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    I've got a complete set of shelves HDPE for my Big Joe that are virtually brand new and covered in dust in the garage. Yours for the shipping costs.
  2. When you can't find TP at the store.
  3. I have a favorite gyro place in town and plan to go there once the panic and business closures stop.
  4. That's the plan Stan. Not a non-believer, it's some serious%$#@ but I'm avoiding anything and everybody I can at this point. And IMHO the whole thing is perpetrated by some people that want the economy to tank.
  5. There's also a reason they call it "practicing medicine".
  6. On a more uplifting and non-political post, I found a taker and sold my scroll saw to someone off Craigslist and she said she already had enough TP so now I know I have plenty of it to see me through the tough times.
  7. Exactly, the power of the pen. Totally irresponsible.
  8. I would like to think we're prepared for most disasters already. I sure didn't run out and buy out the stores of TP. I figure my wife and I could survive about a month with what we got on hand. We live not in a wilderness area but semi hi up in the Cascades where it's 1/2 hour to town. Lots of cougar, bear, deer (venison) and coyotes. Generator, kamados, smoker, gas burner and lots of ammo.
  9. I've been trying to sell a scroll saw for sometime now and no one wants one of the top end ones I guess. They'd rather buy one from Harbor Freight maybe. Anyway, I put an ad in the local digital rag offering 2 rolls of TP for $300 with a free scroll saw. Got lots of emoji's but so far no takers.
  10. Staring 47 in the face this summer. Congratulations on what is a not too common of an occurrence in this day and age. I quit goin out for steak years ago and concentrated on things I can't do better at home. Italian an Mexican comes to mind without too much thinking involved. Black Angus is our go to for fancy outings because they have a pork steak I can't duplicate at home.
  11. It's possible with that much meat and that much temperature drop, you may have jabbed the dome probe right into the meat. I've done it and had to adjust the meat further from the probe. What size Kamado are we talking and how much is 6kg in lbs? Sorry, I'm metric ignorant.
  12. I got one of those, got it from Harbor Freight. Use it to burn weeds and start burn piles. Little overkill for an Akron
  13. If they're all intact, and go for a reasonable price, I'd probably do it. They look worthy.
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