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  1. Inaugural cook for BJ

    Finally got the BJ broke in. We cook lots of turkeys during the year, not just at Thanksgiving or Christmas. My wifes favorite snack is turkey sandwich with soft white bread. Also got to use my Gateway for my Smoke. I've got a lot of walls between my wifi and my BBQ shack. Took some experimental moving of the Gateway and the wifi to get a good reading. In the end it all worked out and I really like it. And the BJ held 350 amazingly well. After the turkey was put in, the smoke took a dive and stayed about 15 degrees cooler than the dome thermometer until the turkey started getting warmer.
  2. Hawk visitors

    We live "out in the woods" also and have a menagerie of critters come through on a daily basis. I try and keep the jays and crows well fed so they keep the hawks and eagles away from my chickens. They don't do much for keeping coyotes away from them though. I've seen red tails, bald eagles and lots of turkey vultures flying around frequently. The rabbits keep everything busy trying to catch some dinner. There's always reports about bobcats, cougars and bear around but I've not been fortunate enough to see any of those.
  3. Did I do something wrong?

    I cooked some tuna directly on the grate couple of nights ago. Don't believe I'll do it again though, SWMBO didn't care for it and I had to cook it a little extra for her. First time tuna. Think I'll stick to steaks and burgers etc.
  4. Fitment of joetisserie on big Joe

    Same here, and I'm surprised with the fit and finish of the Kamado itself, that it lacks the same quality. I'm going to get one and not worry about the motor too much. I've got a small motor with a gear reduction that is very herky and I will adapt it when the motor goes south on me.
  5. Fitment of joetisserie on big Joe

    For the price they're asking for the Joetisserie I would think it should sit more evenly on the gasket. Just catching the inside edge isn't good in my opinion. But I'm new at this game.
  6. Gas Smokers - I have no clue! Lots of questions!

    Started out with a little chief smoker many years ago, when it finally went belly up, I graduated to a vertical gas smoker and my biggest complaint, (among others mentioned above) to get low and slow heat, the chips would not smoke. In order for the chips to smoke, I'd have to turn the heat up and that sorta negated the low and slow. But, it was a cheap version and I wasn't out much when I finally got rid of it. In all honesty, my little chief smoker did a better job.
  7. Kamado Jr how to booklet

    Good question, have you looked under the lid like mentioned? Mine came with a manual and I can only hope the registration went ok without any hitches. Guess I will find out if I ever have a claim.
  8. It's a beast!

    Table is definitely in the plans for next spring. Woulda started on it before now but I needed the height measurements of both grills b4 construction commenced.
  9. Joe's at Lowe's

    When I got my KJ's Friday, the store manager at Ace was telling me that he was coming under pressure from his superiors and BGE to start stocking BGEs. He wasn't exactly on board with the idea. BGE wants x number of wall footage for display and he said he just didn't have the room. I do wish there were more dealers available that stocked Joes and accessories. With the innovations that KJ has implemented for 2017 it's hard to believe that Lowes and some of the other big stores don't carry them.
  10. It's a beast!

    Got the BJ moved out to the BBQ shack today. When I poured that slab I did it under this beautiful maple tree to provide shade for me and my Weber. Then I got a pellet pooper. Then I got tired of the rain interfering with my grilling so I built a roof. Then I got a 2 burner stove to put in there. Then SWMBO got me a barrel and sink last year for my birthday in kit form that I had to assemble. Then I moved the BJ in and now it's official..................I poured too small of a slab!! I'm afraid somethings got to go to make room for my big fat ###. I got a lot of stuff to move out next spring when I put the tile on the back wall. Then, it will be finished.
  11. They've arrived BJ and JR

    So far I've only used the JR and the top vent is a little different to use. If you want hi-heat ya gotta open the whole top vent to achieve it. The daisy wheel doesn't let enough air through. That was a quick learned lesson. Both thermometers needed a slight tweaking to get them dead accurate at 212 degrees. Would really like to get started on the table to house both of them now but, I'm going to be out of commission in about 10 days for surgery and I don't work fast enough in order to finish it b4 the deadline. Next spring.
  12. They've arrived BJ and JR

    My problems arose before needing a trip to the bathroom. Those Fatalii's started burning my hands a few minutes after I finishing skinning them. My wife was not sympathetic to my cause in the least. Next time I'll use gloves for sure. I was smart enough to keep my hands away from my eyes though. Lesson learned..............I hope.
  13. Purchase advice

    What a coincidence! I just went through the same scenario. Heard the stories about the roadshows and one was happening about an hour away in mid December. Then Ace hardware put them on sale cheaper than the roadshow prices (unless you get the demo deal) I vacillated for a couple of days because I wanted to score "the display" price. Just picked up my KJ's yesterday. I'm thinking I saved myself 3 months anguish over something I may have not had any control over in Dec.
  14. My KJ's arrived today. Fought the insanely evil traffic to retrieve them in Portland. Got the JR temporarily sitting on an antique Coleman camping table in the BBQ shack. The BJ will wait until I have a little help with lifting it into the stand. Unusual inaugural cook on the JR tonight, peppers!! Got me some jalapenos, habaneros and some fitaliis roasting on what was probably too soon of a fire, (learning curve) The jalapenos were from my buddy and the rest are from my garden. Charred the skin then steamed them to remove the skin. Think I should have used some rubber gloves. Now for some salsa.
  15. Gassers

    Nope, Washington. You know, the one without DC on the end. And I got a call today, THEY'RE IN AND I'M PICKING THEM UP TOMORROW!!!!! I'm stoked.