( a little less than ⅛ cup) and two C of light brown sugar. I also used some exotic salts I had on hand. Most of the ⅛c salt was Maldons Smoked Salt, complemented with San Francisco salt Chili Lime salt and finished with some regular Morton’s Kosher and a teaspoon of Kona Bean on the finish. Ya, I don’t use much salt, but when I do it needs to be exotic! I skipped the honey glaze only because I forgot it, but the taste was awesome. I guess cutting the salt makes the light brown sugar balance ok with no honey? I smoked it at 160° for ~90 minutes skin on and down. On the serving platter the skin peeled off like a wet bandaid! I was worried about that but no problemo! Thanks for the research on this. I checked several recipes and glad I went with this, bravo! Edit: after rising I let it dry for 5 hours in a cold oven to form the Pellicle
  4. Can anyone verify if the stone can be placed comfortably on the grill extender? i was thing of changing my setup and adding a KJ stone for this configuration. I’m using a glazed stone (Emile Henry, which is glazed). This weekend i tried pizza from a similar stone and the crust was awesome! thanks!
  5. I have noticed that in searching for local BBQ events that there is no concise site to find them. Would be nice for a place where people can share events geographically, or a place where discussions or local competitions can be listed. ie, ATL grill company Fathers day sale, Costco road shows, etc. if there already is please point it out to me. thx, mac
  6. $3.99 for whole packer, $7.99 for just the flat (nicely trimmed btw) For Prime here at SO CAL Costco’s, average about $55 for a 14 lb packer.
  7. Pitter ¡Si! Amigo! Still a PITA to pit. LOL. BEdBath&Beyond is where I got mine a few hrs ago. The Cherries are just coming to market here in SOCAL. Don’t know the origin though, Mex? PNW? Basting my Costco Baby Backs in the glaze as we speak. I strained off the thin stuff before reducing it for a nice thin basting glaze, and reduced the rest for a silky Traditional BBQ sauce I’m thinking a good apply cider splash would go well in the sauce with this also.
  8. BBQ Sauce. Cherry I amended from recipe below Balsamic glaze in a bottle from the store about ¼ cup Agave syrup (any sweetener like molasses ) about ¼ cup ½ of the recipe brown sugar Honey ¼ cup Cinnamon ¼ teaspoon 2 cloves https://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/cherry-barbecue-sauce/ i gotta say this stuff is awesome. I was short on Brown Sugar so I improvised.... The worst part is pitting 4c of fresh cherries. Worth it though!
  9. Made a batch yesterday, awesome stuff. I changed a couple items but John’s recipe a great starting point. I rarely follow recipes to the letter and implement things to my own taste. My changes were (double batch) sweet onions mixed with red Sub one cup unfiltered cider vinegar 10 whole cloves garlic one tsp celery seed mixed peppercorns Loving it so far... Thanks for posting!
  10. So, what’s the conclusion? I’m getting a feeling there really is none, lol. I guess based on your burn tests-different Brands for certain applications and cooks? So if I want HOT very fast, such as a pizza cook, I use the cheap schiza I get at HD or Lowe’s? If I have a 14 hour cook use KJ’s big block....
  11. RO lump, COPY THAT! Good to know, thanks.
  12. Just curious, will BGE lump be tested?
  13. I totally have to agree with several things in this thread. Not knocking the DJ, just not for me at this time. I use CGS’s adjustable rig to raise up the stone high into the dome. We get fantastic pizzas in the 550° range. The DJ gets hotter I suppose which is better and faster in pizza making culture. We have pizza once a week and that $2.00 charcoal could add up fast. When the upgrade comes out with a way to choke it down/off I’ll buy it. The Joetisserie hit it out the park the first time for me.
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