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  1. I agree. Just dump it in. Don't adjust your lump to what temp you are cooking, Filler er up and light. I light the center for low and slow and I light 2 or 3 spots for high heat. Shut it down when done and fill it up next time when I cook. I also use the kick ash which helps with air flow.
  2. I got a 8lb choice rib roast from Costco for a Memorial day cook. It's just the wife and I so I will slice the remaining for awesome Prime rib sandwich's. I cooked it a 225 until internal temp of 125. I raised the temp to 500 and seared each side, turning every minute until desired color. I used my flame boss 300 and as you can see, it held at 225 for 3 hours. For the rub, I used 1/4 cup Thyme, 1/4 cup Rosemary, 3 tbl of galric and pepper, 1.5 Tbl of salt. Added olive oil to make a paste. I rubbed the roast the night before and let is sit in the fridge. Here is the Results: https://myflameboss.com/en/cooks/453021 Dinner was delicious.
  3. just found out my issue. I thought I was buying 91% and the bottle says 70% geesh.
  4. Of course. Are your's soaked then? I'm going have to experiment.
  5. Sounds easy huh. I went to the store and got 91% alcohol and 300 cotton balls. I put them in a glass jar and filled it up. I tried to light it and it would not light. I was thinking that maybe they shouldn't be submerged in the alcohol? I don't know. Should they be a bit dryer or completely submerged. This is why I didn't make a good Boy Scout. I can't start a fire even with gasoline.
  6. There is almost always a difference, sometimes higher, sometimes lower depending on the grill. I don't pay too much attention to the temp. Your food will still come out fine. I use the temp at grate level personally, just because I use a controller. When I don't use the controller, I use the kamado thermometer. If you only use one thermometer, there is no difference to mess with your mind. They will almost never be the same.
  7. Very nice. Spatchcock chicken next?
  8. Ribs are done and gone! All 3 were a little different and the 6 people that ate them liked different ones for different reasons. They all turned out AWESOME though. The only one I sauced is the one in back. There were great. My sister brought the coleslaw salad, My daughter and son in law brought the sprouts and corn bread and I made the ribs and brown rice. Nice dinner.
  9. Ribs are on! Put on at 1:30 https://myflameboss.com/en/cooks/424835
  10. I got some baby back ribs at Costco and put 3 different rubs on them. I smothered in yellow mustard and applied the rubs. I am letting sit in the fridge until tomorrow. I will post the cook.
  11. The pork looks excellent. It also looks like the grill cleaned up well.
  12. 1. What Kamado cooker you are using? Primo XL 2. What temperature controller do you have? Flame Boss 300 https://www.flameboss.com/ 3. What are your vent and fan settings on your Kamado? (Pictures when available) top vent 1/16 of an inch 4. Where do you place your ambient probe for temperature control? (Pictures when available) back of grate 5. At what point on your cook you let the controller to take over? at about 180 degrees 6. Please share the graph from your temperature control with eventual fan output: https://myflameboss.com/en/cooks/291388 7. What do you love about your controller? How accurate it is along with the graph. They are constantly upgrading firmware. 8. What would you do to improve about your controller? They already improved it with the FB 500 which I would buy except I have the 300. 9. Anything else you want to share: They updated to be able to use the controller without wifi as a standalone. 10. And last but not least, share pictures of your cook
  13. Here is the manual: https://cdn.shocho.co/sc-specsheets/ET-733_instruction_manual.pdf
  14. Pork loin chops? I guess I didn't know there are different type of pork chops.
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