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  1. just4fn

    Primo XL400 vrs Pellet grill

    I have a cold smoker attached to the traeger for extra smoke.. I am also going to sear it on the Kamado when it's done. Going to feed 20+ people. Slow cook at 225 to internal temp of 128, raising temp on Primo to 500 and searing all sides at 1 minute a side until desired look. The same holds true for the one on the Traeger.
  2. I am going to cook two 10 pound prime ribs on Christmas. The problem is, is that the Primo won't hold both. I am going to put one on the Primo and one on the Traeger. This will be the perfect comparison between the 2 type of grills.. They are both going to be seasoned and cooked to the same temp. I will give you my review when done.
  3. I'm smoking two 10 lb rib roast for 20 people.
  4. just4fn

    volcano fire starter

  5. just4fn

    flame boss 500

    I just e-mail Flame Boss and this is there reply for the loss of internet: Now to answer your question Yes you are able to use the hotspot on your phone. We will also be adding the ability to direct connect to the controller when WiFi is not available in the next firmware release well before Christmas
  6. My plan is to feed 20 people on Christmas. I want to do a Prime Rib roast. How big should I get and how big can I get. Is there a max weight that a cow can give? I'm thinking 15 lb roast but I don't want to skimp either. Maybe 2 10 lb roasts?
  7. Flame boss has added a new boss. Flame boss 500 https://www.shop.flameboss.com/product/flame-boss-500-wifi-smoker-controller/
  8. just4fn

    Lid will not open following brisket cook

    Call Primo and see what they say.
  9. just4fn

    Overnight cook

    I like big butts. I can not lie.
  10. just4fn

    Lid will not open following brisket cook

    Just spit balling here. What about hanging a heat lamp down the top for 24 hours and see what happens.
  11. The usual answer is get to know your grill. How do you control your temps? It seems the easiest is to shut the bottom and just use the top to control I did ABTs yesterday and I closed the bottom vent and just cracked the top vent- almost closed and it stayed at about 260. With the top vent fully open and bottom closed what do you think the max heat would bring? This just seems like an easy method to controlling the temps. Do you close the top vent and just adjust the bottom? This method may trap more smoke thus more smoke flavor. What is your method without a controller?
  12. just4fn

    Pork Butt Steaks

    So do you just take the shoulder out and cut it into steaks? Any particular place to start carving?
  13. just4fn

    1st Time ABT'S

    Here is the final shots. They were all eaten and were very good
  14. Looks scrumdelicious!!
  15. I have never cooked abt's before. Going to put them on the Vision at 3:00 at 250 degrees for about an hour. Hope for the best. No matter how they turn out, they will be the best one's I have ever cooked.