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  1. yes they were frozen. I watched several youtube videos, the kamado joe video is the one I most closely emulated, although I did use some garlic along with the paprika and I also used a pat of butter on each tail. Oh yeah, I also turned them over to give the meat more of a 'cooked' look. here's that video
  2. thanks! this was a first for me, the lobster tail. Definitely won't be the last, that's for sure
  3. we had a surf and turf supper tonight. Ribeyes, Lobster tails and potatoes covered with olive oil and sea salt. All done on the Akorn. First time to ever cook lobster, and it won't be the last!
  4. ok I am at the point of needing to buy some charcoal. I usually stock up on briquettes when home depot and lowes put it on sale around the major holidays, but of course with the akorn, I use lump, and I didn't have one last year at Labor Day, so I didn't buy any when it was on sale. so I'm out of lump, though the akorn is stocked. My local Home Depot and Walmart are across the street from each other. Walmart has 20# of B & B lump for 14.97, and HD has Royal Oak 20# bags for 12.97. I've been using the RO, the last bag I bought seemed to have a lot of really small stuff in it. Anyone used the B & B? I've read some reviews, and just like everything else in life, there are some that say it's the best ever and some of course who say it's the worst ever.......So I'll see if anyone here, in a group I'll trust more than possible fake reviews on their website, have an opinion either way?
  5. they replaced mine for me when they went bad, about the same time passed as yours. It's been a couple years now and I'm just to the point of needing to replace the ambient temp probe. Last year fathers day my wife got me an igrill 2, absolutely love it, but the probes went bad on it, they replaced them promptly though, and I ordered 2 more so now I have spares. One way to check if they're reading right is boil some water and stick the end of the probes in and see what temps you get. The new probes on my igrill all read 208-210, so I know where they are...
  6. Thanks! I can't believe I didn't take any pics after we sliced it. I guess I was in too big a hurry to eat, I will later though
  7. I did a picnic on the akorn yesterday. man it turned out good. Not sure if I mentioned this, but I've had trouble (or so I thought I was) holding temps on the akorn, thing was all over the place. I make sure to only make small adjustments at a time. Then I realized something wasn't quite right, did a check and both the probes for my Igrill2 were bad, one showed constantly in the 400-500 degree range, the other was almost exactly 100 degrees off. Under warranty and they are sending me new probes, plus I ordered a few extras on amazon. I broke out the ole maverick, man it's so much easier to hold a temp when you actually KNOW what the temp is.... anyway, here's a few pics of the picnic. We'll eat on this a few days and freeze what's left.
  8. nice, I was trying to find something to work on the JR! I have a small pan just like that also, but I am thinking I'd just cook right on the bricks with parchment paper? is there a reason you wouldn't consider that? Just curious oh, one other question, that's not the original grate, so what rack is that you're using? nothing against the original, I'm just curious
  9. congrats on the new akorn! you're gonna love it!
  10. yes, just cook it until it's "fork tender" you won't even have to cut it up. I pulled this one because I was struggling to keep temps stable, or so I thought, I've found out since then that the probes for my Igrill are BOTH bad, so what I thought were issues with the temps, was actually an in accurate thermometer. they're sending me replacements and in the mean time, I've pulled the ole maverick back out to use
  11. we have a brand new grandson, born monday night at 10:55 pm 7lb 5 oz 20" Waylon Colt. They're coming home from the hospital today, and since everyone has eaten either hospital food or fast food all week, I did a chuck roast, potatoes and carrots on the akorn...
  12. same reason I wanted the JR, for the camper. you'll enjoy it! I find it's a little small, but still turns out some really good food!
  13. yeah the width of the kroger store brand rolls was not good. which prompted my comment about that. also, there were four adults and a child, there was one piece left, and the wife put it in a container to take to work tomorrow for lunch. So that's a more accurate description of servings. Not thinking real clear this evening, going on very little sleep as we were at the hospital until after 4 am this morning awaiting a grandson to be born, who has decided it must be a fun game to act like he's ready for a few hours, then say 'nah, nevermind' third trip to the hospital since last Friday.....and every time there's a different doctor on call, who has a different idea of how far along she has to be, to keep her and go ahead and induce the lil bugger.....LOL
  14. I cut it in between each of the rolls, making each roll a 'serving' I guess, so 16. But I also would assume it would depend upon one's definition of a 'serving'
  15. man it was good! I didn't think to take a pic when it was cut. I did learn though, next time I won't skimp on the crescent rolls and buy the store brand, I'll go ahead and get the pillsbury good ones. This wasn't bad by any means, but it sure could have been better
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