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  1. Welcome aboard, beautiful country down around Redmond.
  2. Welcome from the USA. What an apropos post title with the passing of the original 007.
  3. I have 2 different experiences with eating liver. And I like liver. One was my mothers, God rest her soul. She would start cooking it first thing in the morning and have it ready by dinner time. (I swear). She wanted to make sure it was dead and cooked. The other was in Italy. Veal liver sautéed with olive oil (I think) and onions+seasoning. Ate it there 3 times in as many days. Even eating it 3 times in 3 days I probably only had 1 1/2 pounds total. Man, I want to go back and eat some more. And Gelato.
  4. Any stove dealer should have it. KJ (if you can get ahold of them) could also supply. https://www.amazon.com/Replacement-BBQ-Gasket-Smokers-saffire/dp/B00OAG2AV2/ref=sr_1_49?crid=2NA46YCVRDNUC&dchild=1&keywords=nomex+fabric&qid=1604165377&sprefix=Nomex%2Caps%2C293&sr=8-49 This is the stuff, from Amazon. Research and you can find it much cheaper. Good luck.
  5. Not that unusual, put some nomex gasket mil under the high side and it will fix it. Or when the firebox is finally assembled, you won't notice it.
  6. That's what you call "lean beef." A cow with no legs is called "ground beef"
  7. I'd rather have them sitin around waiting, than serve a dried out turkey they'll talk about for a long long time. It's family, they'll forgive and forget...........eventually.
  8. Fowl absorbs smoke way better than any other protein.
  9. Briquets will leave more ash than lump and with the PK which you would have to either vac or turn it upside down, less would be better I think. I became a lump convert about 10 years ago and never looked back. Yeh, it's more expensive but I think it's worth it. And I really like this thread because I also have been smitten by the PKGO for camping and have many questions. Hope they get answered here. Hopefully my local goto joint will get one soon because I'm a touchy-feely sorta guy and I like to touchy-feel before I buy.
  10. Looks like a grate for a gasser side burner.
  11. Pretty sure the air hinge was the thing that necessitated the use of the latch. Just the weight of the lid would have compressed the mesh gasket enough without the air hinge.
  12. Nice job. I cooked on Weber kettles for 40+ years, never had one that I wanted to refurbish so consequently I'd go through 1 in about 10-11 years than get me a new one. Even had one that blew the porcelain off the side of the body, Weber sent me a new bottom. Great grills.
  13. Would really like to see one in person so I could touchy/feely and get a better idea of it's benefits/deficiencies. Would also like a dome thermometer in it for baking. Pretty sure one could be installed.
  14. Have not seen a III but I believe the III has similar latch to II. There is an adjustment on the latch to align it and tighten/loosen it. Sounds like you should loosen the adjustment for better latching.
  15. Chuck roast is our pretty much go to choice of meat for roasts. Apparently we're not the only ones, price just keeps goin up and up. My wife does it with a package of Lipton onion soup mix+S&P. So much flavor.
  16. Yep, one is wearing masks and the other ones aren't. Sorta like the KKK.
  17. From what I gather from others that have had 1/2 their Kamado replaced through warranty, they rarely are the same size. Off by just about what you describe. I'd make the band fit the dome if it were me. God luck.
  18. That does seem to be an excessive amount of salt. I use a shaker for both S&P and I do apply an ample amount of both, but I'm sure no where near a 1/2C of salt. And I like salt but........
  19. Was lamenting to SWMBO one fine afternoon about just sort of a predicament with tangled cables. She had just completed a bunch of Xmas wrapping and said "how about these bow tubes". Probably wouldn't work in a pouch but I was storing them in a RubberMaid container and they worked great. Got a rubber band around them to keep them tight. Works great for me.
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