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  1. I'm far from an expert at anything. Believe I might be considered a Jack of all trades and a master of none. I would think with all things being equal, (thickness of ceramics) you wouldn't be able to tell much difference in flavor or heat retention. They are after all, ceramic and it takes lots of heat to bring them all up to the desired temperature and depending on leaks, all should dissipate the heat equally. Regarding flavor, it would take someone with a very discerning palate to tell the flavor profile difference from a weber kettle from K_Mart or a Kamodo Kamado.(have you googled that one?) Another thing to consider, availability of replacement parts if needed. In the area serviced by Kamado Joe, it was an easy choice for me with their lifetime warranty on ceramic parts.
  2. They all look like decent grills. Without being able to read Spanish, it's difficult to tell one virtue from the other, (availability of accessories, what comes w/grill, warranty. Warranty being one of the biggest factors IMHO. Good luck.
  3. That must have been built on a Friday with some poor quality control techs working to allow that to leave the plant.
  4. Was at Costco last week and saw a red one. It has an air hinge like the KJ but instead of a latch like the KJ, it has magnets to hold the lid down. Am wondering if the magnetic latch is available as an order item because I found it more to my liking than the one on my BJ, and it looks like, (without measuring) it would be just a swap out.
  5. Depends on how well the human is equipped.
  6. My arm hurts but nothing critical. How spooky, went and got a burrito too.
  7. It will be smaller by quite a bit in a BJ. https://ceramicgrillstore.com/collections/kamado-joe-big-joe-accessories-by-cgs/products/kick-ash-basket-kamado-joe-big-joe-ss. Try this link. It's not KJ but it's pretty good.
  8. When I was younger (many years ago)we called the old people "raisins".
  9. We're goin in Friday too. I think it's more related to being an old geezer than a Kamado owner.
  10. Just curious as to why you wait to put your deflector in? 2 times opening the lid and putting cold objects in, in my opinion is asking to chase temps all day long. Also, putting a cold deflector in a hot Kamado is asking for a cracked/broken deflector. If you only have 1/2 basket of lump in, that could also attribute to lack of temp increase. Fill it up. It will get easier once you learn how things work. Good luck
  11. Spray it down with something before you stick the wings in and cook them, cleans up with hot soapy water and a brush afterwards.
  12. Just because you've seen it on YouTube, doesn't mean it's a good idea. KJ was probably recommending 750 max for safety sake and longevity of it's product. I've seen quite a few YouTube videos that reaffirm todays society is doomed.
  13. Figure out where the low points are and put some felt gasket material in there. Clean it good again before applying the gasket material.
  14. Kroger and Safeway's meats have gone down in quality over the past few years. Sure looks good though.
  15. Appears to be a classic I. Unless it's an optical illusion, then it may be a BJ I. If it's 24" it's a BJ. Smaller, it's a Classic.
  16. Part of the problem may have been putting them in the cooler at 204. They would continue to cook at that temp in a cooler. Perhaps put them in a cooler (if you must) at 200 and see if that helps. Not having ever done them on my KJ, I am only guessing though. I use my pellet pooper on it's lowest setting for like 3-4 hours then up it to 300 for the run to the finish line. Start probing for tenderness at the 5-6 hour mark. Good luck.
  17. I have the BJ and a Jr. I do about 95% of the cooking on the Jr because it's just the two of us now. The BJ gets enough usage that I feel it was a worthwhile investment. Pizza, turkeys, cooking with the cast-iron, which is too large for the Jr. And like Polar Bear mentioned, there's way more better choices for portability than a ceramic even if it is small. Looking at the PKGO right now.
  18. You can either grab each leg and spread them out or put one end in a vise and pull them apart.
  19. Welcome from SW Washington, I'm sure you will enjoy your KJ just as much as the rest of us.
  20. I just took the brackets off and put the acorn nuts back on. My table top is about 1" below the nuts so with the gap around the Joe, it's not an issue. Wish I could find somebody that wanted my side shelves.
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