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  1. Unfortunately, I'm in the same boat as Henry and John. Just makes it difficult to coordinate so they both come off the grill close to the same time. But I persevere because I've had her for closing in on 50 years and probably will continue because nobody In their right mind would want me now.
  2. We also use parchment paper under them, about 1/2 way through we slide out and toss. The paper, not the pizza.
  3. https://www.kamadojoe.com/ Follow this link, then keep going through the layers until you get to Technical specs. Hope this helps and welcome aboard.
  4. I did, it serves no purpose except someplace for the ash to stack up. Just shake it out and rake it out the bottom. So easy, even a cave man can do it, or me, same difference.
  5. It's a workhorse for 2 for sure.
  6. Yeh, need to fill it up to the brim + some extra. Combination of little uns and big uns.
  7. Remove the "hard" fat. It's easy to see but don't go down to meat.
  8. More charcoal. Both mine will go nuclear on me if I'm not paying attention.
  9. But if they're cooked on a cast-iron or soapstone or frying pan, none of the fat drips on the charcoal and you don't get the flavor from the juices dripping on charcoal. Same with cooking a steak on cast-iron, you get more even caramelization but still don't get the flavor from fat dripping on charcoal. But you know what they say about opinions.
  10. For years I lit my Weber kettles with my propane torch like that. Then my last Weber kettle that burnt out on me had a propane igniter built in, so I removed it and made a bracket that would slide into the bottom vent and sit right under the charcoal basket of both Joe's. 60 seconds, remove and set the vents and wait for the desired temp. I like to repurpose things if possible.
  11. As a general rule, yes. Both mine from Ace had all the necessary equipment to get started, including heat deflectors.
  12. If you're talking about the dome thermometer, you should verify it's accuracy first thing before you trust it. Easy to test and adjust on a KJ.
  13. Wonder how much of that is caused by stock people that don't give a $#!# about how they handle it when moving it around.
  14. If it's just a skosh off, you could move the bottom latch to the right and the lid latch to the left. If it's more than a skosh, that probably won't be enough.
  15. That's exactly how I got my BJ outa my trailer and out to my BBQ shack. Thank god for tractors with front end loaders. But I don't drive like a maniac. I drive like most other 71 year olds.
  16. Ya wanna pay for shipping, it's yours.
  17. If yer young and have 2 good shoulders, I'd go with the I for the price difference. The control tower is a wash for me. My Kamado's sit under a roof so no rain issues. In fact, my BJII came with the control tower that I ****canned it and I bought one of the older model from an older Kamado and I love it. The gasket is a non-starter also, I don't believe you can just rip the older felt gasket off and put one of the new fiberglass gaskets on it. Puts too much bulk in the gap that was designed for a felt gasket.
  18. Is this one of those scenarios that mean "men don't really need instructions"?
  19. Regardless of how much counter space you allow for.....it ain't gonna be enough.This is me after construction was finished.
  20. Yes, take it apart and clean the gunk out. Natural occurrence.
  21. We got our second shot Friday morning, little sore that evening, nothing bad. About 1am Saturday I woke up shaking like a leaf. Our bedroom is cool, very cool but not cold enough to cause that. Lasted 45 min. and had the electric blanket on 8! Next day I felt like I was recovering from the flu. Sunday, back to normal. Wife only had a sore arm.
  22. Once you get it to the temperature you want, don't mess with the vents, you'll wind up chasing the temps all day long.
  23. I'd take it back to Costco and reorder again. Somebody dropped the ball somewhere.
  24. Welcome from the USA. Love my Jr. It gets about 99% of the usage at my house.
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