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  1. Smoked Turkey, London Broil, and 2 Boston Butts.
  2. My Akorn is the same way. I don't use the dome thermometer. I trust my Maverick more.
  3. My name is Rick Newman and I live in Randleman NC. I bought a Akorn kamado grill at Lowes and i am HOOKED! I was approached on another website by someone who saw the pictures I was posting, and asked that I visit this site and show them here. I never knew of this site, but I love the opportunity to talk to other people about my "baby", and to hear and share recipes. I have a page on Facebook called 'Ricks recipes' where I also share recipes with family and friends that are tried and true, or something I'm just playing with. Below is one of my beer can chickens and some baby back ribs that I smoked. Hope to talk soon!
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