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  1. When is Lump Too Big?

    I have a theory that goes something like this: the larger the bag, the larger the pieces. I seem to get bigger pieces in forty pound bags than in 20 pound bags regardless of the brand. Not really directly on the topic of discussion but maybe someone has had the same experience.
  2. New BBQ Wizzard

    That is exciting. One of the worst aspects of using a blower is taking it off and putting out on. That looks like a great idea. If nothing else then I want that modified door but I doubt it will be available as a stand alone product. As for apps to control this thing, of they open it up to developers then there will be dozens of apps per platform. Let the market forces create competition and improvements. I get that it controls a fire, but there are many examples of other open source apps that do that and other dangerous or difficult things as well. Any word on the basket for the coals that was shown earlier?
  3. It's hard to go wrong with pulled pork but I would let it rest for an hour at least and then pull it before freezing. It will pull easily if it is hot from the cook. Remember, you can do this once or twice before the day of the event so that you have a backup in case something doesn't go right for the live cook. On the day of the live cook, try to finish 2 or 3 hours before time to eat and then you can just pull and eat at the same time. Happy cooking
  4. Pulled pork freezes really well, so cook some up low and slow to get the practice and then freeze it and it will be like money in the bank. That will open up some options for your "day of" cook. An overnight cook might be the best bet if you can get temps stable enough for a few winks in between checking temps. Best of luck to you and congrats on your daughter being 1 year old.

    That looks great. It has me thinking about crispy duck.
  6. I'm sitting here thinking that I rarely use a pit probe for ultra high heat cooks so point well made. I usually don't use a stoker fan for ultra high heat cooks but even when I do I don't always use a pit probe because the dome thermometer works fine for that. I don't cook pizza but I could see how temp control would be useful in that situation for sake of consistency. The original question was about monitoring not temp control however. For the original poster, again, it is possible. How important it is to you is up to you. You might get more use out of then I do. I can sear a steak at 550 or 750 and be equally as happy. Again, happy grilling
  7. There are thermocouple type probes that can go up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. That's not something that you can use as a plug in replacement with most thermometers. Best of luck.
  8. Leak finder?

    Does it sit in the sun? Temperatures can rise well above ambient temperature just from that. Open the lid and see if it re-ignites or flames up and you will know. To find a leak, create some (lots) of smoke and shut her down and see what comes out. Best of luck and happy cooking.
  9. Vacuum Sealers

    Just a thought but have you considered buying the black foam rubber "sealing" parts for your food saver? The can be purchased seperately to bring your old machine back to life. I don't think that the pumps go bad so much as those seals. Also, try dampening those seals with a bit of moisture to help with the seal. Of course it's more fun to buy new toys...
  10. Fitment of joetisserie on big Joe

    Your accessory game is very strong KAB, Cast iron grates, Joetissorie... What's your favorite upgrade so far?
  11. 1st Turkey....Booyah

    I'm not the original poster but it looks like it was "spatchcocked" or "butterflyed" for the purpose of quicker or more even cooking. If you search for those terms then you will probably find lots of info. Happy cooking
  12. 1st Turkey....Booyah

    That is simply beautiful.
  13. I had a thick coat of black cooked on "crust" for lack of a better word on my Akorn grates. I thought I was getting away without re-seasoning them only to later find rust underneath that coating. From now on I'll take more care.
  14. Warped Metal Firebox Ring

    Murphy's law is always in effect. Every kamado brand is made by man. I haven't had this issue with my Kamado Joe and while I can't speak for anyone else I am very happy with my decision to purchase a KJ. I hope these guys can get back to cooking ASAP.
  15. I find that used lump, lump that you already cooked with smokes less. Do some high temp smokes, pull the lump and store it to use for the chicken. Also, make sure that grease doesn't get into this lump or else that will smoke. Whatever you do, try to make her happy