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  1. Digital calipers are the only way to go, especially if you have trouble converting to the metric system. Just a push of the button.
  2. Well, here goes. Everything tapers so you have to take this with the grain of the salt. (American Expression). Inside of Cap= widest 112.34mm. As far as I could reach into cap 1/2 way= 109.24mm. Top of chimney with felt = 107.28mm. Bottom of chimney with felt=109.80mm. Hope this helps
  3. Not sure I should comment on this since I have about a 250 batting average on briskets myself. Have you verified your thermometers? 8 hours seems a long time to cook a flat at those temperatures. I've ever done a flat before so that alone should disqualify my opinion.
  4. And check the accuracy of the thermometer you're using.
  5. Since I use the Jr for about 99% of my cooks, I store extra racks in the BJ and my pellet pooper. Then all other accessories go into plastic tubs with lids.
  6. I've read several hints on here. Put a zip-tie through the hole and around the ring to hold the first segment in place, then consecutively work your way around the circle, putting zip ties as you go. There will be some gaps between the petals so you have to even them out. And yes you can use the KAB in the new insert. Wish I could find somebody to take my cast iron bottom grate. Good luck and I'm sure they wouldn't survive a toss across the back yard.
  7. Even though my Jr does about 99% of my cooking, and it's only the two of us now, the Jr isn't large enough to do pizza's even for 2. I use the BJ for that. I can get it further up In the dome and it's a piece of cake to watch the cheese brown from the top vent. And it smells just like burnt nose hairs.
  8. I'd file a claim with the carrier.
  9. Parts to facilitate dome/hinge removal.
  10. The Napoleon works great with wings and peppers, are we talking full peanuts or just the actual nut? Definitely with the extender for pizza. Don't think it's necessary for a complete clean out for the basket. JMHO but you know what opinions are worth. Just be sure and shake the basket between cooks to settle the coal and top it off fresh.
  11. Yum, never met an oyster I didn't like.
  12. About 5 years ago one of my neighbors up the road asked me if I wanted some fig and plum trees. So he gave me 5 trees and I planted them. Funniest looking figs ever......look just like your rainier cherries. Now I have 2 of the largest rainier cherry trees that are going to put out a bumper crop this year for the first time. But they won't be on for another 4-5 weeks. Further north and west of Georgia, colder.
  13. I have the KAB that I bought originally for my Pit Boss. It went back to Costco when it cracked and now the KAB resides in my BJ. It is starting to show some warpage. When it gets to the point of no return, I probably will get the KJ for its more "robust"ness.
  14. Every time I see this post, I'm thinking you have a lot of work around your house and will feed the workers if you come.
  15. If you don't use something between the bottom of your Kamado and the concrete, you'll build up a lot of heat and risk a cracked bottom. And that's not the bottom you want a crack in. Cheap insurance for sure.
  16. My pitboss cracked around the bottom vent after a year of use, Costco couldn't replace it because they didn't know when they would get more in. Just got my money back. Good return policy at Costco.
  17. Welcome to the site. Just like a gasser, if you want more heat you add more fuel so you turn the knob to HOT. If you want more heat from a Kamado, you add more fuel (lump). If you put ALL big chunks from the big block, you have too much air gaps between lump pieces. Big block has a mixture of big and small pieces. Use your imagination and inter-mix the pieces to eliminate huge gaps. People will say get a KAB to get the heat. They work and I got one but you don't need it to go nuclear in a JR. Forget life with a gasser and move onwards and upwards.
  18. I guess I'm one of those dull and ignorant ones. At 400 degrees, there won't be much smoke favor, or that has been my experience anyway.
  19. I went through 4 weber kettles in my early adulthood. They lasted about 10 years on average before they either burned the porcelain off (did not affect the function) but it was pretty ugly. Or they rusted/corroded at the bottom vents. Hard to believe the $2000 summit wouldn't rust/corrode out too. I loved my kettles but wanted to expand my horizons a little. Priced a BEG years ago and couldn't justify the cost. Finally got a KJ and have never regretted it.
  20. While growing up I raised several pigs and various other animals. The pigs were definitely raised to eat. My dad decided to make head cheese one time. Now I'm about 14 and the sound alone was enough to make me gag a little. If memory serves me, he cooked that thing for what seemed like days when in reality I'm sure it was just all day. He tried to get me and my brothers to sample it but no dice. The second one he did, he lost the eyeballs during the cooking and even he wouldn't eat it. Good luck with it. I'm sure there is lots of meat there.
  21. Pellet Kamado's are available in Kamado's, but few and far in between. Light weight Kamado's are available also. If I had to pick between carrying pellets or lump, I'd pick lump, it's lighter by far. A Kamado dealer that sells them would probably deliver and set it up for you then all you have to worry about is packing lump to the site.
  22. I also don't care for the store bought sauce, too sweet usually. This is what my wife makes and it floats my boat. 7 oz can tomato sauce 1/8 C water 1/2 t sugar 1/4 t dried oragano 1/8 t basil 1/8 t garlic pwd 1/8 t salt pinch black pepper 1/2 bay leaf 1/4 t Italian seasoning Combine in sauce pan on low heat till it thickens. t=teaspoon
  23. If your vents are wide open, and you have sufficient amounts of small and large lump pieces you should be able to go nuclear in about 30-40 minutes. Fill that beast up. I find the key is fewer gaps in your lump without suffocating the air with NO gaps. But then that's just MHO. Others may disagree. I've only been using lump for the last 20 years.
  24. I guess I'm a light weight in the various lump I've used. My list from least favorite to favorite: Cowboy RO KJ Big Block. Currently stocked up on KJ from the road show couple of weeks ago. And I try to hit them up every time they come to town.
  25. Don't have a classic but I have 1 on each side of it. The only issue I've had is the daisy wheel on the Jr getting gunked up. Take it apart and scrape it about every 3-4 months and works like new. Use the Jr on average 3-4 times a week year around. These things burn carbon fuel, not as clean as a gasser but way better tasting food comes from using lump in my opinion. Disclaimer: your experience and opinion may differ.
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