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  1. I've done this a couple of times. Wound up with too many peppers so I seared them on the JR, steamed them in a bag until the skin peeled off, then into the dehydrator for I can't remember how long until I had sufficiently dried them, put them through the blender until I had dust. I've given 1/2 of it away to relatives and friends and still have some from 3 years ago. The peppers I used were Fatalli and they are really hot. Hence the reason I've still got some left after 3 years.
  2. I have the BJ and a JR, I like it this way, you can cook easily for 3-4 people on the JR.
  3. Honestly, it's a bit large for tailgating and or camping IMHO. Nice looking though.
  4. Tried them that way too, still hate em. However, I've done sweet potatoes for my wife and butternut squash for me with this method and we both agreed, it's a winner. Looks like you did them on a burner. I've done ours inside the JR, no lid on the skillet and it imparted almost wood fired flavor and a sweetness that is hard to describe.
  5. I know of only 1 way, cut the handles off of this. I cut the handles off of a 12 skillet that I had to make it fit. https://www.amazon.com/gp/slredirect/picassoRedirect.html/ref=pa_sp_search_thematic_aps_sr_pg1_4?ie=UTF8&adId=A06019582KHDNBSQZAZ47&url=%2FReversible-Griddle-12-Inch-Handled-Stovetop%2Fdp%2FB0874DJ9CW%2Fref%3Dsxin_11_pa_sp_search_thematic_sspa%3Fcrid%3D1G5QMMXT1XK4H%26cv_ct_cx%3Dcast%2Biron%2Bgriddle%26dchild%3D1%26keywords%3Dcastiron%2Bgriddle%26pd_rd_i%3DB0874DJ9CW%26pd_rd_r%3D0b36b153-2b22-4e3f-80b6-291018c9fe80%26pd_rd_w%3D81kSz%26pd_rd_wg%3DVAVvG%26pf_rd_p%3Dbdaff03e-e2e6-4d0a-96ed-05f1bace8b61%26pf_rd_r%3D0X4HQ6KX3F5WQ9210JEF%26qid%3D1626140891%26sprefix%3Dcastiron%2Bgriddle%2Caps%2C272%26sr%3D1-4-a8004193-6951-43f6-852a-aff7dbba9115-spons%26psc%3D1&qualifier=1626140891&id=3589471860976484&widgetName=sp_search_thematic
  6. If I'd been born talented instead of so darn good looking, I could do that. I am impressed with your untrained painting abilities.
  7. Tillamook extra sharp cheddar is my go to.
  8. Put a spring lock washer under the head of the screw for the damper. You can adjust the tension of it to keep it from flopping. Or turn the whole whole daisy wheel so it's about a 45 from current location. That's what some do anyway. I use the lock washer.
  9. No, it's no good, put it on dry ice and send it to me.
  10. That's the ticket. I check and calibrate mine about once a year. I've heard of them being off about 100 degrees before.
  11. Not only is it normal, it's almost mandatory for a controlled burn. Easy to do.
  12. I took some of these and drilled holes in them for afixing to the dome thermometer probe and ran the auxiliary probe through the top vent and mounted it along the dome probe. Was within 2-3 degrees of dome probe. https://www.amazon.com/Barbeque-Ambient-Thermometer-Temperature-Readings/dp/B08CB44D4L/ref=sr_1_27?dchild=1&keywords=BBQ+thermometer+mounting+bracket&qid=1624753374&sr=8-27
  13. That's one nice thing about being retired, no need for a special weekday cooker. Thank the heavens. But......that's just one of the nice things, among many.
  14. That's what's so great about "MERICA", everybody has an opinion, and everybody's entitled to theirs.
  15. Is that big red H in the field where you land the helicopter?
  16. Malfunctioning thermometer? Had I thought about it I would have worked it to 71 and snapped a picture. And thanks for all the birthday salutations. When anybody says I'm old, I just say "it's great to still be here sucking air with you mere mortals"
  17. Well, today marks my 71st trip around the sun. SWMBO decided my game apparently needed upping. She still loves me.
  18. Unfortunately, I'm in the same boat as Henry and John. Just makes it difficult to coordinate so they both come off the grill close to the same time. But I persevere because I've had her for closing in on 50 years and probably will continue because nobody In their right mind would want me now.
  19. We also use parchment paper under them, about 1/2 way through we slide out and toss. The paper, not the pizza.
  20. https://www.kamadojoe.com/ Follow this link, then keep going through the layers until you get to Technical specs. Hope this helps and welcome aboard.
  21. I did, it serves no purpose except someplace for the ash to stack up. Just shake it out and rake it out the bottom. So easy, even a cave man can do it, or me, same difference.
  22. It's a workhorse for 2 for sure.
  23. Yeh, need to fill it up to the brim + some extra. Combination of little uns and big uns.
  24. Remove the "hard" fat. It's easy to see but don't go down to meat.
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