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  1. I have done them on the grate with the deflectors in place no problem. Eventually I want to get a basket for my joetissarie and cook them that way.
  2. Just got a email from Dalstrong today they are having the 20 days to fathers day sale...or something like that. Had 20% off 9" carving knife. Literally just ordered the shogun x chefs knife yesterday. I will be interested to see what comes out of the sale and how I like the shogun. I am not a knife connoisseur by any means. I just want something that will last so I can pass it down to my daughter after I pass down my KJ.
  3. Take the felt off. It is just going to come off over time if you put your new gasket on top of it. Using that copper caulk like John said is a must do in my opinion. After getting it cleaned up I did one gasket at a time with the caulk and set the lid down for it to cure over night.
  4. I am currently burning the Big Block since Lowes in my area has started to carry it. I tried the RO from Menards, but had so many rocks and metal banding come out of the bag, it turned me off from ever buying that again. Costco has the Cowboy in the 40# bags and that was my go to before the big block. I wish the road show would come here. I would buy a couple hundred pounds worth to hopefully get me through the year.
  5. Got a Waygu Brisket from Huntspoint a little while back. It was 17 or 18 pounds (pretrimmed) when I weighed it. I purchased from a woot.com deal. My buddy and I split the cost on it since we both wanted to try it so bad. You never second guess your trimming of a whole packer so much as when you are doing it on such an nice piece of meat. For the total of $144 we paid for it, I would do again.
  6. We do have netflix for watching movies. Got rid of the local cable a couple years ago. Now we use YoutubeTV for our local stations and other cable channels. Its $40 a month, but I split it with another family(can stream up to 3 devices at once). So for $20 per month it gets locals, a ridiculous amount of sport channels and unlimited DVR. Like all good things, they will mess it up at some point. We also have a antenna for if the internet goes down during storms we can catch whats going on over the air.
  7. Welcome. That is a really good question. From experience with the bowls once they get a crack and see heat cycles, it will keep going. I have a KJ and go through something internal on it about once a year. Unless there is someone that works for Dawsons on here, your best bet would be to call the company direct and ask them the question. The good thing is you bought from Costco and if you don't like their answer, you can take it back.
  8. Use the x-rack, put the deflectors on that and you will gain a bit more capacity for fuel.
  9. I like starting it this way on super windy days so I can keep my lid closed and not have my starters blow out. Also, its nice to start this way when it is super cold out to help get the ceramic heat soaked a bit faster.
  10. Also consider how the wind usually is blowing in your setup. I put mine so my joe is facing the house. So if it is windy out, the wind wont be stoking the fire as easy.
  11. I am not sure you will need to purchase the other acc since the joe comes with the half moons, D&C, and stand. Bout the only thing needed is lump, starters and fire.
  12. Lol, that is why you have a buddy go halfsies with you.
  13. I got mine off of Woot.com when they had a sale on it. $145.
  14. Started my Joe at 7pm and set the flame boss to maintain 225. Since we had a winter storm coming in, I took the D&C out, and covered it with some blankets and also had to set up a wind break for the blower on the flame boss. Woke up at midnight, shoveled about 4" of snow off the deck and threw in some hickory and apple. After that i pulled the brisket out of the fridge and rubbed it down. Put it on the joe until the next morning. It look like it had been in the stall for a while as of 6am, so I wrapped it in 2 layers of foil until about 11am when it hit 202. Turned out crazy good. I didn't hit it hard with rub or smoke, but can kick it up a bit for the next time. Oh yes, there will be a next time. When it was in the cooler, I went ahead and smoked a sausage roll just for grins. Meat with a side of meat.
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