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  1. Sjc

    Cracked firebox

    Hi I got my Joe in January today I noticed a slight crack in the firebox. I put in a warranty claim I was wondering can I still use it with the crack Thanks
  2. I did smashed burgers on the Kamado joe with the soapstone. Worked great let it warm up for about 40 min temperature was reading about 550 on the stone. Gave it a nice char tasted great. For some reason it won't let me upload picture my file size is good too so don't know why.
  3. Sjc


    Hello just ordered myself the soapstone grate looking forward to a cookbook on it What is good to cook on it.
  4. Sjc

    Steak grates

    Hi I want to cook my first steak what is the best grill for it. I have the stainless steel one is cast iron better for that Thanks
  5. Thanks for all the help answering my questions I am a newbie when it comes to Kamado cooking.
  6. Today kind of damp out minus 15 is pretty nice this time of year lol
  7. First time trying it marinade it in Avacado oil with some balsamic vinegar and ginger ale. Direct heat at about 350 turned out great way better than my propane bbq not dry at all. Used the cowboy lump charcoal. Outside temperature was minus 15 Celsius
  8. Sjc


    Hello I was wondering when I get my joe to say 350 when I open the lid the gauge drops to about 200 is that accurate. Do you have to adjust to get the temperature back up Thanks
  9. Sjc

    Grill temperature

    Thanks I will give it a shot
  10. Sjc

    Grill temperature

    Hi do you guys use a thermometer to check grill temp if yes which one. I have the igrill2 but just the meat probes.
  11. Did my first cook on the Kamado joe Whole chicken it was snowing and raining that sucked. Turned out pretty good I was a little worried about the temperature of the chicken igrill2 read 170 on two prongs it just seemed really moist.
  12. Hi never used my Joe before just got it. I would like to try a whole chicken no idea where to start. Should I go indirect or direct what temp should I marinade the bird any suggestions Thanks
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