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  1. Still find ribs too dry. I cook to 140 degrees and have tried 225 degrees for a long time and 325 degrees for a shorter time, but to 140 degrees for the meat.
  2. Sometimes I cannot get the cover on my Akorn before it rains. When it rains water collects in the ash pan, but none of the charcoal is wet. All vents are closed. Any ideas on where rain is getting in and how to stop it?
  3. Everything I cook on the Akorn seems a little dry to me, even though I put a pan of water on the smoking stone. The only item that doesn't is Turkey because I inject it with butter. Any thoughts?
  4. For the last several years I have been using an Old Smokey for cooking, grilling and smoking. Just jumped into an Akorn and relearning my techniques. Looking forward to another smoked turkey on Christmas day.
  5. New to Kamado. Have an Akorn and tried to smoke/bake a turkey at Thanksgiving. 325 degrees; smoking stone and a few pieces of apple wood. Found that the turkey was finished much earlier than expected. I am assuming a Kamado is more like a convection oven? Is there a percentage that I should reduced cooking time?
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