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  1. Warped Metal Firebox Ring

    Murphy's law is always in effect. Every kamado brand is made by man. I haven't had this issue with my Kamado Joe and while I can't speak for anyone else I am very happy with my decision to purchase a KJ. I hope these guys can get back to cooking ASAP.
  2. I find that used lump, lump that you already cooked with smokes less. Do some high temp smokes, pull the lump and store it to use for the chicken. Also, make sure that grease doesn't get into this lump or else that will smoke. Whatever you do, try to make her happy
  3. Meteor Shower

    Any chance I can rent out your garage or driveway for a few hours??? Joking of course... unless it is possible... I'll be driving in. Wish me luck.
  4. KJ Newbie. Overheated Overnight.

    +1 on the water pan or empty drip pan of some sort. If the grease drips into the fire then it can ignite and raise the temp in a hurry. As for your Masterbuilt, were you using the side port to add chips or pellets? I found that adding smoke flavor that way made lots of smoke in a hurry. I eventually switched to the "mailbox mod" and an "amazing pellet smoke tray" for a more consistent smoke. When I started on the Akorn I had to adjust my approach because I used to use too much smoking wood. You will find your best approach in no time. Happy smoking.
  5. Akorn Newbie Question

    It can be a bit tricky to slide it in there but that flat disk is supposed to rest on top of the grove. I think this is designed as a safety feature in case one of the side hatches comes lose or breaks then hot coals won't drop to the deck or wherever you are keeping your grill. If you see lots of smoke coming out of there then it's probably not attached quite right.
  6. Lodge Cast Iron Hibatchi

    I wonder if the local Asian grocers would have this. It looks like fun.
  7. Big Joe in a BMW X3?

    I can't give you a definitive to your question. I wish I could. When I was at a roadshow the rep asked me what I was driving and said that many SUVs have problems with the vertical dimension, not width or length. Vans, mini-vans, Rav4s and other (covered) vehicles with a low (easy to steep in) door work best. I borrowed a Rav4 and it could carry the Big Joe in the box minus the bottom skids. Thankfully, the Costco people talked me into un-boxing it because I wouldn't have been able to handle it at home on my own. If there is a thread somewhere that people could use to post vehicles and results then that might be useful. You can probably find the unboxed dimensions on this site. Keep in mind that the original packaging has LOTS of styrofoam. The COSTCO people will help you and chances are that they have done it many times before. Best of luck.
  8. New Akorn owner

    The Akorn rocks. You are going to love it. It can do anything any other grill can do and it uses very little lump. Enjoy.
  9. Confused...trouble starting coals

    I love my Thermapen and bought one for my father as a gift. It can be used for many cooking applications not just on the grill but in the house as well. What's great about it is how fast it is. Get in, get temp, get out fast. Agreed for a continuous temp monitor / alarm. The first piece of equipment I bought was a Maverick. I understand that the ThermoWorks "Smoke" is a great product. I now use a Heatermeter for the same purpose. It reads continuously, has alarms, updates quickly and in tenths of a degree so you can see changes quickly and it also controls temperature and shows graphs. Smartphone / laptop access is awesome. Propane is pretty quick and super cheap. Harbor Freight and other places sell adapters to let you fill the small bottles from a regular sized bbq tank. If your bottles are in good condition then it is safe. It is illegal in some states to transport a refilled bottle but mine stay at home so no worries. MAPP rocks... the downside is that MAPP is reportedly not the same now as it used to be. Somehow the formula got changed and it's not as hot as it used to be. I tried brazing with it a few months ago and it didn't work. Upside is that it is plenty hot to start lump quickly. If you have enough to last that long then it seems that you are the winner. My torch of choice is the Bernzomatic TS8000. It's a bit pricey but it is way more powerful than a simple brass torch. Push button starting and it roars (no really, roars). You can sear meat with this thing too. Harbor Freight makes a weed torch that sounds like a jet plane. You would never use it in a kitchen and really, I'm not going near my kamados with it either. It's too much power.
  10. I have a heatermeter too. Please share your PID settings and damper type if you get a chance. I will do the same when I post an overnight cook. How is your heatermeter connected? It's a shame about the imperfection but they are all imperfect after a bit of time. Cook happy. If you feel good about your cooker then that's all that matters.
  11. First ever pork shoulder

    You knocked it out of the park. Great job.
  12. Greetings from Delaware

    Welcome aboard. Happy grilling and smoking.
  13. Okay, so I couldn't help myself either Seriously, $74 is a great deal for this grill. I'll probably take it to my father's house for Sunday cooks and grab it now and then for tailgating. I got a lot of hickory (I sure hope it's really hickory) and I plan on cutting it into chunks. That much will last me a great while. Two bags of Royal Oak as well. Everything was less than the retail price of the Jr. alone. I call that a win.
  14. Passing this along (VA Beach area) great deal?

    Not much, I came home with my Big Joe when I was already on thin ice with a yard full of smokers and grills. It wasn't too bad though, I hid the Joe behind the shed for a week She had a few words when I brought it out in the open... I knew she was okay with it when she put the cover over the Big Joe for me one morning before a rain shower (yeah, that's a keeper). By the way, she asked but I never did say how much it cost... SHHHHH
  15. Grilled Peach Reef Jam 2017

    That looks fantastic! I'm inspired. Thanks for sharing your cook.