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  1. Kontrol Tower-vent top paint issues corrected?

    Isn't Arizona where all the snow birders go so they can have good weather and garden and grill through the winter?
  2. Kamado Joe @ Costco

    Sammers510, I'm sure you're the one I was having the messaging conversation with from the roadshow. My experience at Costco the day I went down and got my lump and BJJ went something like this. I called Carl and he said his trucks still hadn't come in yet and he did call me back when it did come . He told me that he had gotten 5 rotisseries in and already 3 of them had sold. I asked him if he could take my credit card # and hold one of them for me since I was 1 1/2 hours away and was leaving as soon as I got off the phone. He said he couldn't do that. So we left within 3 mins of his phone call, we got there and there was no rep, so I loaded up the last BJJ on display and some lump. We hung around for about 20 mins because I really wanted to talk to him. He finally showed. He told me he had taken the first 3 BJJ's and put them away for his friends back in California. Kosher? He mostly talked about wanting to get out of our miserable weather and get back to the sunshine. He was pleasant enough but apparently a little under handed with his dealings if he sold the "roadshow deal" over the phone but couldn't hold a BJJ for me. I guess it's who you know??? Regardless on how bad a day he was having, he is after all a representative of the company and should act accordingly. CALL KAMADO JOE AND COMPLAIN LIKE HELL!!!!
  3. I would think any kind of weight on the handle would suffice. At least that's mid plan when I get mine spinning.
  4. Question about beef ribs

    Are they sorta like country style pork ribs? Or same idea.
  5. Lid problems on the Big Joe

    Does anyone know if the bands have pins that fit in holes In the ceramics?
  6. Oregon Here

    Welcome to Oregon, good thing you do your own BBQ because if you're in the Portland/Vancouver area, it's expensive and sucks if you want to go out and get some.
  7. Steak question...

    Set up your divide and conquer with a deflector under the grate set up high, set up your other grate down low. Reverse cook them on the high grate for a bit then, throw them on the low grate close to the fire for a sear. Depending on how you like your steaks, and how thick they are, you might want to skip the reverse and just sear them down low. Reverse searing works best on thick 1 1/2 to 2" steaks. But that's just me.
  8. The random pictures thread...

    Only in Seattle would you see Batman goin down I-5 on a motorcycle.
  9. This bad boy arrived today...best way to unload?

    If you had a tractor with a front end loader, I could give you some tips on how I did it.
  10. Big Joe transportation size/Costco Roadshow

    Most SUV's come with a stinger receptacle, rent an open trailer from U-Haul at home or Montgomery and haul it home if it won't fit in the back.
  11. Team Red v Team Green

    I have seen several discussions on that FB page that got a tad unruly. One in particular comes to mind about a poor unfortunate female in Wyoming that just couldn't bring herself to go out in blizzard like conditions and start her Kamado. She was basically attacked by several of the members and was told over and over and over that "if you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen". only in the reverse conditions. I finally put a comment that perhaps they could back down and give her some breathing room and give their manly testosterone a break and that shut them down. It was getting rather brutal.
  12. Team Red v Team Green

    When I saw the thread title, I thought it was about "The Red Green Show". of which I'm a big fan.
  13. Wing night

    Spicy mayo? Do tell all please.
  14. Image file type

    You're in Wyoming, yer phones probably just froze up.
  15. Digital thermometer choices

    That's a loaded question, everybody's got their favorites. I went through several cheap thermometers over the years and about a year ago, I bit the bullet and got a Thermoworks Smoke and added the Gateway about 3 months ago because while a little bit on the lazy side, it was more about not wanting to get my fat *** out of the recliner to check pit temp and meat temp every 20-30 minutes. I've been very pleased with it since then. Had issues at first with connecting the wifi but when I got instrument location figured out it was all good. Good Luck