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  1. That looks delicious. I think my wife and I would love that. As a newbie here, I'm off to do a search on Roberta's dough, and sure I can find it. Does that turn out think crust and crunchy? Next, can you give me a lead on the Roasted Garlic and Spice mix? Is that something out of a shaker bottle from the grocery store or something you made at home?
  2. This is crazy you posted this question. Our family did almost the same exact thing last night. I came here right now looking for the same topic and this was at the very top of the feed. My kids aren't big on steak sandwiches, although I was thinking Philly style with some peppers, onions, and cheese. Also am considering going towards steak quesadillas or nachos. We are headed to Mexico on Spring Break in a couple of days and I may get Nacho-ed out.
  3. Thanks for doing this. I've always wondered about this but haven't taken the time to do it myself. Mostly try to buy fresh, but not convinced that even then, it hasn't been previously frozen before it gets to my grocery store. I'd like to do a better job of taking advantage of sales or buying whole cuts of meat. I'd be curious about the same experiment with hamburgers.
  4. Thank you for posting this as it looks delicious. As a relatively newbie to the art of cooking meat, I have two questions. 1. If I wanted to use the same process but use beef instead, what cut of meat would you recommend? Does it have to be a beef tenderloin or is there a cheaper cut that would work the same. 2. If I go to the store and buy a boneless pork chop, are they selling me a couple of slices right from a pork loin?
  5. Thank you, yes, I've read through that thread as well. I actually made the thin crust (no yeast) dough on Saturday and it was delicious. The other recipes all call for a day or three of refrigeration, which is why I'm trying to get a better understanding of what is necessary versus what is optional when it comes to a rising dough.
  6. I'm a new Akorn chef and have been making pizzas using bought dough balls from Little Caesars Pizza stores. (Say what you want, but their dough cooked up at home with fresh ingredients is delicious!) With that being said, I'd like to experiment with some doughs at home to see if I avoid having to venture out to the store and buy the dough. Can someone help me with this recipe (and all recipes in general). Do dough recipes need to sit in the fridge overnight to continue rising? This one seems to say I can use it after 45 minutes (or a doubling in size). Is that true that I could just roll it out and cook? Or could I also put it in the fridge and use the next day?
  7. I use the same towels to dry my vehicles and boat after a washing. I like to leave a nice brisket smell behind to make the drive to work more pleasant. My wife would also kill me if I used a house towel.
  8. The pork came off the grill at 5:30, with an IT of 199 after about 10 hours for what original was an 8 lb cut. I had my Maverick set to go off at 200, but the last 3 degrees were taking a LONG time, and I wanted to wrap and put in the cooler and still eat before 7PM. The meat was definitely "probe tender" at that point. I did wrap it in foil, a couple of towels, and put it in the cooler. When the rest of dinner was ready, I started pulling it apart with a fork and it mostly fell apart into pieces. The truly amazing thing to me was how little fat was left that needed to be separated. I threw away next to nothing, other than the bone. And I was thinking about giving that to our dog. She would have gone crazy. I think I filled up on bark pieces before I put any meat on my plate. Pictures to follow, but I'm unsure of how much smoke penetration I got. I used hickory chips, and unsure how much smoke I was getting during cook. I was a little leery of putting too much in with the lump. I'm going to go look for some chunks this week. Overall, the meat was DELICIOUS! Everyone says this but, it was the best pork I've ever had! I don't think I've had pork any better at a BBQ restaurant, and pulled pork is my go-to meal, behind brisket. If this is what Kamado cooking with my Akorn can do, I'm hooked! I did learn a ton about what I need to do to affect the temperature and I'm interested to see if I can take that knowledge and remain a bit more consistent in the future. No way I would have felt comfortable leaving the house for more than an hour yesterday. Special thanks to @John Setzler for the sticky on how to cook a pork butt and the man cave pork rub. @philpom and @CeramicChef for the instructions on how to cook low and slow on an Akorn, and @philpom again for the sweet bourbon whiskey BBQ sauce recipe. It was delicious. Family loved it. @famasfilms No problem on jumping on board. Take the experience from the day and you'll nail it next time.
  9. 8 hrs in. 176 IT. This the first time I've opened the lid. I've been chasing the temp a little bit between 230 and 270. Learning a lot about the settings and what they do.
  10. I'm riding it out. I've read that the temp can drop during the stall. Not more than 5-10 degrees though
  11. Yes, I plan to put it in the cooler for a couple of hours. I think i've hit my first stall. Akorn is right at 250 and the pork has been steady at 162-163 for the last 45 minutes. I'm about 5 hours into the cook.
  12. The fire is lit at 6:15 AM Eastern. I've read and re-read the Boston Butt sticky and the Akorn "how to light it low and slow" about 50 times. I got an 8 pound butt from Kroger yesterday and seasoned it with John's Mancave pork rub and even cooked up a batch of philpoms Sweet Bourbon whiskey BBQ sauce. So at this point, I figure it's all out of my hands and all on you guys! Wish me luck, as my first ever cook of BBQ ribs was a disaster. (I've since made some killer steaks though.) I'm also spending the day remodeling a small bathroom and laundry room. Hope that project can equal the success I know I'm going to have with the pork.
  13. It's been a log time since I've had anything other than a gas grill. With the Acorn, where are you setting your grates and diffusers when loading up the charcoal or when not using the diffuser? I find myself just setting them on the paver patio, am thinking I need some sort of homemade cart.
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