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  1. While there's nothing wrong with cooking them in the oven, and then searing on the KJ, you won't get the good charcoal flavour, at least not like you would if you cooked them in the KJ. How big are the steaks, you should be able to fit most of them on the grill, no? Do you have the extender rack, because if you did you'd be able to do all of them on the grill. The other option would be to cook as many as you can on the KJ, and then wrap them loosely in foil while the others cook, to keep them warm. Then once they are all done, open up the vents, get the grill hot and then sear them.
  2. When I pulled the brisket off the grill it was around 210F. I put it in the oven at 170 because I needed it to rest for more than 6 hrs.
  3. Used deflector plates, and my thermometer is calibrated. One thing that may have caused a bit of an issue was that I filled the KJ up a bit too much with charcoal and one of the plates was slightly raised up, maybe 1/2". So perhaps part of the grill was hotter than the rest, but my smoke thermometer noted the highest temp was around 300, so while that is a bit high, it's not outrageous. Perhaps next time I won't trim the fat, and also cook it fat side down. Every video I watched said fat side up, but maybe that would help protect the meat?
  4. My smoke thermometer was reading well past 203. I pulled it at about 210 in the point, and the flat was higher than that.
  5. I’ve been wanting to try my hand at a brisket for a while now, but they are hard to come by in my neck of the woods, so when my local Costco had them in stock I joyfully picked one up. I had a group of guys over for dinner tonight and knew this would be a great opportunity to cook it, so I researched like crazy and got to cooking last night/early this morning. I was planning to eat at 6pm and as my brisket was about 12lbs I figured I would put it on my KJ around 2am, and that would give me plenty of time if the cook went long. Had my grill setup around 250, had some nice smoke coming out, and got the brisket on a bit before 2:30am. Set my smoke thermometer to alert me if it got too hot and went to bed. Woke up at 7am, and the brisket was at 170. I figured it was going into the stall so I went back to sleep. 1 hr later it was up to about 180! No idea why it was cooking so fast, but long story short I pulled it off the grill at 11am, threw it in the oven, wrapped and with some beef broth at 170 degrees for about 90 mins, then let it rest in a cooler until 6pm. The brisket was overdone, but tasty with good smoke flavour. Not sure when I will do another but glad I did it.
  6. I got a CI half moon for Christmas; any good recipes for it? I've seared my steaks on it so far, which has been great, but I'm looking to try some other things with it (no seafood though, as I'm allergic). I have to say I'm loving my KJ; I bought it almost a year ago now and can't imagine cooking without it. I've now got the CI half moon, Joetisserie and the grill expander. All great accessories.
  7. Yep, I've never had one cooked like that before (at least to my knowledge) and I was shocked at how good it was. Can't wait to find a reason to cook another one!
  8. Finally received my new Joetisserie and got to fire it up this weekend; the first cook was a whole chicken (didn't get pics for it) which was incredible. Last night I put a small prime rib roast on for my wife and I, and it came out perfect! I think it was the best roast beef I've ever had; nice and tender, juicy and the charcoal added a really nice flavour. I ate way too much! I marinaded it in olive oil with salt, pepper and garlic for a few hours, and cooked it at around 300°. The temp got up faster than I expected - I would have liked to cook it a little lower - but it worked out in the end. Nothing special for the sides, just rice and salad for my wife and baked potato and asparagus for myself. I think the Joetisserie has paid for itself in these two cooks!
  9. I had similar issues when I got my grill about 6 months ago. The best thing I did for starting it was to purchase a propane torch; I turn it on and let it burn for about 30-60 seconds on the lump and it gets the lump cooking quickly. Also, yes, invest in a thermapen immediately...as in drop whatever you are doing and do it. It's the most important piece of equipment I have for cooking!
  10. I'm going to be visiting Dallas next month and I'm looking for recommendations for some good BBQ. I've heard good things about Cattleack BBQ, but I'm not sure I'll be able to get there due to it's limited hours. Any other good places to get some real authentic BBQ? I'm coming from Canada and I'm looking for some real southern BBQ! Also, my wife loves fajitas, so I'm looking to visit a place that serves great fajitas/tex mex. Thanks!Insert other media
  11. Sweet! Thanks for the heads up, just ordered a Joetisserie!
  12. I pretty much only use the reverse sear now, unless the steak I'm cooking is fairly thin - then I'll just chuck it on a smokin' hot grill for a few minutes each side. But the great thing about the reverse sear is that you get an even cook throughout the whole steak. Notice on yours (which does look great), how much brown meat is on the edges? With a reverse sear, it would basically be all red , but with a similar sear. Sometimes, however, you just don't have the time for it, and that's ok, but for me, I try to make the time!
  13. I'm guessing Capital BBQ? This thread is really tempting me to get one!
  14. Just wondering where you purchased the soapstone from?
  15. I was trying to smoke my first pork picnic shoulder today, and figured I'd need about 12-15 hrs or so for the 11 lbs shoulder. I started my KJ up and got it set to 250°. Everything seemed to be right; the firebox was full, the wood chunks had stopped smoking the heavy white smoke, so I put the shoulder in, a little after midnight. Sat around and kept checking the grill to make sure there were no temp issues for about an hour; there were no issues and it was rock steady at 250° so I went to bed. Got up this morning and the fire had gone out some time ago, and I'm not sure why? Any ideas of what happened, or how I could avoid this next time? A couple of things that I can think of: 1) the temp got a bit hot before I put the meat on. It was pushing 300°, so I closed the vents down for a few minutes until the temperature started to drop. I didn't think it would have been enough to totally kill the fire though. Also, once I got the grill to temp it didn't drop for over an hour. 2) too small charcoal pieces? I used Royal Oak, which seemed to have decent size pieces, but obviously airflow was an issue so what could I do to prevent this in the future? I should also invest in a Thermaworks Smoke (or similar) thermometer with alarm, to guard against temperature drops, I suppose? Any advice on overnight cooks would be appreciated; I've read numerous stories of people doing very long cooks on these, so I know it can be done, but I'm obviously disappointed it didn't work out for me and I'd like to know why.
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