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  1. Excellent project. I have a welder but I never thought of doing this. It looks great.
  2. My firebox bottom ring cracked some time ago just as yours has. It eventually broke completely into 2 pieces. It still cooks fine and I haven't gotten around to requesting a replacement yet but I will. Happy cooking
  3. Check out Babyback Maniac on Youtube. He has posted on this forum in the past and he has some good videos on that kamado. He gives it very high ratings. Happy cooking
  4. Briquettes have a more regular shape than lump and probably don't affect airflow negatively as compared to lump at startup. Yes they make ash, like all charcoal but their strength is consistency bag after bag. The KJ ash removal system is pretty convenient as compared to some kamado grills so if you have to pull the tray a bit more or shake and stir the pile it's not too much trouble. If you have an ash basket that makes it even easier. Briquettes aren't popular here but I use them from time to time without issues. To each their own. Your mileage may vary. Try pulling the tray if you want high temperature cooks and embers flying out is not an issue. #unpopularopinions Happy Cooking
  5. I have 2 cracked heat deflectors, both cracked in 2 pieces. They have been cracked for at least 2 years. I support them with a grate and they cook fine. If I ever replace them I will still support the replacements with a grate because I think it stresses them less.
  6. That's unfortunate to say the least. Does your credit card offer warranty coverage or extended coverage on purchases by any chance? I wonder if your place of purchase could help you out based on a copy of your credit card statement or even their records based on your approximate date and time of purchase. It's not like the thing is 2, 3 years old. It was obviously manufactured this year. Best of Luck
  7. I have a Troy-Bilt Honda powered push mower that's a couple of seasons old and it starts first or second pull every time. It doesn't have one of those ball "push to prime" thingys for starting and it doesn't need it. It does have a needle valve / float carburetor so changing and cleaning the air filter and using clean gas is a must. Change the oil once a season and it will last many years.
  8. That's a nice looking cook. Great job balancing the skin vs overall doneness.
  9. Hickory is fantastic, but everything that you cook tastes like hotdogs because lots of hotdogs are flavored with hickory. I prefer oak myself which is a bit milder and has a great flavor without tasting like so much store bought meat. Happy cooking
  10. I use Frontier and I think it is good lump. Just guessing, but did that chemical smell like ammonia? If so then that is very common to all or at least many sources of lump. I've gotten it with Frontier, Kamado Joe Big Block, Royal Oak, Cowboy, so on and so forth. I wouldn't worry about it. Charcoal naturally absorbs odors (some of it anyway). I hope that helps. Happy Cooking
  11. Nice wheels. Let's see how it performs at the strip. https://www.motor1.com/news/431187/chevry-corvette-dodge-demon-race/
  12. I never even knew that such a wonderful sounding piece of meat existed. Please someone chime in.
  13. That is a great forum and the best place to get a support. I take it that you are having login issues or posting issues but certainly not a rude reception... not my business... From the 4.3 wiki page: LCD and Button Board which contains the drive circuitry for the 16x2 character LCD and buttons, as well as the 3 indicator LEDs. Optional if a local display and buttons are not desired. https://github.com/CapnBry/HeaterMeter/wiki/HeaterMeter-4.3-Hardware So to answer your question, fire it up, that board is indeed optional.
  14. T Yelta

    RV build

    This looks like the beginnings of a great project. Any plans for solar panels? Most importantly, where does the grill go?
  15. The fire in that high position is great for burn-offs to clean the cast iron grate too.
  16. I have seen the BBQ Delight smoker that you speak of. As far as holes or no holes, my smoker box is so small that I found it worked better without the hole in the top (which was too big). Too much air and everything inside just combusts which defeats the purpose. The lack of any holes also mitigates the fact that my little pot doesn't have a perfect seal between the top and bottom. if I drilled holes in the bottom then the top seal would be more critical than it otherwise is. Larger cast iron pots might do better with holes. I can't say. I could drill tiny holes in the bottom of mine but I'm satisfied with how it works. Here is a link to some older content from this forum: https://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/23843-2-qt-wood-chunk-smoking-pot/#comments Happy cooking
  17. I got it at Bed Bath & Beyond. https://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/store/product/artisanal-kitchen-supply-reg-pre-seasoned-cast-iron-4-inch-mini-dutch-oven-in-black/1061633827?keyword=cast-iron-dutch-oven I took the original handle off of the top since it's an unknown metal and used a tiny steel bolt and nut to seal the hole. Since it's cast iron it will stand up to a fire and last virtually forever. Some people use bigger dutch ovens but 4 inches works well for me and doesn't take too much room in the firebox. That gives an opportunity to play around with the placement. The idea isn't mine and I read about it on this forum. Thanks for asking. Happy cooking
  18. If his stainless box has holes in it then it won't work well positioned in the firebox as everything inside will probably quickly combust and turn into ash. He would most likely be better off sprinkling his pellets throughout the pile to get a more even result in terms of smoke. Furthermore, all stainless steel is not the same in terms of heat resistance and he might find that the heat of a charcoal fire in the firebox destroys his stainless box. He could try to elevate the stainless box but results will vary. A cast iron smoking box that has no holes for oxygen to enter will be a better option in my opinion as what's inside (pellets, chips or chunks) will off gas a beautiful aroma and actually turn into charcoal itself. Apple wood will smell different from oak and cherry and hickory and so on. Some people become attached to the flavor of the pellets that they like and this would allow your grandson to use the pellets that he already has. Mine is made from a tiny dutch oven and is about 4 inches in diameter and holds a couple of chunks of wood or a handful or two of pellets. Here's a picture after a cook with "new" charcoal inside that was transformed from oak wood chunks. The beautiful thing about barbecue and smoking is that everyone can experiment with what works for them. Let us know how it works out for your grandson. Happy cooking
  19. As others have said, it's possibly an alignment issue. If your ashtray is sticking then you can grab your new style firebox by the top metal retaining band and rotate it slightly even if it is already put together. Does it look like the top of the installed firebox is otherwise centered in the main bowl? You can even move the firebox around a little without taking it all apart and putting it back together just to discover that it's still not centered (been there, done that). Best of luck
  20. Thanks for that info. Yes, it makes sense to protect your pump. I have seen some horribly hard water and the problems it causes before. Maybe I should read my owners manual for my own pressure washer
  21. I have never heard of this type of product. Do you have a water softener at all to protect your household appliances?
  22. My kamado is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. Welcome to the Guru OP
  23. I'm glad that you are starting to narrow down the issues. Some people go to the trouble of storing used high heat coals for later low heat cooks and just using new coals for high heat cooks. If you find that helps your low heat cook situation then that might be a good solution going forward. Happy cooking
  24. Thanks for the series John. Do you have anything further to say in regards to your overall impressions of the grill and how you would rate it? Have any of your thoughts about the grill changed from the early videos as you have done more cooks? Happy cooking
  25. The basket doesn't have to hang from the hooks. It is designed to sit on the firebox nicely too. You can then lift the D&C like before.
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