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    That is a fine piece of work. Nice part about on wheels is you can move it if breeze/smoke blowing wrong way. I have a couple pieces of marble a friend gave me that I would like to build a table on the patio under cover. Smoke on my brothers! OR
  2. Wow, that is spot on. I have 2 small birds about to be my first cook on the Jr. while camping this weekend. Might be a bit tight, but think it will be OK. What size is that drip pan? I had to cut and make shift one. That looks to be a perfect fit. Keep On Smokin! OR
  3. I know exactly what you mean these guys put a spell on me and I have 2 kamado's in 6 weeks. I got the JR. last week and just received the smokin stone yesterday. I will take the little dude camping for the first cook this weekend. Enjoy!! OR
  4. Yes, I did see the vent had some play and thought I remembered a comment or post addressing that. Thanks guys I will get the money and smoke in my brother's! Cheers, OR
  5. Well put the Jr. together and will get the first cook next weekend when we will be camping with the Kids. I do see some weak links which you guys identified before I bought so no big surprise. The primary weakness appears to be the gaskets both on the ash pan and the lid. So here is my question: How did you fix this or has it been a real problem? Of you that did modify or fix please describe the process and pics. Do not get me wrong I am very impressed with this little guy just looking to head off any manufacturer short fall. Cheers, OR
  6. NICE COOK!!! I too contemplated waiting for the new to show up at a road show, but could not wait and the end product will still be the same. Cheers, OR
  7. Looking for the perfect consistent lump for the Akorn Jr. and remembered someone stocking up on Char Broil 100% center cut lump. Why does Lowe's have it for $10.99 per 11lb box and I see it on Amazon $32-42 the same 11lb box?? Cheers, OR
  8. Just picked up a Jr. and wondering what lump you guys prefer being its smaller size? Figure the lump I use in my KJC is mostly to large. I have been saving the smaller pieces and now have a use. Thanks, OR
  9. I hear ya. They both will get ya where you are goin one just turns heads. Don't look or that VW will pass ya right by. OR
  10. Now will that be arriving FedEx, UPS OR Brinks? OR
  11. When I first saw a KK I thought "why would anyone buy a smoker for that much money?". Then the more I looked the more I was drawn in. They are such a work of art, but WAY out of my budget. Now if you are feeling generous beyond belief or drinking heavily I would certainly love to be the recipient of that generosity? OR
  12. NICE job JoeC!!! I believe I commented on your Mexican food before, U R RIDICULOUS!!! That looks sooooo good that if you ever decide to come to Texas I will MEAT you at the border and sponsor you to gain citizenship. Cheers, OR
  13. These things are so addictive that I daily look on CL hoping to find a vengeful wife, ex-wife, girlfriend or ex-girlfriend, heck this is the 21st century, boyfriend , selling his KOMODO cheap and needs gone today before he gets home. Never know??? Cheers, OR
  14. Well I maybe need to be clear, I am talking about the Costco road show. Cheers, OR
  15. I aint gonna even touch that! I know I left myself open on that one so I will go there, "That's what she said" OUT OR
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