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  1. I have not seen this before but Primo now makes a rotisserie for their Kamado: https://www.primogrill.com/grill-rotisserie.html
  2. What was not to like? Did you do a reverse sear? Over smoked?
  3. Think of the external temp on your probe as an oven temperature. The little dial on your over gives you the temperature. So if your Kamado temp says 350, its just like your oven in your house is set at 350. As John said, you can cook at several different oven temps but the food is done when it reach's the internal temp you are looking for. Different oven temps different textures and crusts but the food is done. I.E. Higher temps (425) for chicken and you get a crispy skin when pulled at 160 internal, A lower temp (250) will get a more rubbery skin if cooked at a lower temp and pulled at 160 internal.
  4. Butt looks great. Next time try the corn without the husk= naked. Some black is great. Sweet and smoky.
  5. When I make burgers, I form them and put then on the grill. They usually taste great. Now comes smash burgers? Doesn't some of the grease get removed and now they would be drier and less taste? What am I missing?
  6. With the both vents fully open wont the temp keep climbing? Nuclear!
  7. I just got the Philips pasta machine and used it for the 1st time tonight. Loved it. You add flour, water and I added an egg and turned it on.. Perfect pasta in 10 minutes It kneads it then automatically extracts it. I will admit that the dough looked dry and I didn't think it was going to work but it did! You want an easy and no mess way to make fresh pasta? This is it.
  8. I don't have one but I would guess it's the controller. Usually a bad probe will still display either error or the wrong temp.
  9. We are taking a trip to Reno this summer. What is you favorite city and casino/hotel that is close to reno besides Tahoe? Not familiar with the state that much.
  10. Easy to use, just point and shoot. Hard to compare accuracy.
  11. This was just a thought I had. If you use a temp controller for temp control which I am a firm believer, do you think there is less smoke taste? I say this because of the fan. The fan pushes the smoke out the top. If you control it manually, I think the smoke may hang around inside longer. Just wondering.
  12. I just purchased a https://www.avantcoequipment.com/product/?id=516 but haven't used it yet. I got what I think is a great deal on offerup for 150.00. This seems commercial but is small enough for home use. Is a slicer an essential tool? It's nice when you need it.
  13. I have never been told this before so I thought I would pass it along. From the Traeger Website: You’ll want to avoid buying a turkey over 16 pounds. Generally, any bird bigger than that is male turkey. Male turkeys are not as tender as female, and lead to a tougher final product.
  14. What I have found is you can really smell and taste the smoked meat much more the next day.
  15. I have a 3/4 inch prime rib steak in the freezer. What is the best way to reheat it and be the same the day it was cooked? Should I sous vide it? if I do, do I need to sear it to get the water and goop off? Air fryer after thawed? I'm thinking sous vide.
  16. It looks great. I cook mine just like yours but at 400 degrees. Crispy skin and takes less time. Poultry soaks up the smoke.
  17. So, tonight I sliced up the roast into thin slices and made french dip sandwich's. The best! I think it may be my favorite way to eat prime rib.
  18. I went to Costco and picked up a choice Prime rib to cook tonight. It was delicious!. I cooked it on my Primo. Cooked it to internal temp of 128 and then turned up the heat to 500 to sear. I seared it for 1 minute each side until I got the color I wanted. Good Thursday night dinner and football.
  19. I hardly ever cook burgers. What temp is your sweet spot for burgers and do you cook on one side and have a cooler side so they don't burn? Maybe you use a rack and put them up there further away from the heat after they crust? I cooked mine at 425. They got a little crispy before internal temp of 160. I tried to move them to a cooler area. 160 because they were turkey/pork burgers.
  20. This is what I did with mine and it was excellent! Cooking at 375 for about 2 hours. Basting with Maple syrup, soy sauce and apple cider vinager. 4/2/1 pulling at IT of 200 degrees. Look at the link at the bottom for pictures https://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/41361-pork-belly-cook/
  21. This is just my opinion. I would cook the ribs 1st. I would use the wrap method this time. When it's time to wrap, wrap them and put them in the oven at a temp you decide. Since they are wrapped no more smoke will be introduced. Then turn up the kamado to 375-425 and cook the chicken. PS. Look at spatchcocking it. The chicken will take about 1 to 1.5 hours so you can time it so all will be done at the same time.
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