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  1. matthilaman

    Jr Firing Up

    I just use a MAPP torch. I was having some issues with my cubes, but I figured out the old smaller lump pieces weren't allowing enough airflow. Adding a couple new big chunks to the bottom and to torch has my coals heating up in a matter of minutes. I'm typically cooking after work for my family or co-workers so the torch helps me get to my target temp quicker.
  2. matthilaman

    Kamado Joe Jr

    How did the cook go? Were you able to get your settings figured out?
  3. matthilaman

    Kamado Joe Jr

    Congrats on your purchase! I picked up a jr as well in Tacoma. Been using it religiously lately, its very addicting. I will be getting a big Joe in March during the Issaquah roadshow, but I'll be enjoying the jr till then!
  4. matthilaman

    Ribeye Cap Steaks

    I'll ask some questions and see if I can see why Costco has their tenderizing process in place.
  5. matthilaman

    Ribeye Cap Steaks

    Looks like Gig Harbor does carry them. They won't have it out all day like they normally do with other cuts. They typically bring them out 5-6 trays at a time as they trim them. I would suggest getting to know your local warehouse meat cutter as they will let you know then they get their prime shipments in and when they will trim these cuts as well. Some warehouses will have these more often than others, just depends on sales.
  6. matthilaman

    New KJ gasket!

    Sounds like something my ex-fiance would say!
  7. matthilaman

    New KJ gasket!

    Sadly, there are members that are willing to lug back a 250lb ceramic units only to buy the same one with upgraded features. I think the person buying a KJ is not the typical costco member. They're willing to pay for a quality product and will appreciate it, not look up and down the aisle for the lowest price. As for Costco's return policy, its all pre-negotiated with the vendor so it varies quite a bit. I will say that Costco foots the bill for more returned items than you think.
  8. matthilaman

    Roadshow Ready When Doors Open?

    Yep, this one ends on the 15th.