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  1. My target was 130 internal temp
  2. Looks awesome. One word. Spatchcock. Try that technique and see what you like best. Hard to beat what you just put out though.
  3. I cooked a slab of halibut tonight on a cedar plank. I thought it came out great. Good smokey flavor. I basted it with butter, lemon, garlic, paprika. https://share.fireboard.io/90302E
  4. cooking at 225 until 100 degrees then going to start to marinate with Maple syrup, soy sauce and apple cider vinegar. 4/2/1. going to pull it at 135 degrees. Raised temp to 375 to finish the cook. I going to sear it on the gasser and then wrap in foil. https://myflameboss.com/en/cooks/565236
  5. the flame boss can just be used as a Thermometer. I have used it just for the graph.
  6. I have the flame boss 300 and it works perfect. Enough said
  7. just4fn


    I don't get golfers. They all love to golf. They can't wait to set a tee time, can't wait to tee off. Then the race begins. They then can't wait to get off the course. At the end of the round, it's all about how fast they shot 18. If you love the game would't you want to be on the course as long as you can? It's a race to get off and make the next tee time. I think the score card should have a time element involved also.
  8. You know, I even said mine tasted like pot roast which is way easier to cook. I haven't tasted that many briskets and thought maybe that's how its suppose to taste. Next brisket I'm not going to wrap.
  9. It was ok. Sorry no pics. I thought a tad bit dry but everybody said it was good. The burnt ends came out great. It was a long cook.
  10. pulled it at 205. I did raise the temp to 275 at 11:30 to speed things up. I took it off at 1:15. 14.5 hours. spending 2 hours in the cooler. burnt ends are on the grill cooken.
  11. Ya, that is the sauce I used also from your post. If something is delicious, why use anything else?
  12. Delicious! It's kind of a secret. Once the secret is out, the price will go up. What did you baste it with?
  13. I put it on at 11:00 pm at 225 per suggestions. It's 10:00 am now and it's 167 degrees. I'm going to wrap it at 170 and pull it at 205, I'm glad I put it on at 11:00pm
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