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  1. Thanks for sharing that! I also discovered they make a divide and conquer system for the pitboss K24, so will order that too. Psyched!
  2. Has anyone here used one of the pizza porta successfully on a Pitboss K24?
  3. Do you think the 22" would be a better fit? Thinking of ordering too.
  4. Are all Kamado Joe accessories available at Costco? To they also sell the joetisserie, half moon deflectors, etc? If I go it'll probably be during the week, its a long drive.
  5. FYI Northeast dates have been added to the roadmap. They will be at Nashua from 03/29 - 04/07
  6. Fantastic, I will keep an eye out! Never been to Boston, a nice week-end there with the wife ending with a Costco trip so I can bring back a big joe home sounds like the perfect week end. I was told the show deal for the floor model with free junior no longer exists though? Very sad.
  7. NH would be perfect. Its a 2-3h drive for me and no tax in NH :D
  8. Isn't the exchange rate a big pain in the ###? Been eyeing a Big Joe 2 for a long time, it's $3105CAD taxes in (in Montreal). Very frustrating they aren't doing Costco shows around here. I paid $700 for my Pitboss at Costco. If I'm going to pay four times the price snagging a show deal and getting a junior on top would be fantastic. $4800 is just... wow.
  9. Does the show ever make it to Delaware, Vermont or some other North-eastern state? I would actually drive from Canada to the US to get a big joe down there!
  10. I am having issues getting a nice golden crust on my steaks ever since I upgraded from a cheap kettle grill (which I used for 10 years) to my Pit Boss kamado this Summer. Especially on thinner cuts (1" or less). With my kettle it was so cheap I had leaks everywhere so I'd typically cook uncovered very close to the charcoal lumps to get my sear and then finish covered in an indirect zone until my thermometer hits 130F then I remove from heat, let it rest and serve at 135F which is my perfect medium rare. WIth my Pit Boss the seal is so good the internal temps sometimes rises to 130F before I got a good enough sear on both sides, especially with thinner cuts. I've tried a very high temp sear (500-600F range) then finish later at lower temps but the speed at which I got to 130F didnt give enough time for the marbling fat to render like I like it. Plus if I add fat (butter or oil) at high temps it just burns. I'm doing a 1.5" thick rib steak tonight and I'd like to hit the mark. How can I get that awesome maillard browning and a perfect medium rare? Clarified butter applied before the salt rub (I add pepper and cayenne at the end to prevent burning, not sure if this matters) and a 350F-400F cook? Thank you for your guidance.
  11. I was looking for half moons that would fit the pit boss perfectly but because of its particular size it doesnt seem that easy to find thanks for your input
  12. Is there a cast iron flat grate that will fit the 24" Pitboss? I'd like to try smash burgers.
  13. The gf prefers fall off the bone while I prefer some bite. So if I want to try fall off the bone next time, whats the best time to foil them?
  14. They came out much more moist than last time, but they weren't as tender I left them about 3h30min
  15. Here they are after 3 hours. Internal temps is between 185 and 190 depending on where I poke.
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