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  1. Are you leaving the bottom damper door open or closing it and turning the wheel all the way open? I can usually get 550-600 readings on the dome thermometer when I have the door open, and it is probably closer to 450 with just the wheel.
  2. I never use the center grate for charcoal. Yes, for me the primary use is for deflector plates. I have used it as a second grate for ribs before. And I've used it when I've made chili and the pot was too big for the lid to close. When grilling on the top, I do typically remove the center grate.
  3. I've thought about using a shop vac to clean out the ash instead of dealing with the ash spilling or flying out. Haven't tried it yet though.
  4. I can't answer your question directly because I live in a warm weather climate. To answer the question about insulation, take a look at the video below. They filled it with charcoal and ran it at 250 degrees for 27 hours before it started to drop in temp. They did not say what the outside temp was, but I still think it basically answers the insulation question, as any temperature outside is lower than 250 degrees. I've owned a blaze Kamado for about 2 and a half years now and have never had any issues with fuel efficiency. My longest cook is probably about 15 hours or so, and I had plenty of charcoal left. I'll also answer that my family has owned many PK grills over the decades, which are aluminum as well and not nearly as insulated as the Blaze. And they operated perfectly fine in cold weather. So while it might not be as efficient as a ceramic kamado if put side-by-side, just based on the basics of how each material operates, I see no reason to think it would make any difference in real world, day-to-day usage.
  5. My family has been cooking on the classic PKs for decades. We have no experience with the 360s. Between my brothers and uncles, we have probably 10 of this "classic" style, including the new ones they are selling today and the old ones that we have had for many, many years. http://www.pkgrills.com/the-pk-grill-smoker-classic-silver/ We also have a few of the really old style that looks a little bit like the 360 but is more square. I really can't sing the praises of PK enough. I don't care what their warranty is. If you take basic care of it, it will outlive you. If you don't take basic care of it, it probably will still outlive you. We only put them out of commission when we use them so much that a hole burns through the bottom of it. My thoughts are that for camping/fishing, at least for me and the way I've always camped, I'm rarely going to be smoking something, so I'd just go with the classic model. You can certainly smoke with them with a little bit more effort and they are great for grilling of course. They are bigger than the BGE and as you said, they are much more transportable. If you want the Kamado style and something more transportable, I'd go with Akorn Jr.
  6. Go to YouTube and search for videos on how to start a Kamado grill. Watch a few of those. Then search around for low and slow and grilling. There are tons of videos there, many done by the folks that frequent this site. This site will be a big help as well, but starting out, you'll get information the quickest in video form on YouTube.
  7. I'm with you on the smoked wings vs fried. I cook these once or twice a month and they always go over well. Very easy to prepare and cook.
  8. We have a beach trip coming up soon. Some friends mentioned that we should take a grill with us. I decided to be the one that chose and purchased the grill.
  9. It's working well for me. They just recently added a new feature to the cash out process. Before, as you said, you had to cash it out into a gift card, which was not immediate. Now you can set it to automatically do that. The balance just showed up for me as an option to use when I purchased the akorn yesterday. If you shop at wal mart often, it might be worth giving a try again. I personally think they should just make the whole thing automatic instead of making users submit receipts to use it, but guess that would be too customer focused. Can't have that.
  10. I bought one at $91 yesterday. If any of you shop Walmart often or use their grocery pickup service, you should download the Walmart app and use Savings Catcher. The premise of it is that you submit your receipt and then their system searches competitors for a certain amount of time to see if there is a cheaper price for the items you bought. And if there is, you get the difference. I typically get between 1 and 5 percent back on my groceries every week. I cashed in my savings catcher rewards on my Jr and got the price down to $50.
  11. I emailed Blaze customer service about this grade of stainless still used in this plate and its ability to withstand extreme heat. They responded and said that it is made of 7ga (3/16") 304 grade stainless steel and the maximum heat that can be achieved in the Kamado should have no ill effect on the plate. Here is a link I found related to the temperature tolerance of the different grades of stainless steel. https://www.marlinwire.com/blog/what-is-the-temperature-range-for-304-stainless-steel-vs-316-vs-330 It also has a lifetime warranty if something did happen.
  12. Blaze finally posted the results of this test. It's a pretty silly video. After showing that the grill survived the test structurally, they thought it worthwhile to show that it could still cook food fine. I doubt anyone questioned that.
  13. I got this yesterday and am planning to try it out soon. Maybe today. I will mainly use it as a heat deflector but do want to use it as a searing and possibly a baking plate as well. I've had two other heat deflectors. One was ceramic and it cracked after the second use. The other was aluminum, really thin. After about 6 months of use, it ended up getting a big hole burned in it. For those that have this, do you cover it with aluminum foil or anything to keep the drippings from building up on it? This thing is really heavy, so dealing with it when it is hot and getting it cleaned up after a cook could be a bit of a mess. And it seems cleaning it after it has cooled down could be harder and leave some residue that might work its way into the food when used to cook on directly.
  14. Ahh ok. I must have missed that. Thank you.
  15. Is anyone else having trouble logging into this site with Tapatalk on Android? When I log in, it tells me, "you are not logged in or you do not have permission". This has happened before and it usually goes away within a day or so. But it's been like this for me for about a week now I believe.
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