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  1. Thanks, ordered the truck in July and took possession in December. Long 5 months.
  2. Been eyeballing one of these for quite some time now. Got us some RVing equipment and couldn't fathom lugging the JR around the country knowing how fragile and heavy they are. It's a beast but so far I really like it and just trying to get it settled in. Just ordered a KAB for it because I really like how they work in my Kamado's.
  3. I checked out the Kamado Joe FB page once. That was enough for me. Way too much testosterone floating around and moderators just turn a blind eye. I'm not a priest or a preacher and I worked for a major national RR, grew up next to a naval base and knew plenty of sailors, hence, I know how to string some words together like a champion but, some things just don't belong on a public forum. So, yes thank you moderators and owners for keeping this a clean site.
  4. I've been grilling roughly since 1973 when I got married. Got me a Weber kettle because of all the good things I'd heard of about them. They don't rust. They rot out from excessive heat and the acidic acid in the ash from charcoal and lump eat the aluminum parts. I went through 1 every 10 years for a total of 4 before I went ceramic. Loved my webers but love my Joes more.
  5. Maybe you should have.
  6. Just got an email from Thermoworks and they are having. sale on their probes right now.
  7. Has no one ever heard of "neck bones and gravy"? Thought it was a southern delicacy. Or perhaps a "redneck"delicacy.
  8. If your charcoal is dry and of good quality, fill the basket to the brim, light it in several places. Go in the house and set the timer for 10 mins. Go back out and DO NOT leave it unattended for the next 15 minutes or you will have a fire going nuclear on you and likely to damage something in the process. Guess how I know this. Fuel+air+ignition=great fire with due diligence. If you're goin for low and slow, not so much fuel and light in one place. Same process as before 10 min....etc. Good luck.
  9. Wow, that video. Nice presentation, but by the time he carved the second half, the first serving would be stone cold.
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