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  1. I've never cooked on a gasser and have for 40+ years all I had was Weber kettles. They are good for about 10 years then start to burn out the bottom vents and things go to pot from there. KJ's if handled carefully, will outlast you and your children.
  2. We've used chuck for most everything nowadays. Anything that round steak used to be used for we use chuck now. Way more flavor and round steak has fallen out of favor. Turns out so tender when cooked right. Yours looks delicious.
  3. I would venture a guess that with all the transitions going on and training that the place is a cluster#@$%.??
  4. Don't know about Neapolitan pizza, cause I just cook pizza. I have the top vent open about half way after it reaches 500+ and shine my very good flashlight beam down the top and watch the cheese brown. Never have to open the dome until I have just the right color. Never have an occasion to cook 8-10 pizzas at a time. Don't know that many people I'm that fond of.
  5. Definitely the KJ and a pellet grill are the best of both worlds. I've got a Daniel Boone GMG.
  6. There's a boat load of people on here from the Great White North that should be able to give you the do's and don't's about cold adaptation. Good luck.
  7. About the only advantage I can see is.............nah never mind, stick with my KJ"s
  8. Every time you post a plated meal the way you do, I was thinking you were already a chef of some sorts. Quite the artist.
  9. And here I thought it was my crappy service where I live.
  10. If needing a handle to lift it out, and the hooks were in the way of the deflectors, The simple solution would be to bend the hooks inwards and use them as handles. At least that would be my plan when my KAB finally burns out and has to be replaced.
  11. Inslee will take it before that dip#### gets around to it.
  12. Nice buddy. Mine just gives me a hard time.
  13. First one I ever saw upclose and personal was a BGE probably mid 80's. I was going to replace my 2nd Weber with my 3rd Weber. I looked at the BGE and thought what a chintzy way to have to remove the ash, when Weber had such handy dandy little handle to just sweep it out the bottom. Not realizing at that point in time the amount of ash produced by the Kamado vs Weber. However, I did not care for the color or the price point of the BGE. So I went through another 2 Webers before biting the bullet and getting a couple of KJ's. Now, I realize the ash removal tool is the best thing since sliced bread.
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