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  1. I did couple of spares this last Sunday for some guests that were stopping by. Mine went a bit past bite off the bone, which I prefer. Still good but yours look better.
  2. Welcome to the forum. The Big Joe is 24 inches. BJ and the classic are different sizes. Think the Classic is 18 grid. Then you get into the original and the II and the III. . Which one you get depends on how much space you need. Original have had hinge issues so they went to the easy lift hinge on the II & III. Same with the Classic. Big Joe III has the easy lift hinge and comes with the sloroller. Lots get the Classic and works quite nicely for them, especially with an aux. grate inside. Search the forum and you'll find lots of opinions on the usage and different requirements you will need for Classic and/or the Big Joe.
  3. I commented on this post back in 2017 when I was looking at getting a KJ. Made me a little nervous shelling out what in my world was, "massive amounts of money for a grill." I've read a lotta posts over the years about, "can't get the fire going", "can't keep my fire goin", can't keep a low and slow fire goin". "my fire ring warped", "I shouldn't have to use a brick to hold down my fire ring to put it back", "my gasket come loose" It's like the whole world can't even build a fire anymore and or expect someone else to take care of everything that goes wrong in their little world and have lost the ability to fend for themselves. Perhaps we should get the Feds involved in this? That oughta fix everything. I use my KJ's on the average of 4-5 nights a week and yes I've had issues, but I fixed them myself. Maybe I'm just gettin to old to listen this horse$#!% anymore. Rant over, let the fireworks begin.
  4. Check for a KJ road show at Costco in your area.https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwjJvsjK26jqAhVYCTQIHWgECXwQFjAAegQICBAB&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.costco.com%2Fkamado-joe-schedule.html&usg=AOvVaw17fuvQYvA_R3PDJzadm98E
  5. Welcome to the world of Kamado. Like Jeffie said, it's easy to go nuclear if left unattended. My best pizza is produced at about 550-575. That's something that shouldn't affect yer ceramics at all. Good luck.
  6. If I'd been born talented instead of so darn good lookin, I could paint like that too.
  7. Sorry, copied the wrong link. This one says what I was looking for.https://www.amazon.com/Sprayer-Plastic-Spray-Bottle-Pressurized/dp/B07SSJJGKF/ref=pd_di_sccai_1/143-3524946-8444249?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B07SSJJGKF&pd_rd_r=75e2bf1b-e163-4be8-89a0-d486d2b65833&pd_rd_w=H394S&pd_rd_wg=U5Zzy&pf_rd_p=5415687b-2c9d-46da-88a4-bbcfe8e07f3c&pf_rd_r=P0ZXTGBMJ6MV6HN3REMY&psc=1&refRID=P0ZXTGBMJ6MV6HN3REMY
  8. This one says it's food safe. Bit pricy but it's definitely high end.https://www.amazon.com/Agri-Pro-Enterprises-Iowa-751374834011/dp/B003IL6CSM/ref=sr_1_31?crid=DJ921PO72X66&dchild=1&keywords=food+safe+spray+bottle+for+grilling&qid=1592884412&sprefix=food+safe+spray%2Caps%2C403&sr=8-31
  9. KJ JR is great, I do about 98% of my cooks on it.
  10. Nice. Carriage bolts are going to leave a slight hump in the floor. Might consider plow bolts for a flush fit?
  11. If you're concerned about embers, you could get a bbq mat to put under it. Put a little bit of sand in the mat then put yer cooker init.??
  12. Google Ceramic Grill Store. Get a KAB. Well worth their money. Least ways, that's my thoughts.
  13. When I open a new bag of charcoal, I screen it and separate it into large, which goes in bucket for the BJ. Then the medium/smaller pieces go into a bucket for the JR. If it goes through the 1/2" screen it's garbage. Then if it burns out and goes through the KAB, it's garbage. It's a system that works for me but probably wouldn't work for everyone.
  14. Unfortunately, gunk is a by-product of charcoal cooking. I have the old style "daisy wheel" for both of my cookers and it happens there too. I just scrape out the gunk occasionally and forge ahead. When it gets really bad, I remove the name plate and throw it in the fire for about an hour at 500 degrees then scrape it off and in the dishwasher it goes. Wipe it down and paint it again with hi-temp paint and it looks like brand new. Good luck
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