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  1. My cover melted on a relatively low temp cook, somewhere around 325 if I remember correctly. The vendor refunded my purchase. Shame too because I really liked the app. This was an early release ikamand so hopefully they’ve fixed that now.
  2. My plastic cover melted during a cook with the top vent open and I was only cooking at around 350 degrees. Second cook with the iKamand. I loved the app interface but wasn't happy that the cover melted and would no longer stay in place. Fortunately i was able to return it for a full refund.
  3. I’m looking for the same thing. Video for replacing a kamado Joe 1 classic. I’ve found plenty of videos on replacing the dome but no videos on the base.
  4. My base and dome both have cracked. After waiting a couple months for the warranty claim I finally got them both in. I’m also currently working on a table to put them in. Should I disassemble the old unit or would it be easier to order a set of bands for the new unit? I won’t be using the shelves so it wouldn’t be completely reassembled anyway. I’ve never done a band replacement.
  5. Warranty claim for new base and dome submitted on 6/28. Dome was delivered 8/21 but still no word on the base.
  6. That's really sad to hear but I'm starting to agree. I LOVE my kamado joe but customer service is really slacking. I emailed last week to ask a status update on my warranty claim for a dome and a base that I've been waiting on since June. I got a reply Thursday morning that it had been ordered and I would receive a shipping confirmation email when it was shipped but that everything was back ordered. Less than an hour later I get a call from the freight company that they are ready to deliver on Friday. Just seems like it shouldn't be that hard to know when something is shipping. Still waiting on the base but the dome made it and appears to be in good shape.
  7. Let me start by saying that my dome and base are both cracked and are being covered under warranty. The new dome was delivered this morning and I'm waiting on the new base to be delivered any day now hopefully. We're currently remodeling our patio and ran a gas line for a fire pit. I was about to build out a fire pit bowl to hold a round fire pit insert and thought about using the old base to hold the insert instead of building it out of stone. The dimensions work out almost perfect but I'm not sure how good of an idea it is. The crack is very minor and wouldn't be an issue at all with a propane fire pit insert. Much safer than running it with the lump fire that it's being used for now. I would trim the top out with stone of some sort that could handle the heat. It would work perfect because the firepit requires a vent at the bottom which would be built in already. I would probably want to paint it so I assume a black or gray high heat paint would be fine even though it really shouldn't get very hot. I would have to drill a hole at the bottom for a gas line. I've seen people repurpose them as planters but haven't seen anyone use it for a firepit. Any thoughts?
  8. I’ve cooked a ton of pizzas per the DoJoe directions and have never had a hot handle much less a melted one. We cooked between 600-650.
  9. I got a reply in about 3 days when I found a crack in my dome and my base. That was a month ago and I’m still waiting on parts but they did reply within a week and say it was back ordered.
  10. Did you get an ETA on the dome? I'm currently waiting on a replacement dome and base. They're telling me everything is back-ordered and will be late July to late August before it ships.
  11. I’m dealing with warranty now on a cracked dome and base. They have sent me info on replacements but said everything is back ordered and it will be late July or August before they ship.
  12. My base and dome are both cracked and I've had to put a claim in. I got a notice this week that they are back-ordered but should ship at the end of July or early August. Will the base and dome come with gasket's or do I have to add one? It has taken forever to get an answer out of support so I figured I would ask here first. Thanks
  13. I found two cracks in my base and one in my dome this weekend. Claims put in already. Is it still safe to cook on?
  14. I just found cracks today in my dome and base. I’m really bummed now. Already submitted claims but it sounds like it’s going to be a while. I cook 2-3 times a week on it so I’m really upset. I’m getting my new patio poured this week and have the lumber in the shop to build a new table for it that I was going to work on this holiday weekend. Kinda takes the steam out of wanting to do that project.
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