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  1. adam319

    Replacement Wire Mesh Gasket Install Journal

    Hi Leo, I did mine yesterday as well. It was in the 30's and it didn't seem like it was sticking the best. What I did was open and close the lid a little to make the adjustments to the whole gasket until it didn't completely look like crap. Then I put a couple starters in my ash pan and fired up the grill from down below to heat everything up. Got it hot, then shut it down. My shoppers choice gasket didn't come with those joint covers, so I got to email them about that.
  2. adam319

    Smoking 3 Butts on a Diamond Cut B

    When I have done three, I did all on the same rack on my classic. I believe the diamond is the same size. My butts were 8# each. I did have to put on their side so they would all fit and the lid close. As for time, a way to speed it up is to crutch them when they are about to hit the stall. I know some will say that is blasphemy and to just let it cook. My fam will get hangry and hupset if dinner isn't ready on time.
  3. KJ's fire screen is built into the ash scoop that lives in the bottom while cooking. I haven't ever had an ember pop out on mine, but have noticed more stuff falling to the bottom.
  4. adam319

    Mileage from 15 inch Vacuum Sealer

    I have put a whole packer in an 11" bag. I was doing a sous vide brisket. It was a tight fit, but it worked. This was after smoking for 4 hours, so it did lose a little size.
  5. i have maintained 180 for a few hours for salmon. I cheated and used my flameboss. I have done 220 for 24 hours and could have maybe squeezed a few more out.
  6. adam319

    Sous Vide Brisket- coming soon

    Interested to see what you think. I did a prime packer like this a few months back (smoked first, then sous vide, then more smoke). I wish i woulda sous vide at 150. the texture of the brisket was not what I liked. It tasted good though.
  7. adam319

    FB 300 update fail

    lol. FB did get a hold of me by email on Tuesday. I let them know what happened and that I was able to get it up and going with the factory reset. It did happen to someone I know here locally with a BGE and they had to do the same. I am unsure of how widespread the problem is...I probably just had a bit of bad luck. No big deal. They sent the information to their developers to inform them that it happened. Flame Boss has some nice people working there.
  8. adam319

    Flame boss 300 help

    I think the latest update has some bugs that deletes saved settings. I had to hard reset mine. I am on IOS though. Good job on getting it figured out.
  9. adam319

    FB 300 update fail

    I don't have the face space....I tried calling but they are not open on Saturday. I left a ticket on the website. I did figure out how to factory reset the Flame Boss 300. On the controller hold the outside buttons and it will take you into a menu space. Factory Reset is an option on there. After I did that and then redid my WiFi stuff it all came back. Kinda sucks that I have been messing with it for an hour and a half. But now I can go run my errands...
  10. My flameboss just updated to FW 3.01.0001 and it can no longer do anything over wifi. If you were planning on using yours this weekend, turn off your wifi, plug in your FB and turn auto updates off. It doesn't even have a screen to try a factory reset anymore.
  11. looks like it fits good to me. Heck, you can add the ash drawer now!
  12. adam319

    Flame Boss 400 WiFi Anyone?

    I have had to replace my blower on my 300. They warrantied it, but I went ahead and ordered a replacement fan as well for 10 bucks and redid the connections myself. I wonder how difficult it would be to replace the fan on this one since everything is integrated.
  13. adam319

    kontrol tower top vent paint/coating issue

    Worst comes to worst you just get the smokeware cap for $40 bucks. I have a KJCII and the old style vent that I had never stayed put when opening the lid. Not a big deal.
  14. adam319

    Here comes the bride!

    Sounds like a huge day. Way to go!
  15. adam319

    Creosote Drip...

    I was just wondering. I have a smoke ware cap and haven't had that. I am sure a lot of other ppl are using the newer style cap. How often do you do high heat cook? Catsn'doos may be on to something. I cook on mine about 4 times a week. Most of it is at grilling temp vs smoking.