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  1. I stumbled on bbq al pastor pork a while back and wanted to give it a try. I bought a 5lb pork butt, sliced it into 1/4” pieces, marinated for 5 hours. Put on a vertical spit with pineapple and smoked with a few cherry chunks I had at 260 degrees for 3 and a half hours. We had a few people over and there were no leftovers so I think it was a win. This was super easy and I’ll definitely be having this more, maybe tweaking the marinade. Looking forward to warmer weather and more bbq.
  2. I have kept my smoker in the garage for the last few winters. This year I kept it outside with a cover on it. I didn’t use it for a month and a half and the cast iron grate rusted badly after 3 years of zero rust issues. A friend wondered if the cover had caused it to trap moisture and rust, idk. Next year I will keep it in the garage.
  3. Interesting. I agree that I probably would have gone with that unit if it had been out with I got my Akorn. I may get indeed get one in a year or so when I’m looking for a replacement, depending on reviews.
  4. You will enjoy that stone. I started with a pizza pan but wanted the real thing and don’t regret shelling out a little money for it. Cheers
  5. I put a piece of a replacement gasket for a Big Green Egg on my ash pan to help seal it up, as it was noticeably loose out of the box. It makes a tighter seal with the OEM gasket still in place as well when you clasp it on.
  6. Being water resistant is important to me in whatever I buy next. I also like to cook in awful weather, particularly the winter. I'm going to check that thing out.
  7. I'm in the market for a new wireless unit. Currently I have a maverick et-733. It works as advertised but I find myself wanting something different, maybe easier to use and that doesn't eat batteries. I don't currently want a temp controller with a fan etc. Outside of Maverick products what units do you guys like and why?
  8. They look great, I've actually got my Akorn heating up to throw a rack on myself. Can't not smoke something on a beautiful Sunday.
  9. I love the Mavierick, but holy smokes the directions are clear as mud.
  10. If you are not using the food probe during a cook is it possible to set the unit to where it doesn't bother scanning for the probe? If that makes sense...
  11. I wrapped it in a double layer of foil, wrapped that in a towel, then rested the meat in a cooler for an hour before pulling and serving.
  12. I wanted to share this: over the weekend I did a cook where I took all the old lump out and replaced with new. I filled the firebox with all fresh lump and cherry. The smoke took almost 14 hours. Here is what I was left with. That is a ton of lump and it shows how efficient the Akorn is. I was shocked I had this much left. Needless to say I'm going to keep it in there and use it to grill until it's time to smoke a pricey piece of meat.
  13. I reuse the lump from previous cooks in my Akorn 95% of the time. I just add new lump to the old and cook with it. Anytime I'm doing a "special" smoke I will pull the used stuff out and fill it with new. I have no reason for doing it other than personal preference.
  14. Thanks. It did turn out to be decent, the cold leftovers are amazing. There is room for improvement though. I'm looking forward to doing another shoulder soon and trying a different technique. I purposely didn't foil or mist with a juice etc, simply bc I wanted to have as few steps as possible for my first try. I think the end result while great and covered in delicious bark was a bit dry. Next time I'll foil and compare.
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