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  1. Strange lookin bark for a cherry.
  2. About 40 years ago I acquired a starter from a friend that estimated it to be about 80 years old at that time. I fixed SD pancakes, bread, waffles and English muffins with it and kept it alive for about 10 years and 40 lbs later, I had to throw in the towel and toss it. My kids and I loved the flavor. Tangiest sourdough I've ever had. Geez I miss it. Good stuff. Should make some wonderful goodies with that.
  3. That is a question that only the gods can answer. Everybody has an opinion on this subject. If it turned out fantastic this time, then that is the way to go. Some trim all the fat off of it so it doesn't really matter.
  4. We just had quite a light show 2 nights ago ourselves. Weather channel reported Washington got something like 2011 strikes and Oregon got 6011 strikes. Luckily we got no direct hits to our power supply.
  5. I don't see his foundation. Are you looking at the patio slab? Cracks in slabs are somewhat common.
  6. Sounds like a solid plan and she is a keeper. Especially after 51 years.
  7. T_om, making the transition from a gas grill to Kamado seems to be the toughest road. If you're coming from a Weber kettle or some such, the transition is less painful. When I got my first Kamado, my first thought was, "I can't live long enough to get good use outa this very expensive Weber wanna be kettle" At 68 I'd gone thru 4 kettles. Now.......purchased my last grill.
  8. Stock Kamado dome thermometers are notoriously unreliable and fragile. Tru-Tel is the one most recommended for replacement. Never replaced one myself but someday I will probably have to.
  9. This site is by far the busiest and most informative one I've experienced. Thanks John
  10. Might want to either put them in the oven or yer Joe at a very low temp to dry them out before you use them for anything really hot.
  11. Wow!! Not sure I would deserve that kind of effort. I'm only man, not a god.
  12. I have a JR and a BJ, 98% of my cooks are on the JR since it's just the two of us. But when I need the extra real estate, I'm glad I opted for the big one for the other 2% of the time. And it makes the best pizza I'm capable of.
  13. Good grief Tom, off loading a XL is for the youth of today. Not sure if in my youth I woulda tempted it alone. But in all honesty, that's why I've got the problems I have today because of lifting more than the body should.
  14. Reminds me of that Crocodile Dundee movie. "That's not a shrimp, this is a shrimp"
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