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  1. adam319

    Flame Boss 400 WiFi Anyone?

    I have had to replace my blower on my 300. They warrantied it, but I went ahead and ordered a replacement fan as well for 10 bucks and redid the connections myself. I wonder how difficult it would be to replace the fan on this one since everything is integrated.
  2. adam319

    kontrol tower top vent paint/coating issue

    Worst comes to worst you just get the smokeware cap for $40 bucks. I have a KJCII and the old style vent that I had never stayed put when opening the lid. Not a big deal.
  3. adam319

    Here comes the bride!

    Sounds like a huge day. Way to go!
  4. adam319

    Creosote Drip...

    I was just wondering. I have a smoke ware cap and haven't had that. I am sure a lot of other ppl are using the newer style cap. How often do you do high heat cook? Catsn'doos may be on to something. I cook on mine about 4 times a week. Most of it is at grilling temp vs smoking.
  5. adam319

    Creosote Drip...

    Just wondering. What cap are you running
  6. adam319

    Mangalitsa Pork

    I see...
  7. Has anyone ever done some Mangalista pork butt? I am talking with a farmer right now on procuring some Boston Butt and tenderloins at a very nice price. With it being so heavily marbled, I wonder how it will turn out smoking the Butt.
  8. adam319

    Blackstone cooking

    Good god man. You can't post like this. You are going to blow too many ppls minds!
  9. adam319

    Mishima American Wagyu 5 star NY Strips

    That is actually less than I thought it would be. I will have to check our my Costco and see whats going on in the meat section.
  10. adam319

    Mishima American Wagyu 5 star NY Strips

    Wow. That looks amazing. I would be scared to mess it up cooking it since it is so expensive.
  11. adam319

    Hello from Wisconsin

  12. adam319

    Anyone use the Rib Ring from BBQ Guru?

    Looks like it would work ok. Only thing is, you may have to add some time to the cook since they are packed in there like that.
  13. adam319

    Cherry-Pineapple Dump Cake

    Made this over the weekend. Very easy and gooooood. I threw in my DO and after we pulled dinner off the KJC. Worked out wonderful with some ice cream. Wanna try with some peaches next time.
  14. I like my flameboss 300 w Wifi. Was looking at the BBQ Guru wifi, but you have to enable port forwarding for it to work. I just thought the flameboss was a little better. There is also the option of waiting for the KJ version that is supposed to be out soon. I like to be out on my boat and keep an eye on my cook. Lets me know when I need to come in, and I can change the temp so I don't overcook.
  15. adam319

    cooking brisket overnight

    I would''t worry bout it. It may be supper though.