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  1. So I just bought the Pit Boss K24 00 $549 @ costco delivered. Nice unit, here's my initial observations: Previously owned a Grill Dome, and foolishly gave it away to the movers a few months back on the promise (from wife v2.0) that I could by a new one. Was going to re-purchase the larger GD but instead got the pit boss. Assembly blah blah blah, easy and solid. Did the top felt mod, no issues but didn't do the bottom door. Started it up yesterday for the first cook (seasoned according to directions during the week, no issues) -- brisket that I wanted to smoke at 225-240 all day. Should have done the bottom mod. I could not keep the heat down at all! fully closed the thing ballooned up to over 450; I pulled the brisket off at about 350 to finish in the oven but kept the PB going to see what would happen. I could not shut this thing down at all. Temp kept climbing regardless of being fully closed. Today I did the bottom door with felt around the entire door; seems like there's already some felt around the opening so all I did was the door. Tight fit and hard to move the door, but I figure worth it. Got the unit up to 560 with a full open/full load of lump. Then I shut it down completely to see how long it would take: 2 hours to go from 560 to 250. Don't know if that's good or not, but at least it's shutting down. Opened the bottom vent about an inch and set the top to #1 to see how long it will hold. It stopped dropping at about 240, or so I thought. it started climbing back up to 250 again so I closed the bottom vent to about a quarter inch. I'm watching it now. Notice that the PB lid gets very warm. I can tell you that the GD was completely cool to the touch across every inch, so I'm guessing their custom ceramics are worth it. I'd prefer the extra large GD, but at about a third the price, I think the PB will work out well. If not, I'll just take it back to Costco!
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