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  1. Could somebody measure the inside and outside dimensions of their Jotisserie and publish them? Wondering if it would fit on the PB24 at all. Thanks
  2. Four and a half years ago we built a new home and bought all the appliances at Lowes w/extended warranty. Before the extended warranty expired 1 1/2 months ago, we had the repair guys out on the fridge (Kithenaid side by w/bottom freezer) so many times on electronic and ice machine problems. Think the fridge cost $2500 (ball park figure). The repair guy told me how much most of the parts cost and by the time it was all done with repairs, they were into it about $3000. The only thing that has not had to have repairs done to it are the kitchenaid compactor and Bosch dishwasher. Keeping our fingers crossed for the glass top cook top. The Bosch double oven has also had quite a few repairs, but didn't exceed the initial purchase.
  3. We just (after Christmas sale) purchased an instant pot. It will slow cook, cook rice, pressure (hi & lo) and braise. Only used it a few times but so far it seems to be all that they say it is. Lots of followers out there for this thing. Recipes are building daily.
  4. I might try it with some reservations and trepidation. Although I could do with less carbs, I do love my pizza.
  5. Yep, 120 works perfect. Been reverse searing ribeyes for quite a few years now. Unless they're so thin it won't work.
  6. Exactly why I go. People watch and having lunch and buying some fresh produce. Haven't bought any meat because I have a pretty good source other places.
  7. Used my new Weber grid to build me a spider. And it turned out pretty darn good. That would be alotta metal in there even with 1" of concrete. Thanks
  8. It's not nice to post pictures like this when we havethis to contend with.
  9. That's some pretty impressive photography work and they look great also.
  10. I was going to cut a 16.5" hole in some 1" plywood and screed it out and reinforce with some 1/16 in ridged wire I have.
  11. If KFC is a hit in Japan, they must keep it a lot cleaner than they do in last one I was in. Japanese wouldn't be caught dead in the ones here, but then again, haven't been in one for years.
  12. One of us doesn't have a 22.5 inch weber. I tried my weber grill first thing when I got my PB24 and it didn't fit. Close, but no fit. And it would have been great because I made a grate scraper for my weber and it doesn't work on the PB, different spacing. And the weber grate is a little heavier gauge steel. Interesting.
  13. What in the wide wide world of sports is this?
  14. The Colonel's dead. Dave's dead. They're all dead, corporate America has taken over. Long live the dollar.
  15. The picture at the ceramic grill store for the PB24's kick ash basket, looks pretty tight to the fire box. Is there any concern about expansion and breaking the fire box? Anybody with experience with this? I feel I need one.
  16. I just started a batch of sauerkraut with the same setup last night! Now we wait.
  17. Oh, please post some post cook pictures. That really looks like something I could get into.
  18. Sounds good to me. Has to be a reason why somebody hasn't tried this in the past. Maybe it has to be cured in a kiln? And rebar is a definite improvement too. Amazon's says it has reinforcing fiber within, but rebar would be a +.
  19. Couldn't find a topic about this in my search so thought I would start a new one. Refractory cement is good to 3000 degrees. Has anyone ever taken a mold and made their own heat deflector? You can get 1/2 gal on Amazon for 20 and change, prime. ????? Even if you had to wrap it in foil to protect it from grease. Any knowledge? Thanks Greg
  20. I'm a little confused, (which is normal in my case). You did the cook direct? No deflector? Wouldn't it burn like that?
  21. Went from Porter House to Ribeye many many years ago and never looked back. The fat just melts out and creates amazing flavors.
  22. Electric hair dryer? Heat gun? Weed burner. In that order.???
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