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  1. You’ve posted some good looking groceries. If you haven’t tried it yet, may I suggest using the Blackstone for some Mexican Street corn, it’s out of this world.
  2. Lots of good bbq stuff on Instagram. You should check it out some time.
  3. Check out my little chefs first Instagram giveaway. Make sure to follow her and tag a friend for a chance to win. Drawing is on 6/3/19
  4. I just just a cheap pizza pan what I wrap in foil. When the cook is over the next day I take out pan and toss the foil. Everything stays clean, which I like, but as many have stated it’s not a mush to wrap or keep them clean....only if you have CDO like I do. I do not like the letters out of order in ocd. Just saying
  5. Hey John looking forward to reading and seeing more about this system. One question if I may, is this system able to be setup to adjust the bevel edge, 15 or 20 degrees depending on knife type. Looking for something idiot proof I’ve turned a few knives trying to free hand and had to have the fixed professionally.
  6. TKOBBQ nothing better than grilling with my daughter(9). She’s claimed my KJ classic and XL egg as hers. She said I can buy my own again someday.
  7. Tonight chef Norah and I wanted to make burgers for dinner; however, we were in the mood to spice it up a little. So we took and made some popper style burgers. 1 block of cream cheese 1/3 cup of cheddar 1 jar of jalapeños chopped 1.75lbs of burger. We mixed the cream cheese cheddar and chopped peppers together to stuff our patties. We made 6 thin patties and spread it on one of the patties and then sealed a second one over the top. We cooked these at 500ish until medium. Served with a side of maple Bourbon sausage and avocado cucumber salad. The salad was dressed with a few fresh limes and some evoo. Nothing to fancy but was a good meal and even better time cooking with my Norah Grace.
  8. @ckreef the ones I used today are preproduction prototypes. They are 140% funded on Kickstarter and will be shipping in August. The Kickstarter ends today.
  9. So today was the first time I’ve cooked at an event with the smoke Staxx pans, and overall I’d say they are a killer product. What I liked is very simple I was able to cook a ton of food on a large egg. I Know this isn’t earth shattering as there are many ways to skin a cat, but these things just made sense to me. Fist, I cooked the Mac & cheese below my meatloaf but I had even distribution of smoke and heat even with the other pan stacked on top.Secondly, I liked the fact my meatloaf and bacon dripping were contained well below my meatloaf. The pans can hold a liter of liquid before it comes in contact wth the meat. Thirdly because they are heavy cast aluminum they held and radiated the heat for manny hours after I pulled them off of the egg. This was nice for serving the Mac & cheese because it truly stayed hot for hours. Now for the things I wish were a little different first you have to set them directly on the platesetter so I had to improvise an air gap with AF. So if you want to stack them in a large you need to remember you need a spacer. Secondly the groves in the in the bottom of the pan while nice for keeping your meat out of it juices, could be a pain to serve sides out of. Overall, I like the product and feel that it is worth the spend for me. I have no affiliation with the company other than I met the guys who’ve designed it. Is this product a must have, well I honestly can’t answer that for you, but for me I’m glad I have 2 of them coming my direction. Feel free to PM if you have any questions.
  10. The thing that works best for us is to dust them with cornstarch first, then come back with a light dusting of our seasoning. I cook them indirect at 425ish until they hit an i.t. Of 185-190.
  11. Hey jeffro45159 welcome, what part of Ohio are you in? I’m in northeast Ohio, near the pro football hall of fame.
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