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  1. What are the details on this warehouse sale that you speak of???
  2. My project plan for the spring/summer is to rebuild my patio area. Putting down stamped concrete, adding an awning with lighting over the grill areas and moving my kamado joe classic from the shop to the patio. Right now the joe is on the rolling cart but i will be building a table for it on the patio. My plan is to go with a granite top. While I'm rebuilding I'm curious if it's worth adding a joe junior to the table. I have a blackstone and gas grill on the same patio. Those that have two kamado's, how often do you use both? We're a family of four. We use the kamado about twice a week, the blackstone about three times a week and rarely use the gasser but it's there if I need it.
  3. I had to fight mine to keep it connected also. I was able to do the install/setup but had to hold my mouth just right. Ended up returning it for other reasons and bought a flame boss. Flame boss was much easier to connect but I like the ikamand app much better.
  4. I melted my filler plate after two uses and then the whole plate wouldn’t stay in place. I may have given up too easy but I wasn’t happy with it. The awesome folks at Atlanta grill gave me a full refund. From now on it I can’t get it local and they have it, I order from them.
  5. I just ordered a box of post oak from Fruita Wood. The chunks last much longer than anything I've bought from the box stores. I never understood how guys would say 1 or 2 chunks would last for an entire low and slow boston butt cook but I realize now my wood was burning too fast. The fruita chunks burn slower to me and smell fantastic.
  6. You mind posting your recipe for dough? We’re still trying to find the right mix of time, recipe and temperature. Fun trying!
  7. I cut back on toppings today and it still didn’t get completely done. Also let it soak for about thirty minutes at 500 before I started. Still dang good pizza.
  8. I’ve done three pizza cooks in mine now and my tops aren’t getting done either. I did another one for lunch today and it was better but still not completely done on top. The first two cooks were store bought dough. The one today was the recipe from the instructions that came with the DoJoe.
  9. We'll ask the pizza joint. I meant to the other day but they were slammed and i was just trying to get out the door at that point.
  10. We have made our own dough for years but I haven't tried it in the DoJoe yet. We like the dough from this pizza place and they charge $5 for three fresh 16" dough balls. It's not worth the effort when good dough is that cheap. I need to try our recipes though.
  11. I've done two cooks in the DoJoe so far and both times the tops of the pizzas were not completely done. We purchased the dough from a local pizza place so i don't know the hydration level. I cooked the first two at 450 the first night and the second two at 500 the second night. They cooked for about 8-10 minutes. Bottoms were perfect and didn't burn but the tops weren't done. 30-60 seconds in the oven on broil fixed it but i feel like i shouldn't have to do that. I followed the instructions that came with the DoJoe to a T. Any thoughts?
  12. Anybody cooked a cinnamon Stromboli in the DoJoe or even straight on the kamado? I love pizza inn’s cinnamon Stromboli. Figured that would be a good way to finish off the lump while we’re eating pizza since there doesn’t seem to be a good way to shut it down.
  13. The DoJoe arrived today. I was so excited I didn’t even go inside. Grabbed it straight off the porch and out to the shop to see how it fit. I noticed when I opened the box that it sounded like a bag of lump rattling around. Good reason. The stone was in about 8 pieces. Gotta love FedEx shipping. Quick call to Atlanta Grill company and a new stone is on its way. I’ve had two experiences with their customer service in the last month and both times they were awesome to deal with.
  14. I just ordered a DoJoe for my classic. What do I need to know before it gets here? I’ve had several successful cooks without the DoJoe but haven’t quite nailed it yet. What do I need to know as far as setup? I typically setup the heat deflector and raise the stone with ceramic spacers. Cook one pizza at a time for around 7 minutes at 600 with one of the Forkish dough recipes. Still looking for more restaraunt quality wood fired dough recipe. Something slightly thinner but still with a little chew to it. Any suggestions?
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