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  1. Google I believe. Might try Safari.
  2. I got one for the 5th wheel because I figured depending on the JR would lead to nothing but disaster. So far since it's just the 2 of us, the size is pretty good. Wish I used it more than I actually do. Fit and finish is excellent. Controlling temp is not as easy as the ceramics but doable. Bottom line......I like it.C01DAAA0-80ED-420C-A470-BEB8E48CFF3C.heicC01DAAA0-80ED-420C-A470-BEB8E48CFF3C.heicWhy am I unable to upload pictures? Never had problems before.
  3. They work better on hotdogs as opposed to brats. Skin too tough. I would have to use a rubber mallet and then, how long would it last. SWMBO got it for me as maybe a gag gift. She knows I don't eat hotdogs, just brats.
  4. I've been pretty pleased with the PKGO for our 5th wheel too. Very sturdy and almost indestructible.
  5. Sorta depends on how many are eating. When I cook just 1, I always double the thin piece over and tie it so it's at least as thick as the rest of the roast. God eats.
  6. Yes, remove the grate with the basket and it will sit lower. Not sure that will fix your other issues because my basket is not a KJ.
  7. When I got started on country style ribs, (many, many years ago) I cooked them direct on the Weber until done and caramelized with BBQ sauce at the end. Now, on the kamado, I sear them on high until caramelized, then into foil with some Johnny's firecracker sauce on mine and sweet baby Rays on hers and into the oven for 3-3 1/2 hours until fork tender. Sorta like pulled pork but with some moisture. She likes it and that's all that matters.
  8. Would be hard pressed to word it any better. Thanks Jeffieboy. Nice pics also.
  9. A friend posted this on his FB page last week. It's true. They're beautiful dogs. Ran into a couple at the store today and they had an 11 week old pup. He was ex law enforcement and they said it took 18 months to get him. He was aware of the issues pertaining to this breed and he knew what he was doing..... (I hope). Just food for thought. We're going to the movie this coming Tuesday. No plans on getting one of these though because I'm the guy in line 13 Shane Doss February 14 at 9:37 PM · There is a movie coming out on Feb 18 called "Dog". It stars Channing Tatum and a highly trained Belgian Malinois. It's a road trip/buddy movie. People are going to see this film and many will want their own Belgian Malinois. This is not going to end well for this breed. A highly trained Malinois is a work of art. So is Michelangelo's statue of David but I don't necessarily want it in my living room. This breed can be amazing in the right hands but they require a lot of everything. If you are considering getting a Malinois, please, first go meet some Malinois of all ages at your local rescue. Be honest with yourself about the amount of time that you have to dedicate to training one of these dogs. Not the person that you want to be but the person that you are right now. Sitting on your ### and reading this post. If you are still determined to get one. You can stem the inevitable tidal wave of Malinois that will be surrendered to the shelters by sourcing your dog in one of 3 places: Your local shelter A local Malinois rescue A real, ethical breeder (researching one is hard work but an ethical breeder will prove their dogs and require that you return the dog to them if you can't keep it) DO NOT get a Malinois from the guy down the street. Don't help backyard breeders line their pockets. Pure bred doesn't equal good breeding. If you see the popularity of these dogs sky rocket and think you can make a quick buck by breeding some. May all of your financial ventures fail one after another. From the bottom of my heart, I love this breed. I know what's coming and so do the shelters and rescues. TO ANYONE READING THIS THAT WANT TO FRIEND ME ON Facebook GO TO MY GROUP CANINE ENCOUNTERS AND HIT THE JOIN BUTTON. BECAUSE FACEBOOK ONLY Allows 5000 FRIENDS ON A PERSONAL PAGE AND IM MAXED OUT UNFORTUNATELY.
  10. The shadows make it look like there is a buzzard waiting on the other roof for you to come out and take a nap.
  11. I'm still amazed at how frugal the JR is on charcoal. Also at how fast it comes up to temperature. My JR gets about 95% of the usage compared to the BJ.
  12. Thanks, ordered the truck in July and took possession in December. Long 5 months.
  13. Been eyeballing one of these for quite some time now. Got us some RVing equipment and couldn't fathom lugging the JR around the country knowing how fragile and heavy they are. It's a beast but so far I really like it and just trying to get it settled in. Just ordered a KAB for it because I really like how they work in my Kamado's.
  14. I checked out the Kamado Joe FB page once. That was enough for me. Way too much testosterone floating around and moderators just turn a blind eye. I'm not a priest or a preacher and I worked for a major national RR, grew up next to a naval base and knew plenty of sailors, hence, I know how to string some words together like a champion but, some things just don't belong on a public forum. So, yes thank you moderators and owners for keeping this a clean site.
  15. I've been grilling roughly since 1973 when I got married. Got me a Weber kettle because of all the good things I'd heard of about them. They don't rust. They rot out from excessive heat and the acidic acid in the ash from charcoal and lump eat the aluminum parts. I went through 1 every 10 years for a total of 4 before I went ceramic. Loved my webers but love my Joes more.
  16. Maybe you should have.
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