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  1. After several cooks on the 1300 I am very impressed with it. I like the Super Smoke mode. I did two pork butts last weekend for the Super Bowl and they both came out great with a good smoke flavor and were moist and juicy. I created a recipe that went Super Smoke for the first 3 hours at 200 degrees then had it bump up to 275 for the remainder of the cook. I estimate that I only used about 8.5 pounds of pellets for the 10.5 hour cook. I am really liking the 1300.
  2. I have been looking at those. They started shipping last week to preorders.
  3. I know its been a while since you asked but I would recommend either the Ironwood or the Timberline. If you live in a colder climate I would say the Timberline with the added double wall insulation would be the better of the two.
  4. Got the new hot rod installed and it works like a champ. I had to replace the entire unit from the control panel to the fire pot. Traeger did diagnostics connecting to my Timberline online and said everything was good. It was a $28 fix.
  5. Got it picked up on Sunday. It was a lot easier than I thought. With the elevator getting it down from the second floor and rolled out to the truck was no problem. Since the lid had already been taken off we put it in the back seat of the truck on some moving blankets along with the firebox. It made the 4 hour trip home with no problems. Lifting the base into the back of the truck was no problem with two people. Got it put together yesterday. Only hard part was getting the lid back attached to the hinge. We had to loosen up the bolts on the side of the hinge to get the bolts thru the mounts. A
  6. Just got an email that they finally shipped the hot rod. I was hoping it would be here before Christmas but looks like it won't be.
  7. Picking it up went fine, got it home and figured out what was wrong with it. The guy I bought it from had switched out the hot rod but instead of getting the DC version that goes on the second gen 1300 he got the AC version. So after talking it over with Traeger service I ordered a DC hot rod for it and that should fix it. Hopefully the new DC hot rod will be here in a few days and fingers crossed that is all that is wrong with it and the wrong hot rod didn't corrupt the controller. I still got a heck of deal even if I have to change out the controller but fingers crossed all I have to do is c
  8. I stumbled into a deal on a Traeger Timberline 1300 yesterday on Facebook Marketplace. Can't beat a price of $600 for a 1300 less than a year old. Going to drive down south a couple of hours and pick it up this morning.
  9. Here is the plan I think will work. Since the lid is already seperated from the hinge, I take it down to the truck seperate of the base. I then take two ratchet straps and cross them over the base and thru the nest to keep the base on the nest. I found out there is a elevator in the building, so I then roll the strapped Big Joe to the elevator and then roll into a trailer I can rent from Tractor Supply that has the drop down loading tailgate. I then run straps thru the nest to the sides of the trailer to secure it to the trailer. Possibly run one strap over the top of the base to keep any top
  10. Ok, so that's why it's looking like that. The price is damn good but I have to find some helping taking it down a flight of stairs. I guess if the top isn't connected to hinge I could take the top off and then figure a way to get the bottom shell down the stairs and into the back of my truck.
  11. I found a used Big Joe 1 for sale and it appears either the hinge is messed up or they split the top from the base to move it. My question is since it appears I will have to move it downstairs taking the lid off from the base will I need to do something with the hinge first like zip ties or something? Also does it look as though the hinge is shot?
  12. Masterbuilt will be coming out with a larger version in the spring according to a guy that owns a grill store not far from me. The larger size will be about twice the size of this one. I decided to wait till the larger version comes out before getting one. I was told the larger version will retail for about $800.
  13. I'm seriously thinking of getting one of these. I just happen to have a $500 Home Depot gift card that I got last Christmas.
  14. I'm seriously thinking of adding a second Classic instead of adding the Big Joe. Since I have a Classic and a Jr adding a second Classic would probably give me the needed space.
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