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  1. Try the Ceramic Grill Store. Tell them what size you need and they might be able to hook you up with something.
  2. First thing they'd be offended by is not enough parking spaces. And second, why aren't their spaces in front of the handicapped.
  3. Having never had a gasser, I'd probably hurt myself kicking the vacant space to the curb.
  4. Those thermal paper roll receipt was my first thought also. Need to find mine and see what it is. If it is that crap, and still legible, must get photo copy.
  5. The outside edge of the JT JUST fits on the inside edge of the gasket. If it were a silly mm smaller, it would probably fall in the fire.
  6. Mine fits the same. If you're really carful, you can get it to sit pretty good on the gasket. It probably made for the I but it still works on the II. Someday they might redo the ring to fit the II better but in the mean time, their market targets way more than the II. Do the math, there's so many more aupex kamados out there that it does fit. Good luck
  7. I've only had to replace one in a battery charger before. Quite simple really.
  8. Looks somewhat similar to mine, I use it mainly for jerky. Although I have used it for chicken with teriyaki sauce..
  9. Have you discarded the bones and the fat? If not, retie bones back on. If all else fails, let me know and I'll come get it and cook it. I have twine.LRJ responded before I could hit enter.
  10. Another thing to consider is "accessories". What fits what brand. If you're real handy, you can build your own accessories to fit whatever you buy. If not real handy, you'll be second guessing yourself as to fitment of said accessories. Good luck with whatever you buy.
  11. I've been carrying my wallet in my front pocket for about 30 years now. Not from back issues but purely for convenience and was tired of sitting on it all the time. Wife finally got me a new one about 6 years ago shaped like a front pocket but also RFID protected. Rogue.
  12. When you're not cooking, do you leave the vents cracked after the fire dies? I don't cook as often as I would like to but I've so far never had issues with mold and I live in the PNW. Very wet winters.
  13. I heard it was "Eve had her Apple and Adam had his Wang.
  14. Welcome Matti, you will enjoy the mini I'm sure. I use my Jr way more than I use the big one. Italy, my wife's favorite place on earth.
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