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  1. Heck Yeah! That looks great! I love my griddle also!
  2. I actually cooked them indirect. I had a probe thermo in each one and about 2/3 the way through the cook I switched the top and bottom one. Worked out perfectly.
  3. Well I am back at it after a two week hiatus from my shoulder surgery. Two weeks of no lifting and not sleeping well really had me in a funk but I decided to blow it off today and get back after it with the Joe so I picked up a two pack of Organic Chicken and decided to Spatchcock them and thrown them on the Joe. I seasoned one with Lemon Herb and the other with Mesquite and smoked them over Apple. Served them with roasted veggies and had strawberries for desert. Turned out excellent with the apple wood. I also picked up some Pork Butt at Sams for $1.48 a pound and thought that was a good score. Ready for prepping Prepped and Ready to hit the grill indirect at 375-400 used the second grilling surface Coming off the grill Plated
  4. I have had three different stoves over the years and this is by far my favorite. It is a Pacific Energy Alderlea T6 with swing open cooking surface. The stove is actually welded steel and cast iron wrapped. We can easily heat 2500 sq foot of house even when it is well below zero outside.
  5. At 0 degrees outside and after my surgery on Friday I am cooking in the house. We heat with wood and I figured it was a great day to make some venison chili on my woodstove.
  6. 40-50mph hour winds and surgery yesterday so I am not cooking much this weekend.
  7. I own an Akorn and a Kamado Joe and will say hands down the Joe cooks better tasting food and easier to control. I owned my Akorn for 4+ year before the Joe and since buying the Joe I haven't used the Akorn yet. The Akorn does hold heat a bit better on cold days but has way more air leaks and is significantly harder to control. Alos i love the fact I can actually lower cooker temps on the kamado Joe while cooking and with the Akorn that is a feat not easily accomplished.
  8. Great looking so far buy I agree keep that lid closed!
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