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  1. Would like to get a wok for my XL primo. Does anybody know if anybody makes a ring to hold a wok? Seen them frequently on the round variety, but not so much for the oval. Thanks Eagle
  2. For those of you that have a cold smoking setup, what diameter dryer hose do you recommend? I am planning on using a Brinkman bullet as the smoke source. Thanks in advance. Eagle
  3. Meat turned out really well. Had good smoke penetration, and remained moist and fairly tender. Thanks for all the help.
  4. Finished with the grill. Now peacefully resting in the igloo for an hour or two. Will post a final shot when I shred it.
  5. One lesson I learned this morning is to let is settle in a bit longer. I only let is sit about 10 minutes, and it was moving around a bit when the meat first was on.
  6. 7 hours in. IT is 165. Will be wrapping it shortly.
  7. More the reason I was looking for wired was I am looking for cheap until I can save up a bit for a smoke or a meager (if they ever do start production). Thinking I will just get another wired kitchen thermometer and set it on the grates.
  8. That is what I was thinking. It is a sugarless rub, (salt, pepper, granulated garlic) so that would account for some of the lack of blackness.
  9. Are you supposed to put the wood on top of the charcoal, or mix it in. I mixed it in, and wonder if there is a piece or two away from the heat.
  10. Mesquite. About 3 fist sized chunks and then a handful of smaller stuff.
  11. Four hours in. Concerned there is not more of a smoke effect. Is th is normal for pork butt. Dome temp 240, IT 142.
  12. Still trying to figure out temp settings. Shut thing down to far and thought I killed my fire. Opened things back up and now back where I want them.
  13. First time to smoke anything on my new Primo. First time to smoke a pork butt (have done a few brisket on my brinkmanship bullet). Will update through the day.
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