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  1. I do the same except I leave it in larger chunks to freeze, then slice it after it is reheated.
  2. Right. The assembly guys in the big box stores only work there because they flunked the drug test at McDonalds.
  3. Either a 2 tier setup or keep the finished ones in some kind of vessel to keep them warm waiting for the other ones to finish?
  4. I was at one Monday and the III was not there.
  5. With this kind of luck, I'd check the grill upon delivery for damage before you let the truck leave. I pulled both of the tops off my crates at the store before the guy left with the fork lift just to inspect even though there was no obvious damage to the outside.
  6. Not sure if this qualifies me as a BBQ snob but, I do consider me a charcoal lump snob. Not brand specific type snob just anti-gasser type.
  7. Au contraire Mon frère, been wet shaving for what seems like a millennium and I've tried many soaps and creams. Now I've settled on one and only have one in my arsenal. Can't imagine switching to different varieties. Haven't settled on only one lump, although I lean to KJ when the road show comes close.
  8. Yep, with the charcoal basket the cast-iron grate is not needed
  9. Mmmmmm, pepperoni, my favorite. Looks perfect.
  10. My Jr also has the daisy wheel and it moved. I put a split lock washer under the screw that controls the daisy and it stays In place now with the right amount of tension on the screw.
  11. I have to keep a heated feeder for the Annas that hang around for the winter here, so I feed the little beggers year around.
  12. Cash and Carry (now smart foodservice) has St. Louis Ribs for $1.99#. Not bad price.
  13. Nice, I can see that this isn't your first review rodeo. Very informative. Thanks John.
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