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  1. just4fn

    Sous Vide pork fail

    Pork loin chops? I guess I didn't know there are different type of pork chops.
  2. just4fn

    Sous Vide pork fail

    My sister sous vide 4 pork chops about 1 inch thick. She cooked them at 145 for 2.5 hours per instructions. She said they came out very dry, almost inedible. Do you think she should have sous-vide them at 130 degrees instead? That is what I think. Is this where she went wrong or could it just be the pork? .
  3. Flame Boss has updated their firmware to be able to connect with the controller when internet is not available. So if you are out of internet range, you can still connect to your phone with wifi. Added Local Connect so your mobile device can connect to your controller when the Internet is not available by connecting to the controller directly over the Local Area Network (LAN). Added Direct Connect so your mobile device can connect to your controller when no Internet nor LAN is available by connecting to the controller directly while the controller is in AP Mode.
  4. just4fn

    Ribs on my Saffire

    Another delicious looking cook.
  5. That looks awesome. Pork belly isn't just for bacon anymore. When I did mine, I knew Costco has pork belly but I tried to find some at our local stores and couldn't. It seems it is a specialty cut or something. I had to go thru the Costco mess to get it.
  6. Have you checked calibration? Put both in boiling water and see if they both read the same. 212 degrees. Put them both in a cup of ice water they should both read 32 degrees. If they both read the same, I have no answer. If one is off by more than 5 degrees either live with it or throw it away.
  7. just4fn

    My Super Bowl Wings

    maybe, doesn't hurt to try. I would also try smoking them 1st, add the seasoning then deep fry and see what happens.
  8. just4fn

    My Super Bowl Wings

    I am no expert on wings, but that seasoning looks like it is to be deep fried. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  9. just4fn

    Pork Belly cook

    I hadn't either My brother in law always makes bacon. I wanted to just cook it and eat it. This was the perfect way to cook it. I was surprised also how it plumped up on the one end. It is a fatty cut of meat but that makes it very forgiving and tasty. I was just going to slice it and serve, but the slices were to big for what we were doing. I cut those slices in half and that's what's in the bowl. Delicious.
  10. This is my 1st Pork belly. Thanks to Philpom! I had to pull it at 186. I now have it wrapped in foil and am bringing it to the super bowl party. I cooked it at 375 for about 2.5 hours. Basted it at after 1 hours several times. Maple syrup, soy sauce and apple cider vinegar. The same as the Philpom recipe: If you look at the graph, you can see how many times I basted the pork. Every dip is when I opened the lid of the Primo. https://myflameboss.com/cooks/384133 I'll take pictures when we slice into it. Thanks again Philpom! It was delicious !
  11. just4fn

    How to cook a pork belly?

    I got the pork belly last night and I am cooking this recipe for the Super Bowl today. Hope it taste as good as it looks.
  12. I assume you cooked it indirect? Never mind, I see indirect now
  13. just4fn

    How to cook a pork belly?

    OK, That looks amazing. I'm doing that this weekend.
  14. I have never cooked a pork belly before. Do you trim the fat? Cook it indirect or hot and fast? What temp is it taken off or any other techniques? Is it cooked fat side up or is it turned during the cook? thanks for the help!
  15. just4fn

    Help needed, small Boston butt

    I'd cook it just like all others being the same. It will take less time of course. Take it off around 195-200 degrees cook at 250? Should turn out delicious.