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  1. I’ve been wondering the same thing. Working on plans to cover my patio now.
  2. It's more of a peace of mind thing for me. I learned to cook on my Joe without the aid of a controller but recently bought one for overnight cooks. Before that I wouldn't do an overnight on the Joe even though I knew it would hold steady enough temperatures.
  3. I know some guys attach the dome probe to the thermometer in the lid.
  4. Thanks we’ll give that one a shot.
  5. OK so I'm very familiar with Kamado cooking and have owned a kamado joe for years that gets used at least once a week. But my inlaws have requested that i cook a ham for easter this weekend on their Vision S that I have barely laid eyes on. My inlaws aren't proficient with it so i'm trying to prepare myself and they live 5 hours away so i won't see it until the day of the cook. Anything i need to know about it ahead of time? Planning to do a 3 hour indirect smoke/reheat of a 8-10 lb heat and serve ham. Is there an indirect setup for the vision? How about lighting methods? I normally light my joe with the starter cubes. Anything else?
  6. So we cooked the 24/48 hour dough from the Elements of Pizza yesterday. It turned out really good. Had good rise and just the right amount of chew for me. My wife wasn’t crazy about it. She’s looking for a dough recipe like the chain restaurant Mod Pizza. It’s thinner and slightly crispy but still has a little chew. I guess if you’ve never been to Mod Pizza you won’t know how to answer this but if you have, how do I recreate a dough similar to theirs?
  7. Any new thoughts from people using the V2? I suspect my wife has purchased one for me for my birthday next week so i'm curious what everyone thinks about the new version.
  8. Yes I have a Joetisserie. Thanks guys. I was leaning that way. Sounds like the way to go
  9. My birthday is coming up and I'm torn on what to ask for from my lovely wife. I had my eye on the original iKamand but backed off when i read the reviews. Now that they seem to have resolved the issues i'm torn weather to go that route or go with the DoJo. Not sure which one i would use more. Any thoughts? I know those are completely different options but looking for opinions. I cook lots of low and slow cooks so the pit controller would be nice but i also like to cook pizza and i singed my eyebrows and arm hair on the last one i cooked.
  10. I see them online but I think it’s the old version. I assume the new ones will be marked as V2?
  11. I got elements of pizza for Christmas from my wife. We’ve only tried one recipe so far but I wasn’t impressed. We tried the single dough ball recipe and it was flat to me. I suspect it didn’t rise at all because of the small amount of yeast in that recipe. It tasted fine but had no rise and not much chew to it. I’m not giving up though but it was a surprise. If we wanted thin crust we would have shot for a thin crust more crunchy texture but that’s not how that recipe is described.
  12. I emailed customer support about the issues people are having with version 1 to see if there is any progress since I really want one. This is the response I got. Thanks for reaching out to us. We are working on resolving the issues for the IKamand and we have no status on when a second version will be released.
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