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  1. I just logged into facebook from my computer, using Chrome, and it's working. Maybe try again today and see if it's working? Perhaps it was just a temporary glitch. A few other things to try if it is still not working: - Did you try accessing it without using the bookmark? Maybe the bookmark has something extra it's adding in a query string or something that Facebook doesn't like. Try opening a new browser window and just typing in the URL and see if that works. - Do you have another computer you can try it on? This would help you know if it is the specific computer or install of chrome you are on. - Try disabling any extensions that you have installed in your Chrome browser. Especially anything that might have been installed recently,but it could be any of them because they could have been updated or something in facebook could have changed, so it would be easier to disable all of them at one time and see if that's the culprit. If this makes it work, then re-enable them one by one to see which one is causing the issue. - Not that I expect this to change anything, but if all else fails, uninstall and re-install chrome. Make sure your bookmarks are being sync'd before you do this so that you can get them back after reinstalling.
  2. @NeroPrime you said it came out a little dry. The only time I've had this happen with a pork butt is when I forgot to let it rest. Just wanted to see if perhaps this could have been your issue as well. I don't inject my pork butt, but I do wrap mine in foil and add apple juice after it's been cooking for a while (after internal temp gets to about 150 degrees), and I leave it wrapped until it's probe tender. I don't believe that is necessary for a moist and tender pork butt though.
  3. Definitely go with the pork butt for your first low and slow. While you are waiting for your cooker to arrive, search here and/or on YouTube for how to control temps on your cooker. Get very comfortable mentally with how the cooker will work. Save the ones you find the most helpful so you can have them ready when your cooker arrives. First day, start it up and spend some time adjusting the vents and making notes of what setting is used to get to what temperature. Small adjustments, from low to high. When I did this test on my cooker, I believe I threw some burgers on at the end. I didn't test all the way up to the very high temperature ranges. So if you really want to get something on the grill the first day, maybe throw on some burgers or hot dogs or something pretty easy. Just keep in mind while cooking that you should keep the lid closed as much as possible, only opening to flip the meat (and only doing that a couple of times). Once done, you could continue your temperature test up to the higher temps. Recipes for pork butt is easy. Meat and rub. Again, this site and YouTube are your friend. Read posts and watch a bunch of videos to hold you over. Use a note taking app to save the ones you like. I spent a couple of weeks waiting on my cooker as well and found the time to research very helpful once it finally came in.
  4. Yes, I saw your old post and other on other sites about drilling the holes. My relative said that he personally thinks the skin comes out better if it is cooked in the fat this way I do need to go with boneless next time.
  5. About 275-300 degrees. When my relative told me how long he cooked them, I was a little surprised, but I thought I wold give it a go. They were not dry at all. Maybe this is because they were braising in their own fat, as @ckreef mentioned.
  6. A relative of mine competes on the KCBS circuit regularly, and he mentioned to me that he had started trying a new method for chicken that he thought I should try. Some competitors use cupcake pans and have great results. Instead of cupcake pans, he is using mini muffin loaf pans. I thought this sounded cool but didn't really intend on trying it any time soon. But then I went to Aldi last weekend and came across nice size thighs at 69 cents a pound. 10 thighs for $4. I couldn't pass it up. But I didn't really come out ahead. I still had to get the muffin loaf pan. So I ordered the pan from Amazon and waited patiently for Prime shipping to beat the clock on my chicken sell by date. Which of course it did. Here's the steps... Pan buttered. Thighs rubbed. As you can see the thighs are not going to fit in the pan all that nicely. I could have taken the bones out, but I didn't have time. So I just decided to get them in there as best as I can. Cooked for 1.5 hour. I had a couple of extra thighs, which I figured would give me a good comparison. Oh, and it's summer and Florida. Most of the time when the grill is going, there is a pineapple on it. Flip. Cook for another hour. Sauce, then another half hour on the grill. Both pans would not fit on the Blaze side by side, so I multi leveled them. The final results. They tasted excellent. The ones that were not cooked in the pan tasted very good as well, but not quite as good as the ones in the pan, especially the skin. I'll definitely try to get better presentation the next time I do it by removing the bones and forming to the pan more. The good thing about cooking at home is presentation isn't near as important as taste.
  7. I haven't heard about any difference in taste and can't imagine why there would be any. I'd think the flavor profile would be the same, especially once the inside grill surface has been seasoned. But I have no experience with a ceramic kamado, so I may be missing something. There are other non-ceramic kamados on the market though and I've never seen anyone here claim that they have a different flavor profile than the ceramics.
  8. Ribs are one of my favorite things to cook. I don't really know why. For some weird reason, I like trimming them (even getting that pesky membrane removed ) and going through the process of figuring out how to arrange them on my Kamado and cook them to the doneness that we like. The first test I did with multi level cooking on my Blaze Kamado was also with ribs, so I liked that challenge. Of course I like eating them too, but I find more enjoyment in the process. Until yesterday, I had only cooked baby backs. I've seen spares but never really considered them. More baby backs come in the package, they turn out great, etc. Anyway after a friend and a family member said they prefer spares because they are bigger and have more meat on them, I thought I'd give them a try. I found a 2 pack in Gordon Food Service Store for a great price. These were full spares. I looked up videos on how to trim them St Louis style. Almost did that, but then decided for this first time I would just cook them as they came with very little trimming, just to see what everyone in my household thought. Wow was there a lot of meat on these things! I don't know the term for it, but the bottom meat section below the cartilage was my favorite. I could definitely see different preparations of this meat like rib tips being fun to try. Others liked the meat around the bones the best. In the end, the 6 of us that ate them only ate one of the two racks. Great leftovers too!
  9. Did you ask how it holds up to corrosion in salty air? For those that might stumble upon this thread and want more details, I posted a tour of the Blaze Kamado when a section for it was added to this forum. Here is a link: https://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/33839-blaze-kamado-tour/
  10. Glad to hear it turned out fine in the end, and before midnight. Even though I'm pretty comfortable with my cooker, I get nervous on days like today when I have to cook for a bunch of people at a particular time. It does sound like you had some weird circumstances with your cooker today. As others have suggested, it is probably a good idea to do some test runs and see if you can get to the bottom of what was going on with the temperature swings. Hopefully that process will also allow you to build more of a comfort level with the settings too.
  11. If it's been hanging steady around 216 for an hour, that's a good place to be IMO. No real reason to adjust anything unless you want to get it finished quicker than how long it might take it at that temperature
  12. Take a look at the Blaze Kamado if you think you still want to have the versatility of a kamado but want to ensure it will hold up to being dropped or working around. It is made of solid cast aluminum and has a full lifetime on everything, including the grates. I bought a Blaze about 6 months ago and have been very happy with it. I do understand wondering if the cost is worth the money right now though, especially if your primary use is for grilling. I would hesitate on going only with a pellet grill, mainly because of the high temp limits as you mentioned. But I do know some people with pellets as secondary options who love them. If you don't mind having several options on your porch, perhaps it would make sense to get a pellet and a decent grill for high heat. (take a look at PK grills for a nice grill that lasts forever and has a lot of versatility). The only bad thing about getting something (or two somethings) that's not a kamado - you might miss the kamado. Then you might have to make room for another something!
  13. That's is some really big chunks. One thing I like to do with my Kamado, especially when working with bigger pieces of lump. Get some cheap briquettes and start with a small mound of that at the bottom of your pile, right around where you put your lighter cube. That has pretty much eliminated any issues I've had with fires going out. It's not as necessary if you have smaller pieces of lump with little to no gaps. But if you have big pieces, the consistency of briquettes in between and around the lump will help a lot, especially as you learn your cooker.
  14. Take a look at this video which shows one way to sear first and then shut down all vents and letting the steaks "dwell" to the desired temperature.
  15. Hi and welcome! Glad to have another Blaze owner on here. Yes, I cook low and slow on mine very often. I assume you leave the vents wide open after closing the lid, right? The temps will rise pretty fast here, which is what you want so you can start cooking sooner rather than later. I start adjusting my vents once my temperatures get 20-30 degrees below my target temperature. For low and slow, that means push both vent settings to really just barely open. (you can check your manual for setting guidelines. They are pretty accurate but really this is something you have to get a feel for through trial and error. Every cooker behaves a little differently, plus wind conditions could affect things, etc)You should see the temps stop going up so quickly pretty much right away. Once the temps have settled a bit and if they are close to your target temp, put the meat on. If the temps stall at too low, open the vents a little more. If you wait too long to close the vents, and/or the temps get high for some other reason, it will take a long time to get them back down. You of course will appreciate this heat efficiency when you get good at hitting and staying at your target temp. If you are close to 300, I wouldn't worry about it too much. Put the meat on and close the vents to the barely open setting. Especially if it's a forgiving meat like a pork butt. Your temps will drop over time and your food should still turn out great. I'll mention this as well even though it doesn't apply to your case specifically but because you will probably run into it and it speaks to management on the Blaze. If you ever find that your temps drop below the target temp and keep falling and you start to fear that your fire is out - open the bottom vent damper door and blow into the bottom a few times. If you look in, you may see some coals start to get red again. Leave it like that until you see your temps starting to go up. Then close and set your vents back where they need to be. Let me know if you have any other questions. Good luck and enjoy your cooker!