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  1. What in the wide wide world of sports is this?
  2. The Colonel's dead. Dave's dead. They're all dead, corporate America has taken over. Long live the dollar.
  3. The picture at the ceramic grill store for the PB24's kick ash basket, looks pretty tight to the fire box. Is there any concern about expansion and breaking the fire box? Anybody with experience with this? I feel I need one.
  4. I just started a batch of sauerkraut with the same setup last night! Now we wait.
  5. Oh, please post some post cook pictures. That really looks like something I could get into.
  6. Sounds good to me. Has to be a reason why somebody hasn't tried this in the past. Maybe it has to be cured in a kiln? And rebar is a definite improvement too. Amazon's says it has reinforcing fiber within, but rebar would be a +.
  7. Couldn't find a topic about this in my search so thought I would start a new one. Refractory cement is good to 3000 degrees. Has anyone ever taken a mold and made their own heat deflector? You can get 1/2 gal on Amazon for 20 and change, prime. ????? Even if you had to wrap it in foil to protect it from grease. Any knowledge? Thanks Greg
  8. I'm a little confused, (which is normal in my case). You did the cook direct? No deflector? Wouldn't it burn like that?
  9. Went from Porter House to Ribeye many many years ago and never looked back. The fat just melts out and creates amazing flavors.
  10. Electric hair dryer? Heat gun? Weed burner. In that order.???
  11. Sounds interesting, thanks. But I've got brand new Weber coal grate I'm going to make into a spider. Appears to be the right size. Thanks again.
  12. Man, that beast is heavy. Took both the delivery driver and me to get it from his truck into the back of my pickup. Had to use my tractor with front end loader to unload it at home. Took all I had to drag it into my shop (where I have heat) put it together as far as I could alone. Will try and find 3 very large boys and probably the Hulk to move it to my BBQ shack. That baby was packed for moving. I am actually compressed with the build quality of this thing. Especially for Chinese made. I'll have to wait for the weather to clear a little and warm up some, 22 with 20mph winds is not conducive to get me outside to cook anytime soon. They must have taken to heart comments about air leakage because it has felt around the top vent, but not the bottom. And the top vent seems to close up fairly tight. First cook (whenever that will be) will be the telling factor. If this is a keeper, I'll get a spider and 2 half moons for deflector shield soon. First must sear steaks and judge ease of use and quality of steaks. Hope it has short learning curve. Greg
  13. Hello from the beautiful Pacific Northwest high up in the Cascades. Picking up my PB K24 from Costco tomorrow. Thought this would allow me to get my feet wet and not break the bank. Been cooking on Weber Kettles for 43+ years and my 4th and last one is starting to get eatin up by the acid ash at the bottom vents. They've given me some amazing Q over the years but I thought I would branch out to ceramic and find out what all the fuss was about. In the process of making my own charcoal now but have only made 1 batch. I've hated briquettes but hard to argue with their convenience. Almost out of them now and when they're gone the weber will go to the barn until I've decided yay or nay on the PB. Thanks for the add. Greg
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