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    I have had one for about 4 years. Only thing is you have to wipe the mating surface between the two pieces off regularly or it will stick....especially when cold. I also had to put new gasket on the top of my KJ so that when I turned the smokeware, the base wouldn't turn with the cap. I like it a lot more than my OG KJ Classic 1 daisy wheel that would constantly flip open when I opened the lid.
  2. You wont have any issue with that. The new gaskets are awesome. I have run with just one side on before and everything was fine.
  3. Yeah, years ago it happened in my neck of the woods. Something like 15 people got hit at work in one day. Our company hired a private eye to track them down. He was getting gas and noticed a vehicle matching the security cam footage following around a uhaul. He called the cops and they pulled them over. The uhaul was full of them from all over the city from what we were told. All for the metal inside.
  4. Wonder if you could fab up a Tip Top temp controller on there?
  5. From your original picture you may have room if you slide your joe to the right a bit. Cant tell the clearance on the left side. On my joe, it does go a little below the plane of the bottom gasket.
  6. With the aftermarket bags, you need to be careful not to get a roll that is too big. It makes it a pain in the butt. I use mine quite a bit to do meats. I will vac seal left overs and freeze. Then when I want to rewarm them I will use the sous vide.
  7. I want to see pics of this beast when you are done.
  8. Welcome. You are going to have a lot of fun. Check out Johns videos on running the grill. Stock up on lump charcoal, salt and pepper and have fun.
  9. It will be fine. Low and slow is the name of the game. It will probably be the best butt you ever have. What are you taking it to?
  10. I just did 3# of wings in my Napoleon tonight
  11. Found this on Ace this morning. Its the raw steel one...but it is $30 off. For BJ & BJII https://www.acehardware.com/departments/outdoor-living/grills-and-smokers/grill-parts/8003530
  12. Doesn't look to be the same thing. The roller is bigger and is ment to house all the lump/wood to specifically distribute the heat and smoke a certain way inside the dome. As The vortex will either concentrate it like a torch in the middle or keep it out of the middle. By putting the deflectors on it after you have loaded the middle with fuel would probably about snuff it out, as there isn't a gap on top to draw up through correctly.
  13. May want to try searing first and then going indirect. That bark looks good to me, but I didn't eat it. Feel free to let me know when you want me to come over and try your next attempt.
  14. Meh, you dont need the cart to start cooking as long as you have the joe. For my classics, i have one in the cart and one in a table I built. As far as moving the big joe, just get three or four guys and come up with a plan before you do the moving and make sure everyone knows how you are going to get it in the cart. When we did my neighbors big joe it wasn't' that bad. Otherwise you can always try to get something like this...https://ceramicgrillstore.com/products/chariot
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