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  1. I've done this a couple of times.  Wound up with too many peppers so I seared them on the JR, steamed them in a bag until the skin peeled off, then into the dehydrator for I can't remember how long until I had sufficiently dried them, put them through the blender until I had dust.  I've given 1/2 of it away to relatives and friends and still have some from 3 years ago.  The peppers I used were Fatalli and they are really hot.  Hence the reason I've still got some left after 3 years.

  2. Tried them that way too, still hate em.  However, I've done sweet potatoes for my wife and butternut squash for me with this method and we both agreed, it's a winner.  Looks like you did them on a burner.  I've done ours inside the JR, no lid on the skillet and it imparted almost wood fired flavor and a sweetness that is hard to describe.  

  3. Put a spring lock washer under the head of the screw for the damper.  You can adjust the tension of it to keep it from flopping.  Or turn the whole whole daisy wheel so it's about a 45 from current location.  That's what some do anyway.  I use the lock washer.

  4. 2 hours ago, len440 said:

    Happy Birthday  Burgermeiste. Got one in a few weeks I have a few more trips around . Why is the thermometer reading 73 and and not 71? Happy birthday and many more.


    Malfunctioning thermometer?  Had I thought about it I would have worked it to 71 and snapped a picture.    And thanks for all the birthday salutations. 


    1 hour ago, daninpd said:

    Yeah, so there!  All that teasing about getting old may be true.  Unless you had it set for me.  That was probably it....  Happy Birthday.


    When anybody says I'm old, I just say "it's great to still be here sucking air with you mere mortals":-D

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