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  1. I sold my Traeger Pro 34 a few months ago and had started looking at higher end pellet smokers to add to my Kamado Joe. I think I looked at every higher end pellet from the Traeger 1300 to Pitts & Spitts to Yoder to Blazn and Mak. I was really torn between the Yoder and the P&S and Yoder. Sunday morning I was checking email and Facebook when a Facebook Market post showed a Yoder YS640 for sale for $1000. I messaged the owner and he had just posted it. After talking for a few minutes i learned that it was less than a year old and had no problems but he was selling to go bigger in a stick burner. I decided it was a good deal and told him I wanted to buy it. I drove to north Dallas (about a 4 hours drive) and was blown away when I got there. Not only did I buy the Yoder he also had the cover, two piece diffuser, a brand new stainless steel shop vac for the ash, grill grates, and to top it off 1320 pounds of Lumberjack pellets! I got everything back home and actually have a sore back from unloading 33 forty pound bags of pellets. I fired it up on Monday it runs like a champ. The Yoder had also never been registered so I have the full warranty as well. Long story short I found a unicorn.
  2. Well after being able to see both the Yoder ys640 with a comp cart and the Pitts and Spitts Mav 1250 I am leaning toward the Pitts and Spitts. The larger cooking area of the Pitts and Spitts along with the bigger hopper were the main things I liked. The Yoder on the comp cart was actually kinda low and I didn't care for the idea of having to bend over that much to put meat on or off the smoker. I may flip back to the Yoder by the time I buy in a few months but I really liked the Pitts & Spitts.
  3. I looked at the Timberline 1300 online. There are some things I read that I really like and I had things not so much. I guess most could be answered by being able to see one up close (well that and the ridiculous front shelf...lol). My local Traeger dealer says he isn't going to get a Timberline in anytime soon due to a waiting list on dealers. I think I have focused on the Spitts and Pitts instead of the Yoder. It does look like I am going to spend at least $2000 to upgrade so there is a lot to think through. I have been reading up on the Savannah Stoker and like what I have read.
  4. I have had my Traeger Pro 34 for about a year now and have made some great meals on it, but I am thinking about getting something else. My main thing that drives me nuts about the Traeger is the temp on the controller started off being really close to actual temp but over time has gotten worse. I can have as much as 50 degree difference in what the controller is showing to what my Thermoworks Smoke or Maverick thermometers indicate. I am trying to decide to get the Savannah Stoker controller to see if that fixes it or just put that $200 toward a new unit like a Yoder ys640 or a Pitts and Spitts 1250. I also looked at the Rec Tec but it appears to me to be just a little better version of my Pro 34 in the build quality. I would appreciate any and all input on these units I am looking at. Thanks.
  5. I am thinking of adding a Pit Barrel Cooker to my arsenal of outdoor cooking gear. I was wondering if anyone has one or has cooked one one. .
  6. maroongoon


    I looked at Traeger and Yoder but I decided on the Rec Tec. My opinion I think the Rec Tec offers the best bang for your buck.
  7. I have found a dealer about 100 miles from me and will try to get down there in a week or so to check them out. I have been doing some reading online and I was wondering about pellet consumption. I have read that the YS640 uses a lot of pellets. I called All Things BBQ and the guy I talked to said they use about 2 pounds of pellets per hour. That is a lot of fuel costs to factor in. Today I am doing a brisket on my KJ and I am going on 19 + hours and it is still going on the lump I started with. If i get pellets for around $.75 per pound then I would have burned over $35 worth of pellets all ready.
  8. I will start off by saying I have a Classic Kamado Joe and have been looking at the new Big Joe. Today I was out an about town running errands and one place I stopped is a BGE dealer. The owner and I talked about the differences and similarities between the BGE and the KJ. I was then offered a deal on XL Big Green Egg. The deal is XL BGE, platesetter, and a BGE cypress XL table for $1500. Is this a good deal? I know the Big Joe was going to run around $1800 to $1900.
  9. I have been looking at the YS640 online and it appears to be built well but there isn't any dealers close to me and was wondering if anyone has one or has any experience with one. I would like to hear the good and bad about them.
  10. i appreciate the replies. I will look at each of them. I hadn't thought about the grillgrates.
  11. Well it appears that I will have to put off getting a new Big Joe till next year but I am going to get a Junior to go along with my Classic in a couple of weeks or so. I do have a question for those that own the Junior though. Has anybody that has a Junior found a cast iron grate for the Junior? I really like the cast iron grates on my Classic and would like to have the same on the Junior. Thanks.
  12. "See above, it's not going away, you just have to get ahold of your rep and beg and negotiate with him. haha" I would hate to go back to the well again to ask to spend the money I make anyway...lol
  13. Well if the Big Joe / Joe Jr demo combo is out then the begging and negotiation I went through may be for nothing.....lol .I guess I will have to see what the new deal is before I start groveling and begging to be allowed to buy the new Big Joe.
  14. I am hoping the Big Joe / Joe Jr demo deal is still something they offer since it's part of the deal I made to get the tentative "ok" to get a Big Joe to go along with my Classic (she loves a bargain...lol).
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