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  1. If yer young and have 2 good shoulders, I'd go with the I for the price difference. The control tower is a wash for me. My Kamado's sit under a roof so no rain issues. In fact, my BJII came with the control tower that I ****canned it and I bought one of the older model from an older Kamado and I love it. The gasket is a non-starter also, I don't believe you can just rip the older felt gasket off and put one of the new fiberglass gaskets on it. Puts too much bulk in the gap that was designed for a felt gasket.
  2. Is this one of those scenarios that mean "men don't really need instructions"?
  3. Regardless of how much counter space you allow for.....it ain't gonna be enough.This is me after construction was finished.
  4. Yes, take it apart and clean the gunk out. Natural occurrence.
  5. We got our second shot Friday morning, little sore that evening, nothing bad. About 1am Saturday I woke up shaking like a leaf. Our bedroom is cool, very cool but not cold enough to cause that. Lasted 45 min. and had the electric blanket on 8! Next day I felt like I was recovering from the flu. Sunday, back to normal. Wife only had a sore arm.
  6. Once you get it to the temperature you want, don't mess with the vents, you'll wind up chasing the temps all day long.
  7. I'd take it back to Costco and reorder again. Somebody dropped the ball somewhere.
  8. Welcome from the USA. Love my Jr. It gets about 99% of the usage at my house.
  9. I'm far from an expert at anything. Believe I might be considered a Jack of all trades and a master of none. I would think with all things being equal, (thickness of ceramics) you wouldn't be able to tell much difference in flavor or heat retention. They are after all, ceramic and it takes lots of heat to bring them all up to the desired temperature and depending on leaks, all should dissipate the heat equally. Regarding flavor, it would take someone with a very discerning palate to tell the flavor profile difference from a weber kettle from K_Mart or a Kamodo Kamado.(have you googled that
  10. They all look like decent grills. Without being able to read Spanish, it's difficult to tell one virtue from the other, (availability of accessories, what comes w/grill, warranty. Warranty being one of the biggest factors IMHO. Good luck.
  11. That must have been built on a Friday with some poor quality control techs working to allow that to leave the plant.
  12. Was at Costco last week and saw a red one. It has an air hinge like the KJ but instead of a latch like the KJ, it has magnets to hold the lid down. Am wondering if the magnetic latch is available as an order item because I found it more to my liking than the one on my BJ, and it looks like, (without measuring) it would be just a swap out.
  13. Depends on how well the human is equipped.
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