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    BURGER MEISTER reacted to EZ smoke in Are the PitBoss/LG Kamado's the same as Gorilla Grills   
    I'm assuming based on appearances that it goes, Primo, BGE, Vision Diamond, KJ. It is really something that the Vision essentially melts into a pancake. I also, think it's funny that he wonders if he can get it warrantied...LOL
    Honestly, I'm not sure that "test" is indicative of real life use but it does give you a "WOW" factor. If the kamados all have similar operating temperature in the real world, then some extreme temp test in a kiln isn't really a deciding factor for a purchase. IIRC he doesn't indicate what temp the kiln was and so, I'm assuming it is an extreme temp that is well outside of what a real world kamado would experience.
    If anything it makes the Primo and BGE owners feel like they made a great buying decision:-) With that being said, it wouldn't factor into my buying decision unless I knew for sure how that test applied to real world use.
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    BURGER MEISTER reacted to Jack 101 in Kamado Joe Sighting   
    At my local Ace the entire front half of the store is devoted to every size BGE in a very attractive display.  The large pegboard wall behind the floor space is chock full of BGE accessories.  Outside the store is a large BGE promotional banner.
    The center-store open space is devoted to Traeger and bags of pellets, also very attractively displayed.  Both feel like reps from BGE and Traeger came in and did the displays per corporate standards.
    I'm not complaining.  Not at all.  I love seeing these excellent products all in one local place without having to travel far or to various locations.  It would be even better if they carried KJ, Primo and Vision.  That would really be worth a visit, just to look.
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    BURGER MEISTER reacted to Ben711200 in Junior vent size   
    I'm British. We have to jump between metric and imperial all the time :D
    Proper measuring equipment at work. I'll bring it home with me when I remember. Thanks again for your help
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    BURGER MEISTER reacted to Ben711200 in Junior vent size   
    That's a huge help, thank you. It pretty much rules out a using a Joe Jr daisy wheel. I only used a tape rather than a set of digital calipers as you have done, but the top of my chimney was 110mm. Smokeware looks like it will work, though I will measure more accurately before I decide what to do
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    BURGER MEISTER got a reaction from Ben711200 in Junior vent size   
    Well, here goes.  Everything tapers so you have to take this with the grain of the salt.  (American Expression). Inside of Cap= widest 112.34mm.  As far as I could reach into cap 1/2 way= 109.24mm.   Top of chimney with felt = 107.28mm. Bottom of chimney with felt=109.80mm.  Hope this helps
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    BURGER MEISTER reacted to ckreef in My First Kamado "The Original Hibachi Pot"   
    Awesome picture and story. Great memories. 
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    BURGER MEISTER reacted to pesto3 in Spicy beef back ribs   
    Jalapeño beef back ribs basted with a chipotle mora and maple syrup sauce. 

    the sauce was on point 

    served with corn, Brussel sprouts sautéed with bacon and broccolini. 


    cheers everyone!
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    BURGER MEISTER reacted to KamadoHop in Does anyone have Kamado Joe Jr pizza Pictures?   
    I'll be trying to create an authentic Neapolitan in the next couple of days at a high heat. To break in my new 10" stone, I just did a couple last night as a test run with John's same day (hour) dough recipe. I'm running the stone atop 1" ceramic spacers on top of the KJ deflector. This cook followed John's suggestions at 14 min. total cook time around 400 degrees F. 

    Here's what it turned out:

    IMHO, I'm not crazy about this recipe, but it's fine if you're in a pinch. I'll do a new post when I churn out the Neapolitans in a couple of days. 
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    BURGER MEISTER reacted to John Setzler in KJ big block charcoal tastes bad?   
    Could I pay you to ship me a box of it so I can see if I can tell what is going on with it?
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    BURGER MEISTER reacted to fbov in KJ big block charcoal tastes bad?   
    The bad taste and ashtray smell are both commonly associated with a too-young fire. 
    My one thought is that KJ Big Block needs to be broken up a little, so pieces are smaller than your fist. They burn a long time, but also take a long time to come to temperature. Additional patience may be needed. This is especially true if you've reclaimed a lot of it from a prior fire. 
    The other thing is to use your nose. If the smoke smells bad, wait until it doesn't. I get acrid notes from young fires that go away in time, even with a lot of smoking wood involved. What do you smell?
    HAve fun,
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    BURGER MEISTER reacted to cjrog1068 in First cook on my big joe   
    First cook on the big Joe... was a bit intimidated by not knowing how well I could control the temps ... gonna say the steaks and chicken were extremely juicy and got some good char ... cant wait til I have a full day smoke to get rolling ... 

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    BURGER MEISTER reacted to coachmike554 in New Primo XL owner...Needed a Table? Built cheap :)   
    Hello and want to say awesome forum and great work by the mods.
    ON Father’s Day 2019 I was surprised. My wife bought me a Primo XL.  Been shopping for years finally got one.  Well it sat on backyard till this last weekend when I finally had time to build a table for it.  
    The top top of table and part of the bottom shelve was from recycled granite.  My neighbor remodeled her kitchen about 3 years ago and I was able to acquire a few pieces of granite from the old kitchen. They have been resting in my backyard for several years waiting to be used. So the table was built around the granite I had available.   I used pressure treated lumber.  All that was needed for me to purchase was 6 2x4’s. The 4 x 4 ‘s were also left over from a fence rebuild.   
    Anyway here is my simple table.

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    BURGER MEISTER reacted to pesto3 in Lamb Shanks   
    DFDE7CBB-FEA8-4D03-830E-56A8157515C5.MOV It’s winter over here in Australia so it’s comfort food time! Lamb shanks with mash. 
    turned the leftovers into pizza for the footy last night. 

    This was amazing! 

    Thanks for looking

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    BURGER MEISTER reacted to ckreef in New Truck plus Special Teaser Picture   
    Mrs skreef is a pickup truck, country gal. When I came home almost 2 years ago with a brand new Nissan Rogue she wasn't really thrilled. For almost 2 years I listened to her whining about the car. Last weekend we took the Rogue for an oil change. Instead of an oil change we came home with a brand new Nissan Titan V8 4x4. It's a full size 4 door pickup truck with a short bed. Really big on the inside and a very comfortable ride. Mrs skreef is very pleased with this purchase. 

    The world has a saying, "Happy wife, happy life." I have my own version of that saying, "Happy wife, time for another grill!!!"
    So with that thought in mind we took the new truck to Lowes and got a few more pavers. Let the new grill project begin. Will post a detailed thread as progress is made and the new grill arrives. Hopefully I'll order it this weekend. 

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    BURGER MEISTER got a reaction from Scott Roberts in Does anyone have Kamado Joe Jr pizza Pictures?   
    Even though my Jr does about 99% of my cooking, and it's only the two of us now, the Jr isn't large enough to do pizza's even for 2.  I use the BJ for that.  I can get it further up In the dome and it's a piece of cake to watch the cheese brown from the top vent.  And it smells just like burnt nose hairs.
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    BURGER MEISTER got a reaction from ckreef in Does anyone have Kamado Joe Jr pizza Pictures?   
    Even though my Jr does about 99% of my cooking, and it's only the two of us now, the Jr isn't large enough to do pizza's even for 2.  I use the BJ for that.  I can get it further up In the dome and it's a piece of cake to watch the cheese brown from the top vent.  And it smells just like burnt nose hairs.
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    BURGER MEISTER reacted to SmoovD in Guess it is time to become active in this subforum...   
    Five months in and I am down 71 lbs. So far so good. Next month I go to my doc for a check-up. Fingers crossed that I am on the way to getting off some meds.
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    BURGER MEISTER reacted to RichM in Left Over Part   
    Thank you Burger Meister. With your help I was able to find a video showing it's use. It would be nice if the part was labeled or mentioned in the manual. I put off building my first fire yesterday because I thought I might have not installed an important part.
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    BURGER MEISTER reacted to danielgibbs in Reverse sear with Meater +   
    Hi all, 
    I've been using the maverick gear for a couple of years now, both the ET-732 and the ET-735 they do the job well but are fairly awkward to use and maintain, 1-4 probes, wires, batteries etc. I'd heard about the first version of the Meater and the issues some ppl were having with connection strength and basically waited for a better version. So now the Meater+ is out and I've been testing out... its very very good. 
    no need for a stop watch while searing steaks it has combined pit and internal temp readings, only one probe to clean no more cable management charges in between cooks the base station allows connection to phone no matter where I am in the house/garage time to finish feature is almost always spot on. the App is simple and intuitive  Negatives;
    pricey no doubt I tried the direct connection to the probe without the base station and yeah forget about using it with the akorn. You need the + model  
    The app also keeps the history of each cook and has a handy little graph showing the duration and temps. The dip at the 35min mark is when I lifted the lid to let the coals heat up for the sear and the second dip is when I took it off the BBQ to rest. This is when I ran slightly over my target temp, next time I'll start the sear a few minutes earlier. I really like having the history available to fine tune the next cook
    Anyway hope this assists someone out there, certainly made me a better BBQ'er

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    BURGER MEISTER reacted to pesto3 in Beef back ribs   
    Hot and fast on the classic for a couple of hours. 300f. 

    Spritzed with water and sprinkled with rapadura sugar. 

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    BURGER MEISTER reacted to keeperovdeflame in Stuffalottta Smoked Pork Chops   
    After dinner we walked around the property with a couple glasses of wine. I built some paths and some little patios as points of interest. 

    We sat in the chairs, sipped wine, and watched the humming birds go after a feeder I put up as a point of interest in front of the little patio.

    All in All, a lovely evening.  Thanks for following along. 
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    BURGER MEISTER reacted to John Setzler in Post approval?   
    I allow people to advertise their products here ONLY in the sales/bargains/giveaways section and they must be offering a discount below their normal pricing.  
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    BURGER MEISTER reacted to Charcoal Addict in Kitchen finally done   
    The kitchen is finally done.  Well, I still have a couple of touch-up to do.  I haven’t been posting much since I’ve been restricted to making pretty simple and boring dishes either working outside or from a meg-shift set-up on my bar downstairs. 
    The kitchen from hell is officially dead and buried.  It’s been replaced by a modern kitchen with solid maple cabinets, glass tile and a white quartz countertop.  I no longer have to be embarrassed to take pictures in my kitchen.  The 70’s clique has been sent to the dump providing a home for homeless squirrels.  
    I have another week of house cleaning.  I’m looking forward to getting back to normal and making more culinary delights.   I have two Detroit blue Steel pizza pans waiting to make some genuine Buddy’s pizza.   

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    BURGER MEISTER reacted to dh14ster in OK Boys and girls   
    I haven't seen much pizza on here lately, so maybe to tickle the readership I thought I'd post some recent pies. On this journey my craft hasn't taken any real leaps, but I will reiterate that 00 flour, a simple San Marzano tomato sauce, 48 hour proofing in the fridge, a laser thermometer, stacked pizza stones (with 1.5" between), and imported fresh meats and cheeses from the Italian grocery have really helped me up my game to the point where my wife, who generally does not like pizza, will brag to friends and family that mine are very good. After all, that's what it's all about. I see a lot of discussion about parchment paper, corn meal, etc. as a lubricant, and I have tried them all. I have come to realize that if you build the pie on the peel, give it a good shake at each stage of construction, and assertively launch it onto the stone, you will be fine with just a moderate dusting of AP flour. I keep my temps around 550-660*F, and I'm cooking these on my Akorn.
    First I do a Pizza Margherita to pay homage to the "original" pizza. Then I make one of my favorites, a pepper and fennel sausage pie (Anthony Tassinello tries to evoke the eponymous sausage and peppers with this one and it is surprisingly good!), and finish up with a pepperoni, sausage, and onion, extra cheese special. I am using a mix of buffalo mozzarella and low-moisture mozz, plus lots of fresh basil and garlic.
    Anyway, have a great summer, enjoy the warm weather, and I hope to see some pictures of your passion!

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    BURGER MEISTER reacted to DerHusker in Atomic and Tajin Grilled Shrimp   
    With the “Just Stuff It!” Challenge going on I searched for what might be on sale at one of the local stores. Sprouts had U15 shrimp on sale for $7.98 per lb. so I purchased a pound. I decided to prepare  them my two favorite ways of cooking shrimp. The first is what I call Atomic Shrimp. (Which is bacon wrapped shrimp stuffed with cheddar cheese and a slice of jalapeño. As the jalapeño doesn’t make it very “Atomic”, I switched it out for slices of serrano chilies.  Here are most of the ingredients.

    I peeled and deveined the shrimp and then butterflied them. I also sliced the cheese and serrano chilies.

    I carefully placed the cheese and serrano in the shrimp and wrapped them with a slice of bacon. Once I had 10 of them done I placed them on the preheated kamado.

    I grilled them for approximately 5 to 6 minutes per side and once the bacon looked crispy I plated the 5 biggest ones up with a cilantro garnish and a Negra Modelo. Here are those pics.



    I had 9 shrimp leftover so I skewered them,

    sprayed they with some EVOO and sprinkled them with some Tajin seasoning.

    Grilled them for approximately 3 minutes per side.

    Here are the plated pics with the Negra Modelo.



    These were also delicious but not quite as good as the bacon wrapped ones.
    Thanks for looking.
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