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  1. The current crop of millennials and "socialites" wanting everything "free" and handed to them on a platter, don't understand where the money comes from to make them free. All of the "public institutions" you mention are paid for with tax dollars. Again they want to do away with the police dept, military, Donald Trump and anyone else they think will get in their way of all the "free" stuff. Lest we forget, Hitler started out with a socialist platform.
  2. That does seem to be an excessive amount of salt. I use a shaker for both S&P and I do apply an ample amount of both, but I'm sure no where near a 1/2C of salt. And I like salt but........
  3. Was lamenting to SWMBO one fine afternoon about just sort of a predicament with tangled cables. She had just completed a bunch of Xmas wrapping and said "how about these bow tubes". Probably wouldn't work in a pouch but I was storing them in a RubberMaid container and they worked great. Got a rubber band around them to keep them tight. Works great for me.
  4. Something like this, with a little pizazz.Only with a little bit better graphics than what I'm capable of. It is after all, all about the flames.
  5. I think there should be some kind of flames around the name in really bright flame colors.
  6. I've never seen a weber kettle grill with a ceramic firepot, but then again, I don't get out much anymore.
  7. Nope, should be able to maintain 225-250 all day long. Keep the lid closed, you're letting in fresh air and causing your fire to spike. Keep your bottom vent about 1/2" and the top barely cracked to maintain the temp. Takes patience and practice, lots of practice. Good luck
  8. How's yer toilet paper supply? Ours is finally showing signs of coming back in abundance. I'm sure when the virus scare is over, things will pick up all along the line including CS throughout the industries. Patience is a virtue I have not mastered yet either.
  9. I've actually met people that didn't care for chocolate. To each his own. We do anywhere from 3-5 turkeys a year, not counting Thanksgiving. We Love it.
  10. I run my temp cables through the gasket whenever I use it. The mesh is quite forgiving until it no longer stays connected to the body I guess.
  11. Perhaps it was built on a Friday? If the pin is hitting on the shelf, maybe shaving a wee bit off the shelf bracket would allow it to go by?
  12. You really should go to the Kamado Joe web sight and look at the different configurations available for the interior layout of said defector stone/divide and conquer/low and slow/high heat w/deflector. If you have the deflector plate too low, you will never get the hi-heat for pizza.
  13. If you kept an eye on your internal temp, see no reason why it would turn out "well cooked". Pull it at 125-135 for med. Or earlier for med rare. I prefer steaks, but cooking 17 steaks and getting them cooked to each individual's preference could be a bit challenging. Good luck and Bon Appetite.
  14. Depends on if you install it in the lower or upper position. In the low position you're not gonna get it too high, (low is for low and slow). In the upper position, (pizza) it's possible to go nuclear if you're not careful. Especially with a full load of lump. PS Nuclear is BAD by the way. Bad for gaskets, bad for the ceramics. But you will have really clean grates and interior.
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