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  1. 30 bucks??? I get those same led lights for free with any purchase from Harbor Freight. The clip looks nice but I can fashion something up for that... just saying...
  2. I bought a 3 or 4 pack from Amazon so that I would have some spares just in case. Sure, they might be counterfeit but they work fine. Tons of guides to help with the wiring as well. It should be clearer once you have the parts in hand.
  3. T Yelta

    Partyq AC mod?

    I saw this online: https://tvwbb.com/showthread.php?47825-PartyQ-AC-adapter-mod-for-less-than-10-bucks&p=813442&viewfull=1#post813442 It basically says that the newer model might need more amps. This could be true. A search shows that an alkaline AA battery might have two to three amps when new. The overall amperage wouldn't "add up" for batteries wired end to end, the voltage would add up. That's how you get to 6 volts. If your adapter only puts out 1 amp then it may be too small.
  4. T Yelta

    Joined the Pellet Crowd!!

    Off topic but there are lots of DIY router parts, guides and accessories on Thingiverse.com: https://www.thingiverse.com/search?q=router&dwh=415c04443cce198 Not so many pellet grill specific things (yet)
  5. T Yelta

    Partyq AC mod?

    If the adapter is dc and not ac then you should be good to go. Polarity is correct right?
  6. T Yelta

    Partyq AC mod?

    What size batteries and how many does it take?
  7. Oak is so plentiful here in VA that you can't find it in the stores. I have tried. At any rate, it grows everywhere but that won't help you cook tomorrow. They sell it in the Bass-Pro Shop here where I am so you might find some there if you are close to one. May I ask where you purchased the tri-tip? I had heard that it wasn't for sale in the eastern U.S.
  8. T Yelta

    Hi From Costa Rica

    Welcome to the forums
  9. T Yelta

    Big Joe Firebox Divider doesn't fit

    The grate is completely flat on top when installed correctly.
  10. Welcome to the Heatermeter set. Since you already have a Raspberry Pi 3B, the Heatermeter 4.3 is the right choice. Next decision is pit probe type. There are pros and cons listed on the Heatermeter store site. I went with the thermocouple type and I highly recommend that type. Next comes damper / blower choice. If you buy the standard blower then chose a damper that uses that same blower. A damper is the best way to go in the long run and while there are many choices, they all work well so don't feel like you will make a mistake one way or another. Your damper choice will influence how you connect it to the kamado. Most dampers will connect to a BBQ guru adapter plate: https://www.bbqguru.com/storenav?CategoryId=2&ProductId=14 If you can make the equivalent yourself out of sheet metal then feel free. Some dampers are sold "complete" just like the Heatermeter. If that's what you want then that will help make your decision. If you chose to "print and build" or "buy and build" the damper then that will also affect which design you chose. If it seems overwhelming that's because there are lots of choices. Choices = freedom so that's a good thing. There are people here and on the Heatermeter forum that will be glad to help. I hope that helps get you started.
  11. T Yelta

    How the Kamado Joe Charcoal Basket Works

    I haven't seen it mentioned but the KJ ash basket can be a "great" place to sear... anybody see what I did there??? Here's what I mean; If you have access to a roughly 17 inch or even larger "cooking grate" then you can set that inside of the KJ basket directly on the coals. You could cook on that grate in the low position. I do not cook on the particular rusty grate pictured (it's not a cooking grate), but hopefully it gets the point across. The other thing you can do with a grate is raise the level of charcoal without having to fill the basket completely. To do this, just put the charcoal on top of the grate pictured instead of under it and it will elevate the charcoal closer to the regular cooking surfaces. This grate would not have to be a cooking grate. You might get improved air flow from this configuration as well. I believe the Komado Kamado's have a grate that let's you cook down low to sear. In short, the advantage of using a grate in this position in the basket is that you can enjoy high heat cooks and maybe save a little lump. Happy cooking
  12. T Yelta

    A 4 grill Thanksgiving

    Nice Cooks. How big was the turkey?
  13. T Yelta

    Cooking for 40 for a 40th.....

    I'd go with chicken thighs for pulled rather than whole chickens. You would probably find it much easier to cook and that could even be done day of. Best of luck.
  14. I've been called worse and I do somewhat resemble that remark At all times I endeavor to avoid thongs 350 sounds good to me too.