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  1. @smoker08 thank you for the kind words. We feel so blessed to have a daughter that loves and cares for us. A big part of this we believe is telling her when we've been wrong and modeling the corrected behavior. sometines it stinks because we have to eat a little crow, but you know we've got to make things right.
  2. She's really happy, the only thing I have to do is lift the lid for her, it's to heavy and tall on the xl or kj classic. She he said she's making chicken at the local BBQ comp soon, she knows she going to win.
  3. today my little girl wanted to use the grill all by herself, with mom in full panic mode we went out to start the cooking process. We setup for basic chicken cook running 1/2 indirect raised at 350. She wanted to use rockwood, one piece of hickory and one piece of cherry. She prepped the chicke thighs by cutting off all the extra fat and rubbing it down with her own blend. She used salt pepper honey powder and a little of the dizzy pig ghost pepper(her favorite). She seasoned them while the kamado came up to temp. She set them on the raiser indirect side of the grill until the temp was 155, she then moved them over to the other side to get a little crispy. I have to tell you guys that I'm so so proud of her. Not because she was able to do it but because my little Norah Grace wanted to cook lunch for her mom and dad. What a kind hearted child, I know we dont deserve it, she's a true joy and blessing. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Well I posted just yeasterday how KJ had dropped the ball, and I would no longer be dealing with them. I was frustrated and angry with the lack of calling me back like they claimed they would. So I sent an email to them stating that I was done and that I felt like a sucker for believing in the product the sell! Well last night around 5pm I received a call and it was Bobby from KJ. He went step by step with me down a check list and we realized I had already done all of these things on my own. We knew it wasn't a charcoal issue as I have been burning rockwood, I had it going with 3 starter cubes, vents wide open but it wouldn't get hot. So he said try your BGE thermometer in it and see. So last night when I arrived home around 730p I filled up the fire box lit the thing and let it ride for 30 or so minutes before closing the dome. I wanted to make sure I had a good bed of coals going before letting it come up. Well it took some time but it hit 600s with my BGE thermometer in it. I sent Bobby a text told him what happened and that I appreciated him contacting me. Listen he didn't have to I'm one guy who has one KJ and zero social media accounts beyond this, so it's not like I could hurt his sales. But he did it out of what felt like a real concern, wanting to make it right. He shipped me a new thermometer this morning and a gift for my daughter who loves to cook with us. She's a seasoned vet of 2 comps and has a first place chicken....so just ask her she'll tell you. Bobby was awesome, took his time understood my frustration, was patient and listened to what my problems were. In the end, perhaps I was frustrated because of slow response times or they the reps were not understanding what I was saying or were overwhelmed by difficulties in there day, I'll never know. But what I do know is that at the top of the organization, the leadership level, they do care, they want you to like their products and be a brand ambassador. After my interaction with Bobby I will be singing his praises on here and the BGE pages as well.
  5. Well let me be the first to admit when I'm wrong! I'm happy to report that my frustrations with KJ have been taken care of and it was a simple problem to boot. Bobby from KJ made a phone call to me and talked about my issues with my Classic Joe. I explained that it was burning way to much charcoal and the dang thing wouldn't get hot. He went down a check list with me which was fine, and when we got to the end he realized I had done all of these things already. So on the off chance something was calibrated but not working he had me put my tel-tru in the kj. I know what a boneheaded move I should have tried this already. Well Bobby sent me text gave me his cell number and took care of everything. I'm happy that he stepped up, took the bull by the horns and has made me a believer in his intentions with the company. I will post this in a separate post as well. Ryan
  6. @rwalters maybe they need more help, maybe I'm just use to a different experience. I know that when I've got issues with my egg, they are a short drive away, they take care of you. I guess maybe that's the difference, I want someone to actually listen, and follow through with what they say. My first experience with Komodo Joe customer service wasn't stellar until I hoped up with Amber Mullins. She truly took the time to listen, communicated with me every step of the way, and tried to get me taken care of. It felt personal, almost like I was dealing with someone local, and I praised her right here on this form and also on the big green egg site. But this go-round has been less than spectacular, phone calls made promised calls back and yet nothing.
  7. Well as many of you know my wonderful wife purchased what was supposed to be a great gift. Well it arrived with some issues a broken castor, bent side tables and a top that wasn't right. It took many emails and phone calls but I ended up connecting with Amber and she finally got me some supplies. Well things still were off and I made a few calls and sent some emails but there seemed to be a lack of concern or understanding that has lead me to believe that this company is absolutely rotten. Maybe that's over the line, maybe it's a lack of quality in ther customer service department, I don't know. Truth be told, I've given up on the manufacture and I contacted Firecraft. Firecraft offered to make it right, they are willing to go way out offer me credit, try to get the facturer to help, or what ever it takes to make sure I'm a happy customer. I have declined the credit or cash from them as I do not feel it's their responsibility. I will by from them again, I believe they are a testament to what customer care is supposed to look like. perhaps this is the right avenue, maybe I shouldn't voice my frustrations, but I'm just down right angry. I've asked anyone from kj to call me to help me figure this out, but no response. Ive gave up called my egg dealer today told him we've wasted enough time and money on this product so he's going to bring me a new egg. I feel poorly complaining, because my wife was so kind to get me a gift, and she feels badly that it's working out this way. I feel bad because I've gained a lot of insight from johns cooking channel. I wished it would have gone better. I wished someone from KJ would have called back like they said they would.
  8. @In2Fish it's a favorite at our house for sure.
  9. Cooked these 350 indirect for 20ish minutes coated with dizzy pig pineapple head and sugar in the raw. After 20 minutes I'm reapplied the rub and set them on the direct side of the grill for a few minutes. Sliced and served with a little ice cream. These are a favorite of ours, and with it being 80 today, it seemed like the right time to do it.
  10. As always, you put out amazing looking food. I'm glad I discovered this site, as you rarely make appearances on the green one
  11. I was using Rockwood this last cook. I have contacted the people at Komodo Joe is I seem to be at a loss, they have been gracious and talk with me and they're trying to help me figure out what's going wrong. At this point I am just frustrated, I'm trying to figure out what to do. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Something seems off for sure. I was expecting 14-16 hrs. I measured the distance between my plate setter and coal vs kj heat deflector in the low position and it is vastly different. I believe the trick will be to take it up with the x rack. Additionally I just dump from the bag, which may leave to many gaps in the fire box. I can probably get away with it in my xl based on size of box but not the smaller KJ
  13. Sounds good, I'll test my thermometer and raise the deflector plate up with the X rack. One thing I noticed, is that my thermometer reads about 10° less than my small box smobot cooking grid
  14. No it is to the bottom of the d&c where you place the stones. I light it let it go 5-10 min, then drop them back in. Same story with my egg except I use a plate setter. Should I fill up to the fire ring and place the stones on the x rack? Is this what I'm doing wrong.
  15. Used the same brand of charcoal. I realize the xl is much larger but I would think 16hrs should be with in reason. I was was only running at 250