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  1. Had one bag of royal oak that had an off flavor on a joetisserie pork loin and then chicken breasts. I thought it was something I was doing wrong since I'm new to kamado cooking but I haven't had issues since then and I'm on my fourth bag now.
  2. I've never cooked on a big green egg but my Joe classic is spot on with consistent heat. Never had an issue there at all and nothing about it looks inferior to big green egg ceramics. That being said the big green egg appears to be a great cooker too and I would use one in a heartbeat. If I had it to do over again I'd still buy another Joe classic. I paid 999 for a classic with cart five months ago and it came with a free joetisserie and free shipping. Driver even helped me unload it into my shop. I have been very happy. There's pros and cons with either one but nothing that would stop me from buying either of them. It's just like yeti versus Rtic and ford versus Chevy. Most people will praise the one they have and dog the other one. CBottom line is you're getting a great cooker either way and just because I have a Joe doesn't mean I think big green egg is junk. I'd base it on price and proximity to dealer. Don't forget to factor the extras in on the egg that come with the Joe.
  3. I'll try that
  4. That's what I don't understand. I did spread them out around the firebox. I couldn't see what was going on because it was too hot after the cook Saturday but I checked it when I got home today and all the wood chunks are gone but there was still plenty of unlit lump. Oh well I'll just have to try again!
  5. I cooked ribs low and slow on my kamado joe classic for the first time Saturday and they turned out really good. My fire got a little hot but I was able to stabilize it around 250 for most of the cook. I'm curious how you guys handle adding wood chunks though. I used three small chunks of hickory and placed them around the charcoal thinking as the fire grew they would burn one by one. What ended up happening is all three chunks lit at one time and I had good smoke for 45 minutes but then it was gone. Is there a way to setup the fire to stagger how the chunks burn for logner periods of smoke? It would be a royal pain to have to remove the meat, racks and half moon dividers to add more chunks. And this was on ribs, what happens with a boston butt? I usually apply smoke with my masterbuilt electric until I get to the point where I'm going to wrap the butts which is anywhere from 5-8 hours into the process. How do I get longer periods of smoke?
  6. Cooked my first pizzas on the Joe tonight, two at a time. Heat deflectors directly on grill grate with 1/2" ceramic spacers and then bottom stone. Top stone was sitting on top of the grill extender. We're used to making home made pizza in the oven so that part was easy. Moving the hot grill extender with hot pizza stone on top so we could put the bottom pizza on was not easy. My lodge high heat gloves weren't enough. Got them both on though and they finished at the same time. My other problem was heat. I couldn't get it above 450 with all vents wide open. I cleaned out charcoal before and made sure I had good air flow but still not hot enough. I think I needed more lump? I was using royal oak and it was big fresh chunks. Used parchment paper so they didn't burn. Pizzas took 15 minutes to cook but they were perfect. Other than those couple hiccups the pizza was great. Try to get it hotter next time so they'll cook a little faster but the flavor was great. Not bad for first try.
  7. I can measure the deflectors to get what I need to know. Thanks for the help.
  8. Half smoke, So that's the half moon heat deflectors under the grill expander? I'm trying to figure out what size stone to order that would fit on the heat deflector with spacers. Looks like it fits perfect below the grill expander. What size stone is that above the grill expander?
  9. I already have a maverick 732 that I use with my Masterbuilt electric smoker. Same with gloves. I need to order a grill extender.
  10. How long does it take you to cook a pizza at 500? 350 with my recipe in the oven is perfect after 15-20 minutes. Any idea what to use for spacers? Delivery is set for Friday. Just have to figure out what to cook first.
  11. What kind of spacers are you using in this pic? Looks like an awesome setup
  12. I am a soon to be kamado joe classic owner. Should arrive tomorrow hopefully but by the weekend for sure. What, in addition to what comes with the kamado joe, will I need to be able to cook two pizzas at a time? I have two 15 pizza stones already. We already bake pizzas in the oven frequently. My homemade dough is a simple recipe that we bake at 350 for about 15 minutes. What temp should we cook at? I like a light char, slightly crispy with some chew inside..
  13. I am impatiently waiting on a kamado joe classic to be delivered. Basically decided on the KJ over a bge because of the included accessories. With that being said, what other things are must haves right out of the gate? I plan on cooking pulled pork, baby backs and brisket which I already do pretty well in my Masterbuilt electric. I also want to be able to cook pizzas, preferably two at a time. I have two 15" pizza stones already. What else do i need to be able to cook two at a time?